Dispatchers: Someone shot into Supply home with people inside

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Submitted: Wed, 04/09/2014 - 12:15pm
Updated: Wed, 04/09/2014 - 12:52pm

SUPPLY, NC (WWAY) — Deputies are investigating after no one was hurt when someone fired shots into a Supply home while people were inside.

Dispatchers say just before 9 p.m. Tuesday, they got a call from inside the home at 2340 Laurie Lane. They say the caller was reporting the crime as the residents who were inside when the house was hit escaped out the back door.

Dispatchers say though someone shot into the front of the home, everyone got out safely. They say the people who live there were not able to provide any kind of suspect or vehicle description to deputies.

Brunswick County deputies continue investigating.

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1 Comment on "Dispatchers: Someone shot into Supply home with people inside"

a turner
2015 years 8 months ago

I live just a couple hundred yards from this home.. Around 9:10 I heard the shots clearly through my window I opened…. It was mass firing….it was not just one gun…..after the density of the first 6 shots or so , it slowed down to a single gun firing.which shot 4 to 5 times more… I ponder the shots a moment, its not unusual during warm weather to hear gun shots in a more rural area….but by my experience, this was not normal…I went to get my phone and heard police coming down road…thinking it would be investigated from there. 3 police cars raced down my road approx 2 mins apart. Next morning heard it on news. Called sheriff dept to let them know I may have info on the shooting. I was transfered 3 times and leftv a message with a captain… 5 hours later I had not received a call back….hmmmm interesting.. I didn’t say I saw or heard anything, just that I may have info concerning the shooting. Now I haven’t told them any details, called back and spoke to whoever answered the phone and told him I left a message with a captain so and so. Now this is where it gets real concerning as a citizen that is a tax payer and a registered voter. I was told to call 411 and leave a tip. really?? I decided to go to the home. Woods sperate us so I couldn’t see the home. There was no crime tape up…nothing… No suspects, no one in custody. Nothing is bring said whether it was random or isolated. I know from having some law enforcement experience, that witnesses are questioned as soon as possible while its still fresh. Over time details fade. It is now 9:15 pm and no one has returned my call or came to my door.

WHAT KIND OF GOVERNMENT ARE PROTECTING US!!! To say the least the obsurdity of not calling a possible good witness to something…. This is not the first time that I question the training and competence of those that are appointed over us. Its ridiculous, and as unprofessional as it gets!!; shame on the system!! If this is the best we got, we got far more serious problems and nc residents and county residents need to step up and declare a higher standard. Corruption?? Maybe.. Who knows. But having several members of my family in law enforcement a daughter and son who own and run a weapons permit class and having been on the during range and hearing gun fire from all kinds of guns and at different intervals also adding my husband was former retired military nuclear security, and had carried weapons all the time. I think I may have a ligitimate concern as a citizen that I may possibly have information that is important!! Where are the ballistic reports, forensics??. Did they comb the site at night only?? After a few daylight hours completed an investigation on an attempted murder suspect?? Sorry as hell people. Sorry as hell