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WASHINGTON (AP) — The Obama administration says a new technical problem briefly prevented last-minute users from signing up on the government’s health insurance website. The new problem comes as traffic is surging on deadline day.

Health and Human Services spokesman Aaron Albright says technicians identified an issue affecting consumers trying to create new accounts.

As a result, new users couldn’t access the system, but the problem was later resolved.

Albright said more than 100,000 people are using the system at the same time.

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  • Guest Reply Redux

    Kinda reminds me of the Micro Windows XP/7/8 technicians that send to your computer a…”Patch”…to fix something they just sent to your computer to fix other junk from just the other day. Duh!
    Cyberspace needs to be called “Cyberbox”…because once you’ve reached your limits in a box…get out the box cutter huh?
    The Prez will take the heat for this of course…but for those of you that will blame him for this…next time your Windows System program crashes at home…don’t you dare Cuss Out the manufactures/programmers…because after all…”It’s Not Their Fault”…is it?

  • Guestwhatyousay

    What on earth are you talking about?
    Obamacare is Obama’s Signature PLAN, pal!
    AND, it’s a DISGRACE!

  • craig

    This plan stinks and I am an obama fan. I have placed about 15 phone calls (put on a huge hold each time) to this group. I do not and will not have coverage. Should have known better. Anything our goverment seems to touch is a cluster.

  • guesty

    What else would you expect from a website that reportedly cost $634 million tax dollars? The best part is the developers are based in, wait for it, Canada.

  • Bearclaw

    A disgrace? Thanks to the ACA I can now actually afford health insurance. I got a great plan and now I’m in the game and can afford to pay a hospital bill if it comes to that. Friends of mine got a family plan and went from paying $800/ month to $277/month. MY brother who has a pre-existing condition can now get insurance and won’t be kicked off it. Yes, a real “disgrace.”

  • Guest Reply Redux
  • what’s

    What is your/their deductible now? I think you need to wait to see what happens when you have a major illness before coming to a conclusion. Also did you talk to your current Dr. to see if he was accepting the ins you signed up for; mine won’t accept anything associated with obamacare.

    I can drop my home annual owners insurance in half by taking on a 10,000$ deductible, but when something happens I would be screwed.

  • Bearclaw

    My plan is 50/50 co-insurance with no deductible with a $1,400 out of pocket max.. I don’t have a Dr. since I was uninsured before the ACA allowed me to be able to afford coverage. I’ve called various primary care docs and of course they all accept Blue Cross Blue Shield and are looking forward to seeing me.

  • Erlkoenig

    You are welcome for the subsidies, Bearclod.

  • Erlkoenig

    Just follow the doctor’s order so I don’t have to pay for more of your treatment.

  • guest6969696969

    How many young HEALTHY, (or rich or NOT), taxpayers are paying for your “subsidies'”?

  • if

    That is truly your plan, you should be thanking the rest of us for footing your medical bills and saying sorry for driving the rest of our insurance costs up.

  • GuestMan.

    Every time someone goes to the emergency room and they do not have insurance, you are subsidizing them in the most expensive way possible. The hospitals charge more so the rest of us and our insurance companies pay a premium because deadbeats don’t pay at all.
    It is cheaper for you and me to have some of out tax dollars diverted to insurance that emphasizes wellness instead of waiting until you have to go to the hospital because you have no insurance.
    The level of disinformation the teabaggers and the republican’ts are putting out there is ridiculous.
    Ask anyone that now has insurance if they want to overturn Obamacare.
    The same coverage through the ACA is more affordable than going through my employer and tell me where in NC they won’t take BCBS. My employer was going to the cheapest he could find which made my primary caregivers that I have been going to for 21 years out of network. So the coverage sucked anyway and then I have to pay 40% after I meet deductible to go to the same medical group. I cut my premiums in half and my out of pocket expenses went way down.
    Thank God for the ACA.

  • Mr.T

    I can only say thanks for such a positive post. Have you seen or heard the COCO Brothers ads against Kay Hagen? Lies on top of lies.
    One area our Repub friends never complain about is Medicaid and Nursing Home Cost as this relates to tax money. It’s strange that it’s ok to put the half dead in a bed at $6,000 a month but when it comes to helping or most productive citizens stay well the attitude is throw them in a ditch. It’s funny, when the time comes to get mom and dad out of your hair, Tax money can flow like honey.

  • Erlkoenig

    You highlighted 1 of many reasons costs are high. The biggest reason is government itself. Regulations drive up the cost of the cotton stuffing put in medicine bottles. Imagine what they do with CAT scanners.

    And in fact, it would be cheaper to have ME, the EARNER of MY money, to keep my money and use it as I see fit. Than to have a it diverted to an every growing freeloader population.

