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Deputies find man, woman passed out in car with engine running


HAMPSTEAD, NC (WWAY) -- A man and woman are behind bars facing drug charges after deputies say they found the two passed out inside a car with the engine still running.

Pender County deputies say they discovered the pair just before 11 p.m. last night when responding to a call about a suspicious vehicle parked on Hillview Drive in Hampstead. That's where they say Nicholas Paul Runkel and Crystal Nicole Sandlin, both of Hampstead, were passed out inside the vehicle.

Deputies say Runkel faces a slew of drug charges, including possession with the intent to manufacture, sell and deliver of heroin, MDA, MDMA and controlled substances. He is in the Pender County Jail under $50,000 bond.

They also arrested Sandlin, who is charged with DWI. She is also in jail in Pender County under $1,000 bond.

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Passed out with the engine

Passed out with the engine running?
With today's gas prices?!!!

What an IDIOT!!

You deserve to be caught if your gonna get so high you pass out in your car. Heroin, MDMA, and MDA those are serious drugs that come with multiple felony charges and theres a reason for that, they are DANGEROUS! I hope some will learn from this but I highly doubt it. And quit sticking up for these people it's pathetic, there nothing but junkies.


Obviously a couple of disenfranchised Obama voters unable to deal with Republican obstructionist in Congress.

I sure hope they got their Obamacare paid up.

People make mistakes. They

People make mistakes. They need Drug Court,Drug classes and weekly drug tests and pay there fines no need to overcrowd our jail system. And all this is at the cost of a Tax payer dollars. The jails are packed the Prisons are packed we need drug policy reform in America!

Mistakes? Really?

Tripping on a sidewalk is a mistake. Handing someone a ten instead of a five is a mistake. Calling Fred Bob is a mistake. Manufacturing drugs and being stupid enough to get so high in a parked car that you pass out is a cognitive decision based on ignorance and falls well outside of the "mistake" category. You...may have been a mistake.


Nice said! lol


Why should we have to foot the bill for these two rocket scientists? They were not just sitting around smoking a little weed. This was heroin, MDA, and MDMA. These two were high on one or all of the above and operating a vehicle on the local roadways. You sound like Ben David and his useless bunch of ADA's! How about putting people away for real prison sentences in prisons that are no fun to be in and maybe crime will start seeing a deterrent?

She looks happy!

Prolly just got through seeing the judge...

He looks like a Nissan car salesman.

At least they did not shoot

At least they did not shoot them. I'm surprised.

More like...

...too bad they weren't shot.

too bad they weren't shot. lol


Yeah it's hard to believe

Yeah it's hard to believe they passed that chance up isn't it?

Didn't have a reason to. I'm

Didn't have a reason to. I'm guessing your upset because you knew the guy who the State Trooper took out. Word of advice...don't hit and run, and don't point a weapon at law enforcement. Trust me, don't point a weapon at me, I have somewhere to be in the morning...I don't care about you!

Bumping into a garage with a

Bumping into a garage with a golf cart is a "hit and run"? unless he did something else that sounds like deceptive exaggeration.

din't have a reason to

Well said! I feel the same way.

Drug arrest

Job we'll done to the Pender County Deputy.

waste of space

Two more low life druggies taking up valuable oxygen and space productive members of society could use.

Sound real tough making

Sound real tough making them comments. Hiding behind. Your. Keyboard

Not my attempt

I'm not attempting to sound tough, I'm stating a simple fact.

Doesn't sound tough to me....

...sounds like a true fact!


And you sound really stupid with the way you type. "Informant"? Really? With a name like that you think people are going to think you are tough?


He is just letting us know so we can be scared of any mobile keyboards.