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CAROLINA BEACH, NC (WWAY) — Carolina Beach will close Freeman Park to vehicles for more than a week next month as the town begins work on a wooden ramp at the park’s entrance.

The park will be closed to traffic April 7-16.

The wooden “Hatteras” ramp will be built at the park’s entrance on the north end of Canal Drive. The town says the ramp will provide a solid driving surface for vehicles as they enter and leave the park. The goal is to alleviate traffic back-ups during peak times.

The town says the ramp will begin at the end of the existing pavement and extend north 320 feet along the narrow entryway between the dunes where most congestion problems occur.

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  • brandon

    I’m glad someone is as confused as I am. Have you ever seen a wooden boardwalk or ramp that has been driven over a couple dozen times? How structurally sound can one build a wooden ramp to handle a minimum of 600 trucks a day, some FULL SIZE. My guess is the ramp is being built to accommodate the new RV style Police Command Center that they are setting up this year. I’ve been curious as to how that thing was going to make it.

  • brandie

    1- who is gonna keep sand off of ramp? 2- who is gonna pay for popped tires from the nails that are rusted and pop up..3- how often are they gonna have to replace the boards because of wear and tear? I honestly think its a waste of money!

  • Besty_Guesty

    Close the park to traffic during Azalea Festival and the beginning of spring break for New Hanover County Schools: Great Idea! Nobody would want to use it then, Why not wait until July 4th weekend? CB=Consistently Blundering.

  • Guest-o-matic

    ..and could care less about NHC school kids going there to get drunk during spring break. There are plenty of other beaches to use for a week.
    The whole intent of putting this breadboard down is so that the idiots from out of town that don’t have a clue as to how to drive on sand won’t get stuck so easily. It’s an aid to the tourists.

    Quit your bit**in’!!!

  • kenny

    Had all winter to do this project. Why wait till spring?

  • RumorKiller

    Maybe if they would put some air pumps in, more people would air down their tires so they don’t get stuck in the sand as easily.

  • Besty_Guesty

    Perhaps you are right. What would tourists be doing at Azalea Festival? Tourists would never come for Azalea Festival and then want to check out the beach. Who would want the pesky tourists that wandered to Azalea Festival to see the beauty of Freeman Park and the rest of Pleasure Island and decide to come back for a vacation at Carolina Beach?

    How many New Hanover County school kids are of legal age to drink? Those feisty middle school kids and their beer bashes who just don’t know how to drive on sand should stay off the beach. Their parents, who unlike the people who chose these dates to close the park, managed to both look at a calendar and understand what all the numbers mean, and might have planned for a trip to the park when their kids are not in school should just stay home.

    Providing a safer entrance and exit to the park is a worthy effort and should be commended. However, better planning could accomplish that goal with minimal impact to the public. Could this not have been done sometime during the last 4 months?

  • Chaz

    Can we get 1/52 of our permit costs back?

  • Guest-o-matic

    … cat. 4 hurricane. There’s always going to be SOMEBODY that’s going to complain about it. The town of CB just recently voted and allocated money to do this project, so this implementation is actually pretty speedy.

    Don’t know where you’re from or where you’ve been, but it’s been a pretty nasty winter here with wind, ice, snow and cold. It’s not really good beach or camping weather yet and they’re getting it done before the huge influx of North End use. There are plenty of beaches here with FREE parking and the south end at Ft Fisher is still accessible. I just don’t see a problem worth slinging mud at CB management over.

  • Jimmy

    I wonder if there’s gonna be a restriction on vehicle weight to use access?

  • beth

    I believe the planning for this could have come in the slower winter months . A lot of money is made for Carolina Beach from tourist who visit the park.

    I do not understand why funds have been issued for this project in the first place. As soon as we have a strong hurricane come through the project will be destroyed and they will have to spend money to rebuild it again.

    For years people have driven onto Freeman Park with out a ramp . It has always been the vehicle’s owner risk to drive out there and risk getting stuck . That’s why there are signs that you must have a 4wd vehicle . Now 2wd vehicles will think they can drive onto the ramp for a view get stuck and hinder traffic even more .

  • MarkMetz

    I know these days funds are tight but it sure would be nice if there was a plan for an additional temporary access during construction. After construction is complete the temporary access could be gated off and used for emergency vehicles only. It could also be used in the likely event of future maintenance on the primary access. Looks like a good location would be beside the last house on the right as you enter the park. If I’m not mistaken the town already owns this land and it can more than likely be turned into a temp access with minimal effort and cost. I’m sure it wouldn’t be too difficult to get one of the contractors currently working in CB to come and cut a path as a goodwill gesture. Maybe I have thought about this too much… or maybe my annual spring surf fishing trip with out of town buddies was planned for April 11-13.


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