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BOLIVIA, NC (WWAY) — It took jurors less than an hour to find Richard Grissett, 53, guilty of murder and other charges.

Tears filled Grissett’s eyes as the verdict was read.

Grissett was high on crack when he robbed, beat and strangled Linnie Mae Ward, 86, in her home in Brunswick County’s Longwood community in November 2012.

Ward’s family says they will miss the woman they described as someone who would help anyone in need. Her son-in-law spoke at the sentencing. He says the family has forgiven Grissett.

“It’s not easy sometimes to get to that point,” Donald Ward said. “It takes a little bit of work and relying on your faith, but in the end, we do forgive him.”

The judge sentenced Grissett to life without the possibility of parole. He also got 12 to 15 years for his other charges to be served at the end of his life sentence.

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  • burgerboy

    Now this murdering WORTHLESS bag of trash THUG will get to lay up in jail for the rest of it’s life and get free room and board and free medical care and free food and free TV while the rest of us normal ppl have to go out and work for a living if that libber judge wasn’t a pink panty wearin SISSY LITTEL MISSY he would have ordered this son of a biscuit eater to be hanged by the neck until dead as a wedge and let the old buzzards eat his giblets that’s what i think!!!! lol :D

  • mostlyagree

    You know what? I mostly agree with you. Your point is more than well said. “Old Sparky” would be the best he should get. But, remember when Gore was the DA? It may have never gotten to court and if it did the guy would have seen 10 or less years in a plea bargain.

    Today you have a Democrat that has become a “recent” republican running against a conservative DA that has no problem taking on the hard cases and even the hard case Judges when necessary. You have Smithwick that has never represented a capital offence “claiming” our DA has cases that have not been to trial yet. WELL, that is because he does not dismiss these cases right and left and takes them to trial no matter how much time it takes. He, Smithwick, also claims to have the support of law enforcement. Have you seen any endorsements? No, you have not! That is because this is just another of many claims he makes that have no factual basis whatsoever.

    So, you are right. This guy needs to have his plug pulled. But at least he has been put away for his and “our” lifetime and that is not a failure when compared to what this county used to do on a regular and ongoing basis.

    I am happy they threw him in the clink and threw away the key. Now we just need to make sure we keep people in office that agree he should never get out that includes making sure we keep a conservative legislature that will not overturn this action as well as a conservative governor that will not pardon this piece of trash. Last thought, we do not want anyone on the NC Supreme Court that challenges these conservatives, OLA!


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