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LELAND, NC (WWAY) — A Brunswick County factory will start eliminating jobs over the course of the next year. Instead, the jobs will head south of the border.

A spokesman for Victaulic says the company will cut 90 positions over the next seven months to a year at its plant near Leland.

Victaulic VP for Marketing & Communications Eric Luftig says the company continually reviews its operations to ensure it is able to serve customer’s needs completely and cost effectively. So the piping company says cuts will be made to the rubber molding and press fit areas of its plant off US 74/76.

Those operations will be moved to Mexico.

‘We are offering a very generous financial and benefits package for all employees impacted by this move,” Luftig said in a statement. “We are also working closely with the North Carolina Division of Employment Security to make sure outplacement services will be provided for those impacted by this change.”

Luftig said all other operations at the Leland plant will continue.

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  • C-C-C-C-C

    The way i see it in lealand they must be moveing across the street

  • regaht

    Why are the jobs going there when all the workers are here?

  • Guest Reply Redux

    Why don’t you really say what you mean CCCCC?

    You see…this is the type of discriminatory remarks that WWAY allows…as the Forums Administrator sits back and giggles at these prejudice type statements…and yes…everyone knows what this CCCCC guy meant.
    Their lack of knowledge (CCCCC) in spelling is a give away enough.

    Congrats Scott! Would you have allowed them to use the “N WORD” also?

  • Thomar

    I am so smart. I hope you’re a better person than you are a speller.Good God,momma says stupid is as stupid does.

  • Interested observer

    How is that “right-to-work” thing working for you North Carolina!

  • How’s that?

    Would have been gone long ago if they were union.

  • 1234543

    thanks Bill

  • former DAK employee

    Be wary of false promises. Take it from one who has been there. DAK promised all kinds of support, and they didn’t deliver. Also be wary of buyout figures. It’s all about trying to make themselves look good. Ask questions and demand answers.

  • GuestFred

    But McCrory and the NCGA have cut taxes for businesses so much, companies are fighting to get to NC!

    Thanks, GOP, for all the “JOBS, JOBS, JOBS” you’ve promised North Carolinians!

    Now, when they get rid of the film incentive, we’ll see even MORE JOBS, right? Well, Georgia and Louisiana will at least.

  • GuestLogic

    Companies would be fighting to get to NC if we elminated corporate income taxes instead of picking the winners and losers by subsidizing Hollywood millionares. Of course, the republicans and democrats wouldn’t be able to use that for political gain so it will never happen. Plus it’s too logical for the low information voter.

  • LOL

    Won’t even learn English- Spanish pseaking USA here we come!


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