Local school safety concerns rise again after Pennsylvania stabbings

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Submitted: Thu, 04/10/2014 - 12:01am
Updated: Thu, 04/10/2014 - 3:42am

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The recent violence in Murrysville, Pennsylvania is once again raising some questions about local student safety.

New Hanover County deputy superintendent Rick Holliday says, “It makes us go back and reexamine what we’re doing.”

Holliday says having a close knit relationship with law enforcement is key, and local officials agree.

Brunswick County captain Sammy Turner says, “Our most valuable asset is our children.”

New Hanover Sheriff Ed McMahon agrees saying, “One of our most important jobs is to keep our children safe.”

Student resource officers can be seen in the hallways of every Brunswick county school.

Turner says their mere presence is a deterrent to outside attackers. “Someone that pulls up into the parking lot of a school and they see a marked uniform patrol car, they know there is a law enforcement officer on scene.”

New Hanover county school district has SRO’s in all middle and high schools and 11 officers for the county’s 25 elementary schools. Mcmahon says they have just the right amount, “I wanna just have what we need,” McMahon says, “Right now we have, I believe, what we need to keep our children safe.”

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3 Comments on "Local school safety concerns rise again after Pennsylvania stabbings"

Guest Mechanic
2015 years 8 months ago

Let’s face it. You can protect, protect, and protect some more. If someone has it in their mind and heart to do harm to someone else, they will find a way to do it. All the police, metal detectors, bars,locks and such is nothing more than a minor inconvenience. The element of surprise is always on the side of an attacker. In my personal opinion, the only effective way to deter attacks in schools is to arm teachers. Even this will not be 100% effective, but it is far better than anything anyone has come up with at this point. We could lock them in classrooms, but they would still be vulnerable to a degree in the hallways, and totally so outside. While trying to protect kids while at school, why not try to identify why this happens to begin with? Why are some kids so vicious to do things like this? What triggers them? Is it video games, lack of parental supervision or what? Things didn’t used to be like this. What has happened? The cause is what we need to work on.

2015 years 8 months ago

Every time something like this happens, the knee-jerking politicians study the smoke, not the root cause of the event. There is no way to operate a Mental Institution and an Educational Institution under one roof with one set of guidelines. The pills are not working PEOPLE.
The same goes for our Military Installations, the same set of rules cannot run and control these mentally ill patients that has caused so much grief and pain to our military families. They should have been in a Mental Institution and taken care of as they should have been, not destroyed.
There is no way these types of institutions will ever work under these rules, ARMED or DISARMED.
Visit the schools and military bases,,,, not much differences in the programs.

2015 years 8 months ago

Ed McMahon, Ed McMahon ,,,,you are misguided..and clueless .you said in a recent article that you have “just the right amount ,” I wanna just have what we need,,right now we have, I believe ,what we need to keep our children safe.” Wow!!! Scary.. Do you really know what it takes to make them safe ? It sounds like you are not sure of what it takes to make our schools safe.. As you stated you believe? BELIEVE ?? Do you not know for sure? And having just what we need,,just the right amount? Brunswick County schools says for sure that SRO’s can be seen in hallways of every Brunswick Co school. That sounds pretty clear,and sure to families of school children? I don’t get that feeling of security from what you said. Also Does that take into account the SRO’s who may quit,get fired? Do our schools go inprotected till you can hire a replacement? These officers you give the task of this job are supposed to be trained,are they trained for a deadly attack on their school?.or just able to shoot a weapon. A lot of these officers don’t have people skills and just walk the halls with little or no interaction with teachers and children they are to protect.. My understanding is the most training they get is BLET SCHOOL . Most work in your jail or patrol if lucky and you fill the spots as needed.., no Ed McMahon our schools are not as safe as you lead us to believe , having just what you need is not good enough.. SRO’s In schools is and should be A TOP PRIORITY.. You have let our schools down,, maybe it’s time for a new Sheriff.