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WINSTON-SALEM, NC (AP) — Police have arrested 30 people in Winston-Salem on sex trafficking charges resulting from an investigation spanning more than four years.

Winston-Salem Police said its special investigations division launched an investigation in August 2009 into allegations of organized prostitution. State and federal law enforcement also joined the investigation.

A statement from police Thursday said the investigation ended in January, and identified at least five foreign nationals, including one minor, as victims of sex trafficking and who were trafficked at locations in Winston-Salem.

In all, 40 people have been arrested on state and federal charges. Police said 25 brothels were identified in North Carolina, nine of which were in Winston-Salem.

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1 Comment on "30 arrested in NC on sex trafficking charges"

2015 years 10 months ago

I’m sure some of us here will “applaud our new sex trafficking law. Be careful….this investigation started LONG before this new law was promulgated.
Not only that but our law was based upon “estimates” of the level of sex trafficking NOT actual numbers. They claimed that we ranked 8th in sex trafficking because we had a large number of military bases (which we do) and because (like any other state) we had a large number of interstate highways (which we do).
The funny thing is the biggest concentration of “brothels” was in Winston Salem which has how many military bases? (I can’t name one).

I think it’s time to see this legislation for what it really is – feel good legislation to make it appear as though we are being “good” towards women. I am personally against prostitution – but I do not believe we should legislate morality. I also don’t believe minors should EVER be involved in this but I wonder if its time to legalize prostitution………

It is an interesting thought…….



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