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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A Wilmington teen is behind bars after he was arrested Monday night in connection with the sexual assault of two boys over the weekend.

New Hanover County Sheriff’s spokesman Sgt. Jerry Brewer says the crimes, involving two 12-year-old boys, happened sometime between Friday and Sunday.

Brewer says Timothy Grant Shaw II, 17, is charged with second-degree sexual exploitation of a minor, third-degree sexual exploitation of a minor, second-degree sex offense of a child, disseminate obscene material and nine counts of first-degree sexual offense of a child.

The arrest came after one of the victims’ parents called law enforcement about what happened, Brewer said.

Shaw’s bail is set at $100,000.

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  1. Peyton

    My name is Peyton Grace Shaw and Grant is my older brother, he is seven years older than me. I love Grant so much, he has encouraged me, and he is kind,sweet,loving,awesome,amazing, and so many other words to describe how he is. I hope to see my brother soon.

  2. Lisa

    The search warrants show a parent found Shaw’s phone in a sleeping bag and saw that it had sexually explicit photos and text messages on it.

    The parent explained to authorities his son said Shaw made him and another perform oral sex during the trip.

    Detectives obtained a search warrant to look at Shaw’s cell phone and found pictures or videos of the boys’ private parts as well as images of the boys participating in sexual activity with the intent to share.

    According to the search warrant, Shaw admitted to authorities he had the pictures on his cell phone and confessed to engaging in the reported sexual acts with the juveniles.

  3. Matt

    All of you supporting this pervert are pathetic why don’t you let him hang out with your kids…. and 17 is a adult by law in NC. I hope they max him out in prison so he can learn what its like on the other end and see what he did to those kids. He deserves much worse than prison.

  4. guest167

    You don’t have to be black to be a thug or live in a housing project.

  5. anonymous

    I would like to point out that “cav[ing] in to the liberals” does not denote encouragement of homosexuality or pedophilia. Yes, it does concern societal acceptance of homosexuality, but certainly not acceptance of pedophilia. While it is kind of you to offer prayers for these families as this is a horrible incident, please do not jump to conclusions and hastily generalize all homosexuals as pedophiles.

    Additionally, it would be kind of non-Christians to respect his intentions of praying for these families. Insulting someone for this will only reinforce the gap between Christians and non-Christians and prevent either party from acceptance of differing beliefs. Lack of respect limits progress.

  6. Guest-o-matic

    …there is a big reason why it “…just dosnt add up”.

  7. Claire Bennett

    The immediate connection between sexual offense and homosexuality is a gross misconception. Clearly, this comment is riddled with ignorance and will do much harm. Regardless of the numerous grammatical errors showing obvious lack of education, the comment regarding BSA ‘caving to liberals’ should be removed for its inappropriate content.

  8. Guest2020

    I am sure the victims in this case are really concerned that you “sure don’t need this tonight”. They sure didn’t need to be victimized.

    He was charged as an adult, which is legal under our criminal justice system, he will be tried as an adult. He is considered an adult and that is why his name is allowed to be made public.

    It is not WWAY’s fault that this young man has been accused. It is not their responsibility to spare his feelings or those of his schoolmates. And they certainly cannot help the timing of this story.

  9. Guest user

    If molestation is having photos and videos of the boys in sex acts, there are a whole lot of everyone’s “innocent” teens out there who would be guilty of the same…whether it be boys or girls, and while none of us wants to think of 12yr olds engaged in sex acts, plenty of seventeen yr olds have photos on their phones of girls(or boys depending on their sexual orientation) whose ages they don’t know…. No, it’s not right, but don’t go categorizing this kid with Ted Bundy and Jeffrey Dahmer… Did he even touch them? Not saying it’s right at all but some of you should think logically about the teenage world and social media and how many facts you really have before condemning

  10. Anonymous

    I KNOW GRANT SHAW. He is a friend of mine and this is just insane. There has to be some kind of mistake. If you knew him like me you would know that something about this just dosnt add up.

  11. Guest-o-matic

    …news reporting, the U.S. Constitution OR law! Nothing unethical has been presented by either news agency. It’s called “News”, his arrest is called “Public Record”, the crime he is accused of is reprehensible and the public needs to be aware of people that commit these types of crimes against children. You may want to have yours checked out!

  12. Guestomfg

    Bet it wouldnt bother you one bit if you didnt know him. Public records suck but so does child molestation.

