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WILMINGTON, N.C. (WWAY) — The nicotine in cigarettes is the drug that keeps smokers coming back for more experts warn the concentrated liquid nicotine that comes in e-cigarettes is toxic and could be deadly.

Sharyen Green started smoking e-cigarettes to help her kick the real thing.

“You don’t cough or nothing (sic), they’re great,” she said, but what she didn’t know was that the liquid inside these liquid nicotine bottles come with risk too.

“What? Wow!,” said Green when told about the new report, saying she could barely read the warning on the side of the bottle.

The liquid nicotine comes in flavors like cherry and tutti fruity which could make them appealing to children. Because the nicotine in this form isn’t regulated by the FDA the caps on them aren’t required to be child proof.

Ali Mouni owns an E-cigarette store in Wilmington and he says they’re more popular than ever

“Everyday we get new customers,” Morsi said, “and our oldest customers still come in.”

The products remain unregulated which means some types of liquid are much stronger than others.

Morsi says he warns people about drinking the liquid, the warning is right there on the bottle too.

With two grandkids around green isn’t taking any chances, saying she’ll think twice before leaving these little bottles out just anywhere.

The FDA is currently looking into regulating E-cigarettes but no decision has been made just yet.

The real warning here if you have liquid nicotine take precautions when using it.

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5 Comments on "E-Cigarette poisoning on the rise"

2015 years 10 months ago

Shocked that if you drink the contents of a poisonous cartridge it could be harmful, and terribly disappointed that the article failed to mention how harmful it also is if you jam the entire e-cig up your nose.

2015 years 10 months ago

This article’s headline is misleading. Every adult should know that nicotine is toxic and potentially deadly. E-cigarettes have not poisoned anyone as far as I have learned, especially through this article. Yes, I use them and have accidentally ingested the actual liquid by mouth. Even with a flavor like cotton candy, you immediately have no choice, but to spit it out and rinse with water. Even my dog, who will eat anything, including cat poo, knows better that to taste the raw liquid of this nicotine form. Please add sources as to the rise of poisoning events.

Smokey Bear
2015 years 10 months ago

So don’t drink my e-cigaretts? Check.

2015 years 10 months ago

guess what,so is bathroom cleaner,dish detergent,floor cleaner,bleach.Here’s an idea,you keep these things away from kids just like anything else.I went to grade school with a kid who was poisoned when he drank floor cleaner,I guess we should have banned all floor cleaners.This stuff is getting ridiculous.I wonder how many of these do gooders against e cigs keep alcohol in the house,which is harmful and illegal for minors.

2015 years 10 months ago

The FDA tried to regulate Ecigs. But the White House OMG rejected the drafted regulations. It was found to be very Restrictive. Go to Casaa .Org to get the true studies on ecigs. The only regulations to be made is (1) Age 18(nicotine base e-liquid),(2) The favoring in the e-liquid (Whats the ingredients?). Some are allergic to the food colorings and flavorings.(3) The Making & mixing of E-liquid (sanitary areas),(3) E-liquid Bottling (Child restraint caps), and (4) Battery safety instructions with every sale. The FDA tried to do more. But it was to restrictive that wound cause most ecig stores to close business.


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