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Pender Co. jail officer fired after arrest in Wilmington


PENDER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) -- A Pender County Jail officer is out of a job after being arrested yesterday morning in Wilmington.

Pender County Sheriff Carson Smith says Wilmington Police charged Charles Tomlinson, 22, with DWI, carrying a concealed weapon, reckless driving to endanger and leaving the scene of an accident.

After a short internal investigation, the sheriff fired Tomlinson last night.employment with Pender County was terminated on Thursday evening.

The sheriff says Tomlinson started work at the Pender County Jail in November 2013. He had no prior disciplinary actions, the sheriff says.

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I think he's going

I think he's going undercover...probably a narc

stupid comment

What????????????????????? Undercover where????????????


I guess that is the end of his short career in law enforcement. He knew better, he did it anyway. He lost his job and reputation. He dug his own grave. Bad decision.

You can say what you want

You can say what you want but you have no idea. People make mistakes and we learn from them. Negative comments.

Putting salt, instead of

Putting salt, instead of sugar, into your tea is a mistake. Wearing a blue sock on one foot and a brown sock on the other is a mistake. Drunk driving is a choice.

Not a mistake

Now Christy, committing criminal acts isn't a mistake. They are choices he made and now must suffer the results.

Thanks WPD for helping keep

Thanks WPD for helping keep these drunks off the roads no matter who they are and thanks to Sheriff Smith for sending this guy packing.



We all make mistakes. We

We all make mistakes. We just are not all caught.

He didn't make a mistake...

...he made a choice to break the law and he was caught. Don't try to excuse bad behavior as a mistake.

Yes we all make mistakes,

Yes we all make mistakes, but the type of mistake one makes leads to different consequences and punishments.

If you speed you are probable only going to get a warning or a ticket and be on your way.

Drinking and driving that is a different story.

He must not care much about

He must not care much about his job.

Shouldn't you use...

..."past tense" sentence structure with that statement?

Suggestion: He never gave a crap about what he did to receive a paycheck, much less perform as a public servant.