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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A few weeks ago we found out staff at the Wilmington Police Department are not happy with their jobs according to an employee study. Today we got the written responses from that survey that show the good, the bad and the ugly.

We went through nearly 100 pages of written responses from WPD staff, and found many issues in the department.

Pay, or lack thereof, seems to be the biggest reason for low morale.

One staff member wrote, “I just lost under $1000 because my Sgt. did not put in any performance notes… When I said something to them they pulled $2 out of their pocket and tried to hand it to me.”

Another wrote, “Why is the city planning on spending millions of dollars on property for a park when they pay us crap and refuse to give us meaningful raises while increasing out health insurance, which sucks anyway?”

Fairness in promotions was also a hot topic in the survey.

“If you would stop promoting racists and bigots who only care about the other members of their cliques and whoever they may be sleeping with at the time things would get better,” one employee wrote.

Click here to read all the survey comments

Many others wrote they would like more training and clearer paths to promotions. But discrimination of race and gender, or as one person put it, the good ol’ boy system, was mentioned several times.

“If the promotional lists don’t ‘look’ like they want them to, with women and minorities, they do their magic monkey math, and put people that they want on the lists,” read one response.

But there were some positive responses when it came to supervisors.

One person wrote, “My current supervisor shows up on calls, is always there for anyone in the squad who needs him, has lots of experience, and is a true officer’s sergeant.”

Another said it is not the supervisors causing problems.

“My supervisors are great,” the respondant wrote. “The watch commanders suck, most district lieutenants suck or suck when they actually work… And when I say work, not just show up to work.”

Not everyone was fond of their supervisors, though.

One employee said, “The department continues to let inept and incompetent supervisors run amuck without any consequences for their poor decisions.”

And another staff member echoed previous comments about discrimination.

“Favoritism. Good ole boy network. Violates policies. Double standards. Always criticizes and never praises officers. Lies and gets caught in them by officers…. Bias against minorities,” they wrote.

Chief Ralp Evangelous said last month the department will probably resurvey employees with more specific questions next fall.

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  • Lisa’s Two Cents

    My solution……
    Minimum base salary $70,000 / year.
    Only new cars for all officers.
    Full free insurance coverage for all family members.
    30 hour work week. (10 paid hours, each week, will be dedicated to “Stress Relief”)
    20 year Full Retirement.

    If this doesn’t work. And everyone’s not ‘Totally Happy’, we should keep adding more elements, until they are.

  • Look at the bigger picture

    Most comments tend to disparage local law enforcement as one entity. There are good & bad people in every place of employment & law enforcement is no different. They have good days & bad days just like you. Imagine if you had to deal with the public (who are often difficult, argumentative, emotional, or criminals) on a daily basis. I’d rather babysit my sister’s 3 preschoolers.
    It’s a vicious cycle. Low moral contributes to poor work performance & can affect an individual’s mental & emotional wellbeing. Will it take a tragedy in our community (mass shooting, etc) from an individual pushed over the edge before these issues are taken seriously by Chief Evangelous? It’s depressing just to read the survey responses. What’s the point of doing the survey if nothing is done with the responses?

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