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NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) – The New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office is releasing more information on the three people killed in the Plantation Village Retirement Community Friday.

Investigators say that 79-year-old Darrell Simpson shot and killed his nephew, 59-year-old Steven Heald, then shot and killed his 79-year-old-wife Linda Simpson. He then shot himself.

The Sheriff’s Office offered more information about the motive of the murder-suicide, but out of respect for the family we’re choosing not to release it.

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  • Guest-o-matic

    Well Stacy, you can’t spell or write a properly constructed sentence. You use “Yup” as a lead-in in an attempt to denegrate our area due to gun-related violence and calling it “gun-slinging”. This town is no different than any other of its size in America. With the mentally affected that don’t receive help and the thousands of convicted violent felons that are allowed to walk free among us, gun related violence continues to exist. This has nothing to do with our “water” or “gun-slinging skills”.

    Pull off your rose colored glasses, attempt to vote judges and DA’s in that will be effective and by all means do what you can to improve you communication skills!

  • stacy smith

    Yup, I’m convinced that the violence is in the water in the Port City. It seems like everyone there has to show off their gun-slinging skills. Black, white,young,old,rich,or poor- THE THIRST FOR BLOOD IS REAL IN THIS CITY, AND CAN NOT BE QUENCHED!!!! So so sad…

  • GrandmaK

    Bare arms are great once its warm enough……

  • SayWha?

    Well, usually only in the warmer months, and even then I usually wear a tee shirt, not one of those shirts with the sleeves cut off.



    spelled bear arms NOT bare arms..

  • stacy smith

    Well it must have not been too poorly constructed (my sentence), and my communication must have been on point enough for you to articulate what I was writing. How do you know my voting preferences? You don’t know anything about me, except for what I wrote. But I know all about Wilmington. Stop assuming you understand me personally. You’re making an a** out of yourself!!

    PS: Read your last sentence…I think it’s poorly constructed as well. You wrote “you”, when I think you were meaning to write “your.”

  • Southern Born

    They call me the Bare armed gunslinger, they call you the Port City mudslinger!!!

  • local yokal

    Why to go Stacy! You nailed the spelling police! Haha! Judging by Guest-O-Matic’s posts, he is a very negative person. I love seeing him get caught. It’s not the first time.


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