Brunswick County leaders react to job losses

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Submitted: Tue, 04/01/2014 - 2:32am
Updated: Tue, 04/01/2014 - 1:25pm

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Nearly 100 people will lose their jobs when a Brunswick County factory transfers the positions to Mexico. Victaulic said it will eliminate those jobs over the next year from its plant of US 74/76 near Leland.

This announcement comes after hundreds of people lost their jobs when DAK Americas closed its doors last fall.

“It is kind of heart breaking in any one way when you see a family and they have to find other work or move out of the area. That is not what we want to see here in Brunswick County,” Belville Mayor Mike Allen said.

Allen and Brunswick County Commissioner Frank Williams both agree it is crucial for the county to recruit new businesses.

“Companies are going to come and go,” Williams said.

As a result of that dynamic, Williams said the county needs to continually attract new companies to the area and be mindful not to let its guard down when things are going well.

“We have to always be looking for new ones,” Williams said.

Williams added the county needs leadership at the federal level to advocate for new business.

“I think one of the things we need to have is leadership at the state level and also at the congressional level who are going to be able to articulate what Brunswick County is about,” Williams said. “I believe we have that at the state level with our house and senate members.”

If companies decide to leave Brunswick County and people lose their job, Williams said having retraining programs would be beneficial.

“Whenever people do lose their job, we can train them for jobs with different skills,” he said.

Along with those ideas there is a plan already in place to bring in more jobs.

Allen said if everything goes as planned, Belville’s new Riverwalk project will add about 70 jobs. He is also excited about an automotive replacement retailer preparing to call Belville home.

“Advanced Auto is getting ready to build, and that is something good coming in,” Allen said.

Allen said there are two more projects in the works that he could not comment about. He said they will bring more people to the area and add to the town.


  • Ismael jay Perez says:

    Save jobs in the usa.

  • 8844 says:

    Your post makes some relevant points but your ranting, crazily punctuated, crazily formatted writing style makes you look like a total nut job.

    And now for the bad news: No one takes a nut job seriously.

    Got something to say? Say it like a mature adult, not like someone who’s misplaced their meds.

  • Guest69696969 says:

    My take? Use those *Film Industry “Tax Incentives” , to Go to Keeping business AND Manufacturing here in NC, instead of going to TinselTown.. 70+ million dollars, I would bet would keep Victaulic AND Dak here in the area(s), providing FULL TIME, good/decent paying jobs HERE in Wilmington AND Brunswick County,… time for those Politian’s to get the “Tinsel Town” Rose colored glasses out of their eyes, and thoughts of meeting celebrities for dinner, inviting them to STALEVALEA Festival ; and FOCUS on REAL Jobs, NOT part time ones for “millionaires” from Bollywood..

