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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Some people really like working out but hate going to the gym because it can be intimidating or annoying.

But, it doesn’t have to be if everyone is respectful. That is something that Planet Fitness promotes.

WWAY’s Makenzi Henderson talks gym etiquette in this week’s Fit Minute.

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    The most basic – and most often violated – rule of etiquette in a gym: DON’T BLOCK! Do one set, then get off the station. Don’t leave your towel on the bench or machine. Don’t sit and rest on the machine. Don’t set up your water bottle and clipboard on the machine. Don’t stand right in front of the weight rack doing your exercise in front of the mirror. MOVE BACK to an area not blocking anything. Even worse is the stud who sets up towels and bottles and phone on one machine, then does sets on another machine. Blocking TWO stations at once! Don’t assume you are the only person in the weight room. Selfish and self-centered thinking dominates the exercise room, from novice to gym stud. It is not enough to assume someone will ask if they can work in with you. YOU need to finish your set and move out of the way. If you aren’t moving on that machine, then move OFF that machine. DON’T BLOCK !!!

  • Guest-o-matic

    Tell us how you REALLY feel, K?

  • 8844

    This is a commercial for planet fitness. I like Planet Fitness and have a membership there, but that’s not news.

    It’s starting to look like there isn’t one news person left in this town who takes the obligation to provide unbiased news to the public seriously anymore. That is just wrong.


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