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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A tour business in Raleigh is trying to bring their mobile machine to Downtown Wilmington.

The Trolley Pub is a 14 person open air cart that uses the riders as the power. 12 seats have bicycle pedals and a bench seats two more. In NC right now, the business only has a location in Raleigh, though a similar operation exists in the Charlotte area.

Alcohol is allowed on a bring your own beverage concept as the actual person behind the steering wheel is employed by Trolley Pub, acting as a chaperone. It follows rules similar to that of a limousine.

Co-owner Kai Caapro says it’s great for tourism and that they have been trying to get approval for the past year. The company brought one of their Trolleys to Wilmington Thursday to show City Leaders exactly what they have to offer.


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6 Comments on "Could the Trolley Pub pedal into the Port City?"

2015 years 9 months ago

I have been hearing about this for quite some time now. This is a really fun concept. It is not rowdy or dangerous, just clean fun. Many great cities have this same business including Savannah GA, Charleston SC, Arlington VA, and even Raleigh and Charlotte, NC. Evidently our city attorney has some sort of problem with this. It seems like our city government makes it very difficult for anyone to open a business here.

2015 years 9 months ago

This ridiculous contraption is geared to entice drinkers to drink more and . . . (drum roll) . . . DRIVE.

More drunk drivers leave downtown Wilmington each night than the public would believe. As a downtown resident for the past twenty years, I have seen them over and over get behind the wheel and drive off. And the police turn a blind eye.

We do not need another downtown business catering to the “let’s get drunk” mentality.

2015 years 9 months ago

This way the drunks will have some way to keep on drinking while they transit back and forth between all of the bars.

Trolly Pub: One small step in keeping downtown drinkers from being inconvenienced between bars, and probably one giant step in inconveniencing downtown traffic. Brilliant idea!

2015 years 9 months ago

Bring that thing down to Carolina Beach for the summer. The speed limit is not so high there like it is in Wilmington. It is too dangerous to be in Wilmington anyway. Bring it on !!!

2015 years 9 months ago

First, why are we making it even easier for Wilmingtonians to get DWI’s? We’re already #1 in the State for DWI charges. Now, we’ll have drunk people dropping cans, cups, bottles from the “bike” for us to drive over. (Are the potholes not enough wear and tear that we need to add debris to the mix?) Can’t wait to hear about the first DWI charge. If these people are peddling, aren’t they considered driving?

Second, we have enough problems with the dang taxis making u-turns in intersections on Front Street. Do we need to have a bunch of these holding up traffic because people can’t get out of the way?

Third, let’s bring more competition to the bars by having a trolley. How about figuring out a way to bring new non-bar businesses downtown or admit downtown is a nightlife hub and figure out ways support the current bar businesses down there already before we add to the competition.

2015 years 9 months ago

A terrific idea that adds another tourist attraction to downtown Wilmington. We first saw Bier Bikes in Berlin several years ago and thought they were great! Of course the German versions included a keg of beer.


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