    Honestly WHAT in the H**l is Advance auto going to bring, 7~10 Jobs, and this “River Walk” a few construction Jobs, building it & Maintance, to be built by Persons from “South of the Border” , and ONLY a FEW, (If any); “Tourist Jobs” During the Summer for permanent residents?
    Again I’ll say this ONCE MORE..
    Wilmington/Brunswick County, I can Provide, (with Investment(s), LONG TERM, GREEN JOBS, (NO NOT wind Mills/tidal generators or some such nonsense, either), This would be a MODEL for the COUNTRY! Put US on the Map!, Providing Thousands of Jobs to Start, with a couple thousand to Keep it “running” while suppling *GREEN ENERGY* to Wilmington/Brunswick Counties for HUNDREDS of years While also cleaning up Coal Ash Ponds AND in addition to “Making” Gasoline & Diesel Fuel for LESS cost(s) than IMPORTING it… Environmentally friendly While cleaning coal Ash Waste(s) up…
    In addition creating a desalination plant creating Fresh drinking water, AND taking ALL of Wilmington AND Brunswick counties SEWAGE WASTE(s), creating Power and Energy! In return, We get back… Electric Power, Fuel for trucks & Cars, fresh water, fertilizers, Waste REDUCTION in our Landfill(s)& lastly essential chemicals that can be used in various industries, (such as Dak and others, in the area(s)) that they would purchase and use…
    I’ll say this once more, Hundreds & thousand(s) of LONG TERM Jobs created, LONG TERM, With the benefits that are listed above…
    WHAT is there to lose just LISTENING to this and other Ideas?
    The “Carbon & Industrial “footprint(s)” are already there in addition to Infrastructure(s) already in place..IN Fact it’s CARBON Netural, or on the other hand, possibly; taking carbon OUT of the atmosphere? Really, what is there to lose? Just listening to these IDEA(S) with PROVEN technology that WE already have?Do ya’ll Have ONE HOUR to Listen?
    Bueller, Bueller , OR Mayor, *Hair Spray* Saffo, City county commissioners ,Are Ya’ll listening?
    Give Me ONE hour to convince ya’ll? (NO Money, Nor Studies NEEDED), The TECH is Developed,(has been PROVEN and USED already, GE AND Corning along with a *host* of other companies would be involved, working together, CLEAN ENERGY AND JOB(S), LONG TERM While NOT violating the Laws of thermodynamics…
    While getting rid of WASTE?
    This is NOT some pie in the sky thing, seriously…
    Take Note; China is one or SEVERAL Steps ahead of the USA, (a few exception(s) are noted, in development of what I’m proposing CAN become REALITY in a few SHORT years, with investment, PROVEN TECHNOLOGY already developed, IN development, Has been used and PROVEN to WORK here in the USA & Germany,Many years ago, but dropped, because they couldn’t be used for “Weapons” development … Though could and CAN be used for GREEN purposes, (what I’ve mentioned above)….
    Citizens; of Wilmington & Brunswick Counties, Would YOU want this opportunity? Give ME ONE Hour to present this to YOU, the INVESTORS, Wilmington 100, City & County Commissioner’s, I believe you’ll “latch onto these Presentation(s)” with VIGOR that you/ya’ll gave that proposed Baseball Idea(s), (which failed) this Would NOT Fail, with Proper education to the Low info Public/Sheep/AND Higher IQ people, this could and Would be a MODEL for MUCH of the USA & thus the World? to Follow…GRADS, (taking the proper course’s CFCC AND UNCW would directly benefit IMMEDITLY, In addition to lower tech Jobs, (think of people on public assistance having JOBS)..
    Think of the JOBS, Clean & green energy, fuel, clean water, Waste REDUCTION and MORE, what’s there to lose?
    Again; Bueller, Bueller ;Are you listening? WIN WIN FOR EVERYONE…
    IF successfully implemented, those “polition(s) , yes would be givin the CREDITS of bringing something like this into Wilmington, AND N.C…. For Hundreds of years to come, unless Fusion is developed FIRST, though since I was a Kid, it’s been ALWAYS 20 years before **IT** happens…
    if interested, I here-by give WWAY Staff to Give My e-mail address to the people, (INVESTORS & Politian’s) to contact Me via e-mail to give a presentation, to those folks…. I’M DEAD serious Folks.. I, as much as anyone Would LOVE to see this happen in Wilmington/Brunswick Counties…. LOTS of JOBS AND Green Energy created….

  • Ken says:

    Maybe I am wrong but Victaulic was probably given Tax payer money to locate here and now that they feel they have taken as much as they can, they are leaving to go do that to someone else.

  • Auggie Anderson says:

    So we’re getting another Advanced (sic) Auto Parts or are they just moving down the street from Leland to Belville? It seems like Advance will not need two stores 1/2 mile apart.

  • bill jones says:

    All the feedback from town and county managers is the usual feedback about how to attract new business. The story is about companies already here that are moving jobs. Real leaders should be looking at ways to entice current businesses to stay rather than ignoring them and offering incentives to only new businesses.

  • kingstonman says:

    How ironic is it that not only are the USA citizens loosing jobs to the Hispanics but also our businesses are continually relocating to their country Mexico (Victaulic). Last year there was a small segment on the National news of one of our car industries opening a huge plant in Mexico and this isn’t the first one to do so. We are losing our jobs both ways, to them there and here! Then later last year there was a local news article of a local Hispanic in trouble for filing 30,000 fraudulent income tax returns for illegals over the last five years! Now the ONLY reason one can assume that someone would file and not be legal in the USA is for a refund. So now while many of us USA CITIZENS are just barely making ends meet we have to sat back and watch illegals continually come in to the USA, take away jobs from true citizens and our industries relocating south of our border and then they file income tax returns to again take away money from the USA so they can drive new vehicles while they live in homes with many in residence and there too isn’t there supposedly a law in our county that says a home can be inhabited by only three non-related parties? Oh, that’s right, excuse me, the illegals will tell anyone checking that they are ALL KIN….and of course the officials say ‘end of story’ and check it out no further.
    How long are we going to have to lie down and have the illegals wipe their feet on us? As for me I will be voting for any candidate that says he/she will fight to repel all these special rights being given to illegals from our Hispanic countries to the south and definitely not giving them amnesty. Why isn’t the door opened for all nationalities to flood the USA? Why is the USA allowing one country to continually flood us with illegals and now even want to make the legal????Why are so many USA citizens continually keeping their heads down and not addressing this situation? Wake up!

  • tnemmocwen says:

    Yeah, retrain all the 50 year old men laid off from DAK and Victaulic to work at whatever boutiques and restaurants Belville’s new riverwalk has. That’ll support them into their twilight years.

  • Mat Robin says:

    In SC, BMW is planning a 1 billion dollar expansion but North Carolina is too high and mighty to pay incentives that would get us good paying, sustainable jobs. Remember Continental Tire?

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