    Also, I have insurance and want Obamacare trashed with all the other failed, socialist ideas.

    You have just declared yourself a sponger off of me. Still no “thank you”.

    Come on, Guest1/2man. You can thank me now and still get to the strip joints to spend your welfare money tonight.

  • GuestMan.

    Part of the responsibility of living in a society is that sometimes you have to do certain things that benefit the society as a whole and not just you. When you grow up you will learn this just like your mama and daddy told you. I have never had kids but my money helps put everyone else’s kids through school. I don’t drive out to California but my money helps keep I-40 open all the way in case someone else wants to.
    It’s the same thing with the ACA. By helping other people out it benefits the society as a whole and keeps more money in my pocket. What idiot wouldn’t buy the least expensive insurance with the same coverage as they can? It sounds like you would rather pay more so I guess that answered that.
    Grow up a little bit, won’t you.

  • Erlkoenig

    These comments are quite sick. And honestly, how Nazis used to think. To heck with the old and infirm. You only have value when you are productive.

  • Bearclaw

    Oh, it’s truly my plan. I’d love to see you right wingers scream this loud when Ann and Mitt Romney take the tax credit (subsidy) for their show horses. God forbid the working poor get health care!

  • bearclaw

    Thanks! Would you prefer I die instead?

  • Paying for your insurance

    You still can’t afford coverage. The only reason you have it is because the government stole it out of my paycheck and gave it to you. Everyone wins here except for me; the doctor’s office gets paid, the iinsurance company gets paid, you get subsidized health insurance, and what do I get. It’s not right and it is a slap in the face to see you bragging about it online.

  • Erlkoenig

    According to that article on voter fraud, if you did die you can still vote for the National Democrat Soviet Peoples Party.

  • Bearclaw

    I am young and healthy and I work and pay federal taxes. Maybe I should get rid of my insurance so I can’t pay any possible hospital bill instead.

  • Bearclaw

    Since I work and pay federal taxes, it’s “stolen” from my pocket as well. Thanks for directing your hatred towards the working poor!

  • Erlkoenig

    False argument. No one is arguing against schools and Interstates. I am arguing against subsidies to people who have made poor choices in life. If you want to raise a family of 4 kids and 3 baby mommies on a KFC salary then you should deal fully with the consequences.

    Americans have proven they go to great lengths to help those in GENUINE need. And the tax burden needs to be lifted off of us. Government helps those you help Government.

  • Erlkoenig

    I understand the oceans are not healing either.

  • DP101

    It should be called: “Nobama Care” because that is exactly what it is!

  • Mr.T

    Early reports today indicate that over seven million Americans have enrolled in the ACA. Reports also indicate that over 80% have made their first payment. Republicans have nothing to complain about except the early failure of the web site and a few citizens that were insured by junk policies that got cancelled. Major adjustments were made to both problems. The web site was fixed and works very well now and the junk policy folks were granted the ability to keep what they want to refer to as insurance. Wonder what the numbers would have been had we not had the web site problem? Wonder what the numbers would have been had Republicans embraced health care for all our citizens? It’s here boys! It aint going away! So let’s get together and make it the best it can be!!

  • beach guy

    Maybe until 2016 lets see what happens after that since 60% of the persons polled on both sides of the political world do not like it.
    or until it runs out of other peoples money or the reductions in medicare hit seniors, how about the millions that were dropped, so to really make up the difference you would need 12 million to sign up and actually pay and get services since this is about insuring the uninsured, how many of the so called newly insured went strait to medicaid? or how many are getting a tax payer funded subsidy. I think after the authoritarian regime (changing or ignoring laws as written) we live under now is voted out of office we will find some pretty shoddy book keeping. Some parts of this law need to stay in place such as the pre existing condition clause and allowing young adults to use their parents insurance, hell might as well they have moved back home and living with them anyway. but the majority of it will collapse under it’s own weight. The only way to save it will by going to a single payer system (Hillary Care). I do not think the left will have the political pull to make this a reality. So we will have spent a few billion and screwed everything up for the people that were doing well without big brother
    gotta to love the government.

  • Vog46

    half of 7M actually vote – thats 3.5M votes.
    Spread across the land.
    That would have made Romney Prez.
    Yet they have no absolutely no alternative plan…..



  • Mr.T

    Get in your way!! Your post is so full of inaccurate statements that I don’t and won’t bother to respond. I do however advise that you take a good look at the most recent polls of both Democrat and Republican opinion on ACA. The Hardees breakfast crowd may not be your most reliable source of information.

  • Erlkoenig

    Why does no one know about Senators Burr’s and Coburn’s bill? I know Rachel Madcow won’t mention it. But that doesn’t make it non existent.


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