  13. Tracie C

    Um………..I can’t believe you didn’t put anything in your comment about allowing altar boys in the Catholic Church, you ignorant bigot.
    Crawl out from under the rock where you (obviously) make your home and educate yourself.
    To compare a homosexual to a pedophile shows your complete and utter lack of intellect. Then again, it may be that sounding educated isn’t a priority for you.
    (I find it hysterical that you judge so cruelly yet you’ll “pray” so quickly – just another hypocrite Christian – now I know why you have the outlook you do).

  14. Lisa

    Court documents said Shaw possessed pictures or videos of the boys’ private parts as well as images of the boys participating in sexual activity with the intent to share.

  15. boldizar

    What are you going on about? There are a few posts in support of this kid just like on all the articles about the black thugs, most aren’t in support of him. Geeez instead of whining about these posts why dont you go help some of those housing project boys improve themselves.

  16. anna thompson

    GRANT IS INNOCENT!!! It is really hard to say that my BESTFRIEND could’ve done something so discusting and unbelievable. There has to be some mistakes somewhere in this case, and I want someone to find them and find them now. The friends and family of this boy Should know every correct detail to this story so we can all go about our day.

  17. guest81728728

    Why didn’t they show his picture???????????

  18. jeramy long

    This is the very reason the BSA should of never caved in to the liberals and allow homosexuals into it’s ranks. My prayers go out to the victims and their families.

  19. Nuker

    WWAY and Star News should not have this young man’s name published. Both news groups are unethical for publishing the name and should take down the stories immediately. As for the prior poster’s notion that you need his name to keep kids away from him; he’s in jail and there’ll be plenty of time to publish his name if he’s found guilty.

    By publishing this story with his name you give the stupider residents of this town the ability to post details about the young man and the other two boys such that people will be able to figure out who they are. Some poster already gave details on the two 12 year olds being scouts. How hard can it be to figure this out in this small town.

    Also, this young man is friends with many kids in this town that are now shocked and upset when they still don’t know all the facts. In case you insensitive idiots didn’t know those kids will be taking mid-terms tomorrow morning; and this rag of a news group and Star News have started a feeding frenzy about this where kids are forced to choose sides now. As a parent I sure don’t need this tonight when I’m trying to prepare my son for tests.

    As for the “Sunday Saint” telling us 17 years olds aren’t minors; it’s hard to believe there’s someone as ill informed as you. 17 year olds are not adults, and any talk about removing this kids sex organs is unbelievably callous and stupid.

    WWAY and Star News; please have a little respect and remove this story and the accused kids name. If not for him for the other kids at his school and his community. At least show some adherence to ethical standards.

  20. Guest2020

    I know of a fifteen year old who molested three of his cousins. His cousins were no less victims because he was fifteen. That was over thirty years ago and they are still affected by what he did to them. He did what he did because he had been victimized by his father, but he still knew right from wrong. And he knew what he was doing was wrong, but he still chose to hurt those girls. If this seventeen year old is guilty, I hope they punish him to the fullest extent of the law. It will still never be enough because victims of sexual assault serve a life sentence.

  21. Anonymous

    You think you know someone…

  22. Guestomfg

    Maybe you dont know him as well as you think.

  23. gracee

    Point proven, let’s all say a prayer for the teenage sex offender. It couldn’t have possibly just been him being a disgusting individual just like the drug dealers and murders. He must have a reasonable explanation after all he was a boy scout, like that means anything at all.

    If you’re going to bash teenage drug dealers, teenage murders, or teenage burglars then he’s right there with them if not even more sick. If their is no justification for their acts then there is no justification for his. If he was a kid from any housing project his name , picture, and complete family tree would be public information but it makes complete sense to hide a person who is a sexual threat to people’s small children?!

    Great job New Hanover county you’ve done it again.

    I’m sure well all be saying a prayer when he turns 18 and we find that he’s sexually assaulted the entire troop.

  24. anyomus

    I doubt Grant had anything to do with this Grant is one of my best friends.

  25. VP

    i know him, hes not gang affiliated

  26. Guy Fawkes

    Sexual crimes with a child + Low bond + missing mugshot = no threat to community safety? Only “gang” violence gets our attention. Sad but true!!!

  27. Guesteasy

    This kid in the Boy Scouts, were the molested kids in there too?

  28. Gracee

    $100,000 bail…10+ counts of sexual offenses with minors. I guess this solidifies the prcedent…in America don’t sale drugs you’ll go to jail forever just sexually assault children because that’s not such a big deal. Ridiculous! God bless America. I’m sure they’ll say this teen has some type of mental disorder or trauma which caused such extreme behavior.

