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Supply, N.C. (WWAY) – A man registered as a sex offender was picked up at a Brunswick County school yesterday with the help of new technology. James Fowler was arrested at Supply Elementary School when he attempted to attend an awards ceremony hosted by the school.

Fowler, a registered sex offender, was arrested by a School Resource Officer after his license alerted school officials he was illegally on the school campus.

All visitors are required to check in at the main office of a public school building through an electronic verification system. The Ident-A-Kid system then logs visitors in and out, provides them a temporary identification sticker, and scans their drivers license or state identification card in order to cross reference the national sex-offender database.

That cross reference led police to arrest Fowler.

The school system says the visitor management system is just one of many other aspects of a comprehensive safety and security program

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  • hrw

    The article leaves off the most important part. It makes it sound like he was hunting for children. But was he? Why was the real reason he was there.

    Was he there to share the ceremony with his own child? It is absurd that if he did the time for a crime that his children are to be punished.

    Also, what is the law in that state? If a registrant has a child at a school what is the offense if they are trying to now simply be a caring good parent?

    Those who would give up liberty for safety deserve neither.

  • who knows

    Look at the Dateline NBC clip on this guy. He’s total trash and belongs in prison “pleasuring” other inmates. Now if only our legal system will work and keep this maggot where he belongs.

  • Guest-o-matic

    Sex offenders are barred from being around little kids…period! No exceptions, no excuses, no reasons are valid. In my opinion this doesn’t go nearly far enough. People that sexually abuse children should have all sex organs permanently removed. That’s the only REAL cure and guarantee they won’t ever pull their perverted and destructive behavior again!

  • CoastalJade

    I don’t want his kind around my kids. Yeah I said his ‘kind’.

  • Erlkoenig

    Such a horrible miss use of Benjamin Franklin’s quote. The government’s job is to put filth like this in jail to rot.

    “He did his time”. Yeah, how many months was that for devastating someone else’else’s life?

    This would be none issue if he spent 25 in the poky. But libs demand human crap like him get off easy.

  • Guest2020

    If his children are suffering because of his actions then we need to lay the blame where it belongs-at his feet. In this day and age, people know what the consequences are for committing a sex offense. He has to register because he committed a sex offense. He chose to give up his liberty when he chose to commit a sex offense. If he can’t deal with the consequences, he shouldn’t have committed the crime.

    I don’t think it will matter to you that his sex offense was against a thirteen year old child. The offender gets to take his name off the registry after ten years. That child is serving a life sentence.

  • Guest9888

    One sick boy. He was caught by, and shown on “To Catch a Predator” His segment starts at 2:46 in the video below. Got out less than six months ago.

  • guesty

    I love that show and the fact the pervs are caught, tried and most are convicted.

  • GuestToday

    OMG, your post has to be the DUMBEST I’ve read to date! You plainly (1) have no knowledge of the rate of recidivism of sex offenders; and (2) have never had it happen to anyone close to you. When it happens to a child, it changes who they are – and who they were meant to be, forever. There isn’t enough safety (what does liberty have to do with it????) measures to protect a child (or adult) from sexual predators.

  • dean bailey

    he worked at walmart off market st for long time before he moved to tenn. he was a weird person here,

  • JA

    No, the guy above defending him is wrong, very wrong… This guy has no kids, but has been arrested for molesting them – some charges since 1995 before the “Dateline Perverted Justice” got him. He is grooming the DISABLED MOTHER of a 9 year old little girl. Mother is handicapped, very needy – and he is using this to ease right into her life, by “helping” her with medical appointments and acting like she is attractive. They met on Craigslist (duh) to sing & record Gospel duets. Her friends. as well as my family (as soon as we found out who & what he was), talked to the mom to tell her about him. She said that she knew that the day I met him, he saw the screen on my computer when he said he had one & I tried to find his facebook page…so, he was telling her he had “changed”, and anyway she was a Christian and is supposed to ‘forgive people’ for their past. That is the last time we’ve had anything to do with her. Her little girl (The child at Supply Elementary School) was supposedly being kept away from him. So, I am heartbroken that the mom invited him to this child’s Award’s Ceremony – but at least we know now…she is not keeping him away from the little girl. I hope the parole office can be contacted and more… Sick & Sad.

  • Guest2020

    Forgiveness is one thing. Trusting a child molester with your child is another. God tells us to use discernment, not throw common sense out of the window. I will keep that little girl in my prayers.


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