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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — This weekend, Republicans from across the state came to the New Hanover County GOP headquarters for a cookout hosted by candidate John Dismukes and his fiance Pamela Collins.

Candidates and supporters filled the conference room giving short speeches and showing their support.

North carolina is expected to be a battleground state in the upcoming election.

Volunteer for the Tom Tillis’ campaign, Carlton Huffman says it’s important for republicans to stay unified and active.

“North Carolina is going to be the state that determines whether republicans take control of the U.S. Senate,” Huffman said “that’s going to be vital to the direction of this country for the next two years.”

The vice chair for the North Carolina republican party Carolyn Justice agrees saying, “A majority of Republicans in the house in Washington and a majority of republicans in the senate then can make some headway into what we would like to see and that’s the elimination of Obamacare.”

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6 Comments on "New Hanover Co. GOP holds candidate luncheon"

Guest 2016
2015 years 10 months ago

” A Volunteer for the Tom Tillis’ campaign, …..says it’s important for republicans to stay unified and active.”

WEEL, here’s something that our local GOP should consider:

Now is the time for all good Republicans to realize that they should RECRUIT the disenfranchised Dems. It’s time to open our arms and our Party, Folks!

A lot of Democrats have wised up… Finally, I know. But, they can still vote for the wrong type of candidate, especially if we don’t invite them in’ to witness a brand new type of candidate, Republican and intelligent. There may still be hope, but we sure do need CHANGE!

Disenfranchised Democrats, we understand your pain, foreclosures and mass unemployment caused by this administrations (and admittedly some of Bush’s) failed domestic policies. Don’t be embarrassed because you voted for the current administrations him and her. (Of course, you should be quite embarrassed that lady Obama said OUT LOUD AND DOCUMENTED that SHE was NEVER before PROUD of the U.S. in her entire life, until her man became the President.”
I know that you realize that Cash for Clunkers didn’t cut it. “The Stimulus wasn’t very stimulating”, the President himself quipped as he smirked!!!
Paying for Sandra F’s birth control pills is ludicrous, but you… and THEN your children will be paying for them.

FISCALLY CONSERVATIVE candidates need to be elected or your kids will also give up 60% of their PAY for TAXES, and, by the way…. Sandra thanks them very much because she needed LOTS of FREE birth control.

I KNOW, I know- You may argue (you always do find an argument) that YOU LOVE PAYING HIGHER TAXES. Don’t complain when you can’t eat out because your TWO Part-Time Jobs don’t leave enough left over. Taxes are about to skyrocket to pay for the “FREE” OBAMACARE. Free Indeed.

Local GOP- GIVE people signs for the Presidential Race in 2016.
LEARN from your STUPID, Dumb mistakes of hoarding them for donations to grow the local group. I CHANGED TO INDEPENDENT when I witnessed that, day after day, after day, after day, after day.
HOPE the local GOP learned to CHANGE!

2015 years 10 months ago

To do that, The Repubican party would have to show some willingness to move away from the far right fringes and more to the middle. Repubicans stance on issues such as birth control, same sex marriage, women’s reproductive rights, climate change, renewable energy, etc. keeps “disenfranchised” Democrats from considering their candidates as viable options. Want to attract more voters? Stop pushing social agendas that are straight out of the 1950’s. Turn off your Fox News and start gathering your information from more reliable, less biased sources (and no I don’t mean Alex Jones and Glenn Beck). As a fiscal conservative, the Repubicans could’ve received my vote numerous times over the last several years and they trot out Sarah Palin, Mitt Romney, the Bush Brothers and a host of Congressional and Senatorial candidates who can’t seem to open their mouths without commenting on the “definition of rape” or the “Climate Change Myth”, etc. The list goes on and on. Good luck recruiting ANY disenfranchised voters with your platform as it stands.

2015 years 10 months ago

I wonder if they’re deciding how to screw teachers even more than they already have. With so many teachers resigning and fleeing the profession, there won’t be many left to screw. Oh wait, they hate that the working poor now have access to health ins. as well. Who would vote for these Neanderthals?

2015 years 10 months ago

I hope the people of North Carolina have sense enough to vote for the best person for the job rather than the person for whom the party tells them to vote. Otherwise we just get the same old nonsense over and over again.

2015 years 10 months ago

His sleazball tactics during many campaigns-his questionable political and ethical tactics against those who disagree with him shame NHC and Republicans. We dont deserve to win as aparty if political thugs like Weasel White are thes best we have. Anybody but Weasel White

2015 years 10 months ago

The GOP wants OLD, RICH, WHITE MEN! No others need apply. Go back to your minimum- wage jobs and welfare checks, and keep voting for US!


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