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Leland bank introduces video teller machines


LELAND, NC (WWAY) -- One bank in Leland is taking technology to another level. It is replacing some in-person bank tellers with ones via video.

While it might seem less personal, users say it's just the opposite.

Corning Credit Union member Robert Covington says he loves using the new video teller machines.

"It makes you realize the bank recognized what customer service is once again, finally," Covington said. "You know, we mean something. We're not just a number. We're a face."

The new technology allows bank members to do everything they would with a bank teller in person through a video chat.

"Some people have reservations about it, but after they get a chance to come up and see, it is a person doing their transaction for them," CCU NC Branch Supervisor Michelle Wall said.

While the machine may look difficult to use, it's actually very easy, and it starts with the push of a button.

"We can order you new debit cards, we can get you balances, we can look for deposits for certain transactions," video bank teller Brittney Confer said through the machine from New York.

They also allow you to cash checks and make withdrawals. The bank says it offers convenience to the customers and safety to employees

"It is more secure than an actual person in the front line, because all the cash is locked behind a vault," Wall said.

But some worry this kind of banking means losing direct human interaction. CCU says it does just the opposite.

"That gives us that opportunity to kind of get out from behind a traditional teller line and spend that one-on-one time with each individual member," Wall said.

Since the bank activated the machines, more than 200 members have worked with the video tellers.

The Corning Credit Union in Leland is currently the only bank with this technology in the area.

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My question would be, are the teller rep's out-sourced? How will this effect local brances ( workers and those of us who like person contact and not a person on a screen ). Sorry to say I refuse to use any machine line, even to check out at Walmart...its silly to remove jobs from the people just because a company wants to save more money.

Look at Shallotte Walmart, Ive never seen the self check out used, it was a waist of money to put them in and its sad they rather do this than to provide a few people with jobs.

They are always being used

They are always being used when I go in there. Companies like Wal-Mart are in business to make money. They cut costs wherever they can. T That's the way business works.