Pender Co. sheriff candidate charged with DWI

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Submitted: Mon, 04/07/2014 - 8:56pm
Updated: Tue, 04/08/2014 - 3:11am

PENDER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — A candidate for Pender County Sheriff faces some legal troubles of his own.

Highway Patrol arrested Scott Lawson, 49, over the weekend for DWI and reckless driving.

Tpr. H.A. Cannady says just after midnight Saturday Lawson drove through an intersection and into a yard and hit two parked cars. Cannady said he had Lawson’s blood drawn for testing.

Lawson, who is running as a Democrat, according to the Pender County Board of Elections, used to work for the Pender County Sheriff’s Office as a detective.

Lawson is due in court May 29.

A phone number listed on Lawson’s candidate filing has been disconnected.


  • T says:

    What is that mean?

    What is that have to do with anything? Think before you type!!

    Pender County was in the stone age as far as good officers, good equipment, communications, etc, before Carson got here. Little by little we as a whole are coming out of it.

    Carson has done nothing but good. Yeah, their are a few idiots that make wrong decisions about how they conduct them selves on duty and off duty, but that happens everywhere in the Country and in every profession.

    Those who have make this mistakes, are no longer Pender County Deputies!

  • eddie says:

    I live in Burgaw, the whole Sheriffs office is a joke. Chief Hinkle spends most of his day hanging with his buddies at Browns mart or Scotchman scratchinf lottery tickets. Alot of the time on county time, Carson Smith has to know about it because it is the joke of the town and he does Nothing about it. So not really sure wether Scott Lawson would be an improvement in Pender or not. Maybe he would crack down on his joke of a department

  • T says:

    He who? Nichols? Yeah right. The guy has his own problems (Skeletons). I wonder how come he end up as a hospital police officer. Maybe no one else would hire him.

    What did he do where ever he is from?

  • eddie says:

    So much for accomplishing that goal he had of being Sheriff. Great job !! Maybe you could run for Mayor.

  • sarah resident of Pender County says:

    and believe it parents he was our D.A.R.E officer for Pender County Schools for years? Karma is not nice… Hope he gets what he deserves..
    I wander what Carson Smith thinks about this for his campaign? Remember citizens he was one of his deputies for a long time and he supported it!

  • 28443 says:

    Maybe he was to headed to Comm. David Williams house for a drink!!!

  • SurfCityTom says:

    is a funny thought.

    Sadly, it speaks poorly of elected officials or wannabe officials.

  • howedy says:

    Ya think he will withdraw? Let’s hope so!! Being a resident of Pender County, I would hate to know that this man would be in charge of overseeing “the enforcement of the law” of my County…

  • sarah resident of Pender County says:

    he was one of our Pender County Deputies for years!! What does that say?

  • beach guy says:

    How drunk do you have to be to drive through an intersection and plow into not one but two parked cars?
    Somebody says
    Ask this guy he should know.

    why is it that people in office or running for office believe themselves to be above the law?

  • Guest2020 says:

    I hope Pender County has better sense in its next election than Wilmington did in their last one.

  • Citizen Jason says:

    Public office is a serious matter. It bewilders me, why clowns like Marc Benson, Ricky Meeks, and this guy, seem to want to put their name on a election ballot. Do they live for the little 3 to 4 month “attention fix”, they get every four years ?

  • T says:

    You are just a liberal trying to get something started. Well he it is: Yes, Lawson worked for Pender County for a few years, but he has been long gone before this happened. The truth is, that Carson still the best candidate for Sheriff.

    Lawson: Obviously has addiction and personal problems that he has to fix before getting on the spot light again. If he is smart, he gets out of the race now.

    Nichols: He is just an idiot that lies to people and has a dirty closet full of skeletons that if he keeps it up, they are going to come out and hunt him.

    Carson: The best of all three and has proven that he can do the job.

  • Guest Reply Redux says:

    Isn’t this sort of action “The Norm” for a lot of higher up police officers any more?
    Seems to be.

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