  29. Guesty28412

    The *Family* of this “Pervert”,* receives Section 8*, Food Stamps & every type of Federal/State Government assistance, WHY? Are they Still getting “assistance”, when they have had a SON/Person that commited these “crimes”? AND has been “investigated” for sending PORNAGRAHIC Images, (His own Genitals(s) to under aged Girls/Children) Several times, & never been charged for those crimes?


  30. guest32614

    I happened on a Scout camping trip…

  31. chris

    This is an incredibly sad story for both families. How does a 17 year old boy learn this or feel this way and his parents not know something is going on and try to get him help before it comes to this. Grant is a wonderful teenage boy. Kindhearted, good friend, good worker, great kid in general, I do not understand how this could have happened. Of course these are still accusations he has not been found guilty yet. I feel terrible for the 12 year old kids families as well. This is a terribly hard situation for both families to deal with. Now that Grant has been arrested because his family has no money to bail him out he will also have to stay in jail until his court date even if he is found not guilty. Our whole life can change is a few moments. I pray for both those families that everything works out honestly. Innocent until proven Guilty. This could be your family, have some empathy.

  32. chris morlan

    People are so quick to judge. This is an accusation the teenage boy has not been found guilty yet! How does something like this happen anyway? The parents don’t talk to their teenagers enough anymore these days. Something like this can be prevented if we knew more about our own family instead of being so quick to judge others lives. I know this kid, he is a very kind, polite, smart young man. It’s very hard to believe he did something like this. If he is guilty I am sure the law will take care of this, because certainly those 12 year old boys do not deserve anything less. I pray that all the families will make it through this tough time. The worst thing is even if he is found innocent he will always be marked as a sex offender is people’s mind because the newspaper is so quick to get everyone’s life story out there. He is under age still, how can they even legally put his name in the paper? I would sue them! That is not right. The two 12 year old boys name is not in the paper and that’s how it should be. But no consideration for the other family, mother, father, and 17 year old. Even though he has not been found guilty as of yet. This system is so screwed up and the newspaper as long as they have their story don’t care about anyone’s feeling. Just their precious headlines. Are we really free? Do we have privacy anymore? I doubt it!! God, please give these families strength to get through this hard times.

  33. boldizar

    17 is not a juvenile/minor he is not under age, that would be 15. Anyone 16 or more isnt a minor. This happened on a Scout trip. My guess is the kid is gay, inexperienced and immature. Nothing wrong with being gay, but in this case he picked the wrong kids to experiment with.

  34. Guest-o-matic

    “Kind, polite, smart young man”. Perhaps so, but so was Jeffery Dahmer and Ted Bundy. Its all a big part of being a sociopath. If he’s found innocent, he’s young enough to shrug this off, if he isn’t, he has to be dealt with so that he isn’t allowed to repeat this horrendous act of destroying a childs life.

    Anyone that commits a crime receives “charges”. Those charges are public record for EVERYONE and to EVERYONE and there is nothing private about it. From DWI’s to drugs to murder, it’s all public record and that’s just the way it is. Those charges have to be heard in a court of law where it is determined if there are resulting “convictions” of the said crimes or not. That only means additional public records.

    Anyone and I mean ANYONE that sexually violates a child in any way deserves the harshest penalties possible. I’m all for total removal of all sex organs after conviction for true insurance. When someone has the propensity to sexually molest litte kids, that’s the only way it can be “fixed”, because they cannot be cured! The REALLY sad part is that those little kids that were violated are completely and permanently robbed of one of the most precious wonders God gives us!

  35. Emma walker

    He had pictures of them and or videos. Even having that is not right. They would not have arrested him if they did not have hard facts as to what happened. Yes, everyone is quick to judge but if it was your kid that it happened to you would want everyone to know so they can keep their kids away from him.

  36. Fred

    This 3 kids were all in this together and have been for a while as they have told others.
    What Grant did was wrong and illegal, but only so illegal because he was the older one and just broke the 17yr old birthday mark. The two others were just as involved and planned their get together as well but because of their ages, they are technically “innocent” as they could not legally consent. This is a travesty, mainly because of the unfairness of weight of the felony charges against Grant in relation to the others being technically victims, when in reality they were accomplices in relationships for a while now. This is heartbreaking for all 3 involved as all of their lives are changed forever by this. The younger scouts by being outed as gay, even though they were freely sharing photos before this and talking to their classmates, and Grant for being too socially immature to stop himself from engaging in conduct with those under his age putting him in legal jeopardy without knowing better as they shared their photos with him as well.

    And a DA who will be under pressure to throw the book at the older boy because of public pressure out of context of the reality of what really happened, in addition to the pressure by the parents of the younger boys who are now embarrassed. And a couple scout leaders who are admitted homophobes on multiple occasions in addressing the troop and parents.

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