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ELIZABETHTOWN, NC (BLADENONLINE.COM) — A political action committee was formed last week in support of the passage of Bladen County's beer and wine referendum.

Bladen County Citizens for the County Wide Sale of Beer and Wine says equal opportunity and economic development are among the reasons for creating the PAC.

"We don't think it's fair for somebody to have to drive from north of Tar Heel, past three different stores, all the way to Elizabethtown to buy a six-pack of beer," said Robin Summerlin, who announced the group's formation to about 100 people at Saturday's eighth annual Politician Appreciation Day at the Woodmen of the World building in Bladenboro. "It needs to be more spread out, not just in Clarkton, Elizabethtown and East Arcadia. It needs to be in the western part of the county and the northern part of the county.

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  • GuestBladenboro

    It should be a persons choice if they use beer, wine, buy a pack of cigarettes, or buy a lottery ticket. When I was a teenager we bought moon shine from the local hole in the wall… Not selling it will not stop people from buying it.

  • Bryant

    Don’t make me laugh.

    Beer and wine sales county-wide is the best politicians can do for economic development here in hicks-in-the-sticks Bladen County?

    A crackpot idea, as usual.

    Citizens have been asking for jobs and clean industry for years to no avail. The politicians and county leaders are “uninspired,” to say the least . . . uninspired unless it helps them or their families.

    Hardly anything is ever accomplished in Bladen unless the politicians can directly or indirectly benefit from it personally.

    Beer and wine for sale all over this wretchedly poor county? What a praiseworthy moral idea? So moral, so ethical.

    Some business owners are going to make some money off of this brilliant idea of making alcohol more readily available to the social welfare beneficiaries.

  • Hunter

    I suppose the Citizens for the Countywide Sale of Beer and Wine want more discarded beer cans for residents to pick up along our roadways. Bladen County, one of the poorest counties in NC, does NOT need more access to beer and wine for its jobless poor to squander their money on– Bladen County needs jobs.

    For those who have not driven through Bladen, I invite you to take a tour to see the rural blight, the miles and miles of litter beside the major highways. Many Bladen citizens do what they like with their properties, creating eyesores that should not be allowed.

    As for the ludicrous “Politician Appreciation Day,” the event reeks of political influence peddling. The PAC is made up of citizens who do not represent the interests of Bladen’s more responsible, constructive populace; instead, the PAC is interested in profit
    making, no matter the cost to its poorer citizens.

    It seems to me and many others that Bladen’s politicians do practically nothing to improve conditions in our county, as evidenced by their support for the Citizens for County Wide Sale of Beer and Wine.

  • GetSomethin’ForNothin’

    Now the littering classes will have more empty beer cans to throw out their vehicles’ windows along with their losing lottery tickets.

  • David B.

    Bladen county needs jobs. White Lake,and Elizabethtown control the counties decisions,politics, etc. I see no problem with the beer and wine sales countywide. Bladen county continues to refuse economic change if it doesn’t help the elite masses.

  • but surely “elite masses” was a typo.


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