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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Michaels says its stores in Wilmington and Jacksonville are among the chain’s locations targeted by hackers last year and into January of this year.

The company recently announced a malware attack affected as many as 2.6 million cards. Michaels says it hired two security firms to investigate, and that neither had seen the type of highly-sophisticated software used.

The investigation also found the affected systems contained certain payment card information, such as payment card
number and expiration date, but there is no evidence that other customer personal information, such as name, address or PIN, was at risk, the company says.

The arts and crafts stores at Wilmington’s Mayfaire shopping center and on Western Blvd. in Jacksonville are among 34 locations in North Carolina impacted. The potential dates of exposure for the Wilmington store were May 8-Oct. 6, 2013, Oct. 17-Nov. 24, 2013 and Dec. 12, 2013-Jan. 19, 2014. For the Jacksonville location, they were May 8-Oct. 8, 2013 and Dec. 12, 2013-Jan. 19, 2014.

Click here to see a list of Michaels stores affected by hackers

Michaels says the 2.6 million cards represent about 7 percent of payment cards used at Michaels stores during the relevant time period. The breach also affected 54 locations of Michaels subsidiary Aaron Brothers.

While the company says it has received limited reports of fraud, it is offering identity protection, credit monitoring and fraud assistance to affected customers in the US for 12 months at no cost to the customer. You can find more information on the Michaels website

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  • Fact checking

    The information on the free credit reporting is not immediately posted on the website. You have to click “Read More” to find it. I took the liberty of copying and pasting the information. Please see the michaels website listed in the article for the most up to date information and for the clickable links found in the article.

    Identity Protection and Credit Monitoring Services. While we have received limited reports of fraud, we are offering affected Michaels and Aaron Brothers customers in the U.S. identity protection, credit monitoring and fraud assistance services from AllClear ID for 12 months at no cost to them. These services start on April 17, 2014 and will be available at any time during the next 12 months.
    AllClear SECURE: This service provides customers with a trained representative to assist them in the event they experience a fraud-related issue resulting from this incident. Affected Michaels and Aaron Brothers customers are automatically eligible to use this service – there is no action required on their part to enroll. Affected customers may receive this fraud assistance service by calling 1-877-412-7145.
    AllClear PRO: This service offers credit monitoring and a $1 million identity theft insurance policy. Beginning on April 17, 2014, please click here to learn more and sign up for these services
    A customer is eligible for the services listed above if the customer used a payment card at
    Any of the impacted Michaels stores in the U.S. during the affected time periods (by store); or
    Any of the 54 impacted Aaron Brothers stores between June 26, 2013 and February 27, 2014.


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