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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The Cape Fear Public Utility Authority Board this morning approved increasing rates starting in May.

CFPUA says the average bill will go up 4.4 percent or about $2.70 a month.

The move helps address an eight-percent decline in consumption in Fiscal Year 2014 and a projected reduction in usage in the next fiscal year. It comes after the CFPUA board voted in February to cut the utility’s budget $1.2 million.

The rate approved today will move the residential uniform rate from $3.42 per 1,000 gallons for water usage to $3.67 per 1,000 gallons, and sewer usage from $4.21 per 1,000 gallons to $4.56 per 1,000 gallons. The new rates will take effect beginning with bills dated on or after May 1.

The changes do not affect the fixed base rates, which CFPUA says accounts for about 40 percent of the average customer’s bill.

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  • Guest2020

    They do it because they can.

  • GUEST69696969

    We are a revenue-neutral, nonprofit utility. The only revenue we take in is from user fees and rates. We do not receive tax dollars and the money we take in goes back out in services. We pay the same increased prices from year-to-year as everyone else in the region, including market rates for the chemicals needed to treat your water and wastewater.

    Being a NON-PROFIT UNTILITY, WHY is Your admitted paycheck so high for be a “Public Relation(s)Mouth Piece? 95K (If I recall), is this with Benefits + health care + pension(s) AND Perks? Seems to Me , Oh somewhere around 90+ % of Non-profits, *management Fee(s*)& Over head take-up I betting 20% of our cost(s)…
    I’m inclined, as others are YOU and the *management* should take a *PAY DECRESE*, to “off-set” cost(s) to Us, the Citizen’s of New Hanover Co., that are PAYING YOUR PAYCHECKS… Health care and Benefits. WHAT are your Pension Plans? (Golden parachutes)?

    Have you looked ELSEWHERE in the Market for those “chemicals”, On the Open Market, to find the cheaper Materials, thus, reducing COSTS!

    Our approach to setting our water and sewer rates recently received substantial support from the findings of the UNC School of Government’s Environmental Finance Center. Last month, in its annual statewide study of 372 water utilities, the Center gave CFPUA excellent ratings for the Authority’s rate-related work. Using the study’s new, online dashboard, the Center places CFPUA in the middle of its GREEN (optimal) zones for just about every rate-related category, including overall affordability, dollar-for-dollar totals and project costs recovery.

    There’s only one Sentence for this Statement…

    Oh two Maybe…
    You can give Me Four figures, AND I can give you any, Dern Outcome you desire to your intended Audience…
    As Mark Twain once said;”Lies, damned lies, and statistics”, I don’t put much validation coming from a mostly Liberal College Study, so How much did CPUFA give to *FUND* this Study to get your favorable outcome? What if; WE the Public Did Our own Independent Study, (with our own resources), I’ll bet We could get a very much different Outcome, (AS NOTED with the Tax Incentives to the Movie Industry Issue)….

    CFPUA’s financial condition also received high marks from the Center; they placed CFPUA squarely in the GREEN (optimal) zone for six of its eight categories including: revenues v. expenditures, debt service coverage ratio, operating budget ratio, cash on hand, quick ratio, and asset depreciation.

    I bet bet ya’ll did… You should have Revenues vs Expenditures, Should Operating budget Ratio be included with *Expenditures*? correct?

    I can understand Cash on hand, eg: Pay Employee:s Paycheck(s), INCLUDING some rather,, errhrrrm, very HIGH Paycheck(s)…

    Last couple words…quick ratio, and asset depreciation.

    I’m assuming these a Municipal Bonds on the Market Or what-ever these Bonds are, care to Give us a Hint? Quick Ratio, can Only mean one thing, ARE THEY LEVERAGED or Hypo~creation(s) in the stock Market, WHO OWNS them? What is the Calucations on the Debt Service Ratio? You mention *Asset depreciation*, On what exactly, these BONDS or OUR Infrastructure? Or some Alithograms, in a HFT Computer on Wall Street? SEE–> GOOGLE–> Jefferson COUTY Al.. Folks , Official’s are in Prison, with what Happened with there City/County Water Improvements, and outlandish raises/rates, that the Citizen’s are NOW paying for Their, water & Sewer Rates..Furthermore; Remember, it’s not how many dollars (whatever) you have — it’s what they buy! eg: WATER/sewer

    The problem with “inflation” isn’t the one-time hit. It’s that such rates, (BONDS) are compounded. Over 30 years a “mere” 2% inflation rate costs you nearly half — 45% approximately — of your purchasing power & Expenditures .

    “How can 2% hurt me?” you answer. This is how. Answer Me this Mr. McGill..

    NOW, onto your NEXT POST…

    The reason the CFPUA was created was because the city and the county had kept their rates and fees artificially low for decades, leading to rapidly failing infrastructure when they reached the end of their useful life. You had a moratorium placed on future development because your systems were failing so much and the repair work was forced to begin right at the beginning of the economic downturn.

    Be straight with US Citizen’s, Mr. McGill, YOU are saying OUR Past and CURRENT, County/City *commissioner’s/et al, (county & city Government’s), Let Real estate developers, Run Wild with development’s(s), eg: GROWTH with the City/County sewer/waters System(s), ONLY considered as a “afterthought”, Water & sewer needs leading to numerious “Spills” into the City/County Proper? ARE these the People WE have too Blame? (Answer Honestly); AND think about *WHOM* your electing Folks….

    As shown in our public presentation, and supported by the UNC School of Government, we are operating today at lower budgetary levels than the city and the country were before CFPUA was created. You would be paying MORE if the CFPUA had not been created.

    Doublespeak right here–> quote:The reason the CFPUA was created was because the city and the county had kept their rates and fees artificially low for decades…end quote….

    Finally, investing in infrastructure provides as great a return on investment as you can get. Not only were we able to get the moratorium lifted quickly, but we have been able to cut the number of sewer overflows by one-third in our five years. The amount that was been being spilled into rivers, creeks and streams has been cut 70 PERCENT. Even the government Consent Decree that stemmed from the sewer issues that were strangling development was reduced in scope because of the work CFPUA has been doing.


  • J

    Ya’ll drive brand new trucks, and make pretty nice money. Maybe you should cut some of your own salary’s to take care of us not using enough water because you told us to cut down. So tell me again why you keep raising our rates???

  • guesty

    Mike McGill from CFPUA here. I’ll be out on my new boat this weekend so feel free to contact me and I’ll take you for a ride.

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