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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Since at least the 1980s New Hanover County Commissioners have debated what to do with the county’s trash. After a work session on the issue today, the debate continues.

“We haven’t accomplished anything at all,” Commissioner Jonathan Barfield said.

Waste Industries and Waste Management have submitted proposals to haul the county’s trash away. Both plans include taking it out of county, which would increase the tipping fee per ton from $59 to $61 or $81 depending on the plan.

“Being on this board since 2008, looking at all the data I’ve looked at, all the reports I’ve looked at, it all leads to one conclusion,” Barfield said.

For Barfield that conclusion is neither of the current proposals, but to refurbish the county’s old WASTEC facility.

“The recommendation then was pretty much the same as our staff is making now,” Barfield said. “The county can handle our waste management better than anyone else can.”

But other commissioners disagree and think the private sector can do it better.

“Keeping things the status quo, in my opinion, is not an option,” Commissioner Beth Dawson said.

She says the answer to this problem can be found in Waste Industries or Waste Management.

“We need to save our landfill in an environmentally and economically sound manner,” Dawson said.

Commissioners say the landfill is an asset to the county, because very few permits are issued for landfills in the eastern part of the state.

Commission Chair Woody White was also not convinced by the reports he saw today. He asked Waste Industries and Waste Management to come prepared with presentations to the next meeting and be ready to answer any more questions commissioners may have.

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  • taxpayer

    “For Barfield that conclusion is neither of the current proposals, but to refurbish the county’s old WASTEC facility.”

    Good old Jonathan still banging the “Let’s refurbish WASTEC” drum. We taxpayers would love to have the millions of dollars wasted, no pun intended, on WASTEC…an idea that was proven NOT to be economically feasible. Yet Barfield still touts the idea as being a good one.

  • Nonsense(bullying)

    For the tax payer comment refurbishing the waste tec facility would be a good thing cause not only would it save the life of the landfill but it would acquire more revenue for our county and people need to realize if the county privatized our county operations for the landfill you are going to pay more it was said in Mondays meeting by chairman woody white himself the county can operate cheaper with a whole lot more services their are some many more ways to save the life of the landfill and one more thing if a private company took over our landfill once they get control over the operations of our landfill facility they can set raise do whatever they want to the prices open your eyes people its simple private companys are about profit as were as the county operates for us people do your research before we have to pay alot of money to dump off your bag of trash


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