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City Council protests stop for now


WILMINTON, NC (WWAY) -- The Wilmington City Council was not met by protesters at their meeting Tuesday evening.

Supporters of pay increases for Wilmington Police and Firefighter employees have stopped demonstrating at Council Meetings for now.

This comes after City Council asked for two weeks to figure out the details about pay and worker's compensation. The protesters agreed to hold off their rallies.

But if a decision is not made in the next two weeks, they say they will be out again at the next meeting.

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They didn't need two more

They didn't need two more weeks to shell out money to renovate the golf course.

"Please Stop...We will Listen!" (Ha! x 2)

Protesters stopped protesting because they believed City Council?
Tell me another one!


The Mayor and council need to bite the bullet and do what is necessary to bring the workers salaries up to the area average. No more games, no more partial increases. They also could reduce expenditures by eliminating the "horse patrol" within the police department and by quit wasting money on studies and buying prime real estate for parks and trying to sell prime real estate below market value. The Convention center is a failure and will continue to be a failure.......attached hotel or not...........they need to concentrate on keeping a veteran and smooth operating fire and police force.........not worrying about what other cities have and the feeling they need to keep up with the "Joneses".

if they dont like the pay

if they dont like the pay they can go out find a better paying job. if not here in wilm then some other city.

You are right, they could

You are right, they could leave W'ton for more fertile grounds and leave you and the rest of the city less protected while they scramble to hire and keep seasoned officers on the payroll. W'ton would become a training ground for the better paying agencies. Local folks would hire on with WPD, get trained and certified, get a little experience under their belts and then off to another agency with a better pay rate leaving Wilmington holding the bag for their training and wearing the WPD recruiters out hunting new rookies.
Yeah, you make a lot of sense. Officers with less street time experience covering a city that has a major crime problem. Makes a lot of sense. NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!


That is exactly what they are doing......and it costs everyone 2 ways. First the training costs for new employees. Second is the city loses the experienced police and fire personnel. The other area departments are hiring Wilmington's trained and experienced people without paying for the training or the learning curve. Great deal for them......continued stupidity on the part of the Mayor and Council.