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ONLY ON 3: Watch McMahon & Causey square off in fiery debate for New Hanover Co. Sheriff nomination


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- It's been five years since Sid Causey recommended Ed McMahon to succeed him as New Hanover County Sheriff. And to say over that time the relationship has deteriorated between the current and former sheriff, would be an understatement. Both men admitted that during a live, televised debate on WWAY NewsChannel 3 tonight.

Along with questioning each other's truthfulness and the facts they are using to promote their campaign, the two Democratic candidates for New Hanover County Sheriff shared their views on various issues facing the Sheriff's Office.

Throughout the debate, they seemed to agree on only one thing: Whether they would endorse their victorious opponent in November's general election. You'll have to watch to see what they said.

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People should open their

People should open their eyes a lot wider. I hear many deputies will not be getting pay raises this year after a study was don that said they were making enough for there current position. But it is yet to be the study cost at least 100,000 dollars to do more money you could be giving to deputies instead of out the door. Also look up the amount of money spent on to get this accreditation which seems to be just a waste. Time money spent on this instead of real crime fighting. Also the county commissions only approve the amount of money that is used for raises not who get them. That is all up to the sheriff. His lowest ranking lt is making 71,000 a year if you don't believe me look up some if the salaries and what they should be it's ashamed. All I can say is get out vote and let your voices be heard.

gang Unit

You may want to ask yourself why gang unit detectives are forced handle law enforcement issues not connected to gang activity. Why they have to investigate cases not related to gang activity what so ever. Why they have in the past spent entire shifts working on cases assigned to them because they were "on call" in a general investigator rotation all while gang members were gaining a foothold on the community especially the schools. Why are some vehicles in the detective division outfitted with thousands of dollars of equipment while others must scavenge used antiquated equipment from boxes in a storage room. Up until Detective Spencer's shooting I have never seen a gang unit do so little gang investigating not because they are lazy but because their hands are bound by egos.

Causey doesn't know when to stop

Rumor has it Causey is getting ready to mount an ad attack in the paper. He just doesn't know when to stop. He has disgraced himself, made a fool of himself and he has shown he has a short fused temper. Anything he prints can be checked for accuracy. If you have doubts about what he says (and surely you wouldn't take him at his word)the facts can be found somewhere. Look for it and don't think for one minute what Causey says is the gospel. It isn't.

Rumor!!!! I heard rumors

Rumor!!!! I heard rumors too... Is it true ? or Rumor.. That the Sheriff has gone to several Black Church's in the community, standing in the pulpit telling them he is a Christian man? ( heard this from church member )then giving them sizable donations, was it for the black vote? These church members wanted to know what has he done for the Black community before now and his intentions to them if he wins .I also heard a rumor that he has been doing special favors for his Church tickets, special entrance into his jail without proper clearance per jail procedures .etc...but these are just rumors that I want answers to before I vote,,,because a true Christian would never do these things for gain, would he?? I want to know....

Not even close

My family has personally known both candidates over the years, and I can say without a doubt or hesitation that Ed McMahon is the best possible person to lead our county and community. He is a man of utmost character, conviction, and absolute truth. He leads with a true servant's heart, and anyone who has lived here over the last five years can attest to that. Our city is safer, cleaner, and the future has never looked so bright for New Hanover County. Thanks, Ed. You will always have my vote...

The solution

Mark Benson.

For the last 20 years. Just

For the last 20 years. Just like Ricky Meeks, Marc has been Showing up. And getting skunked. Maybe they can ride together in the next Azalea Festival, on a Corvette. Bless both their hearts. But I think being Sheriff is serious business. For someone electable. With true qualifications.

I believe Sid has lost his mind. Vaughn seems good. (I hardly know him) But he has less qualification then the average street officer, and there are over 200 of them, in NH County alone. The law degree is nice. But what else is there ? Very little.

I believe the solution, is the millions we have saved in taxes, over the last 5 years. And someone who finally has his men's back. My Choice (Solution) Is Sheriff Ed McMahon.

The Unknown WPD Cop- From the 80's

Applause to Marc Benson for filing every single time!

Whether Marc gets more publicity for his private investigation business or whatever his reasons, he has cleaned up things like the Sid Causey/Allen Cobb family legacy of corruption, by just filing every time!

Most but not all sheriffs

Most but not all sheriffs are the same. They just have a certain arrogance that is easily detected. I have sat down with sheriffs from all over the state and they believe they are the best thing that law enforcement has seen. Its their way or the highway and cant be told a thing. Sid definitely has that same attitude.

Ed sounded like a used car

Ed sounded like a used car salesman and kept saying the same thing over and over. The facts show that the Sheriff has assigned 16 deputies to the Wilmington Police Department "in the spirit of cooperation". Well, there is a fine line between cooperation and being taken advantage of. I am all about helping other agencies out, but not at the expense of your duties. Ed has repeatedly said that he has his constitutional duties and the duty of providing law enforcement for the unincorporated parts of the county, and he is right. I used to see deputies' cars all over those areas including my neighborhood. I rarely see any county cars since Ed gave all those positions to the city. I at least used to pass them on the main roads but not anymore. Now crime is on the increase in theses areas. I don't care about the stats Ed keeps spewing, I care about the safety of my family. There was a shooting today near my home, and a robbery last week. Heck, you can't even go to Costco without someone taking your car by gunpoint. I paid almost $3000 in property taxes last year and I would like to at least like to feel safe in my neighborhood, or as Benson said, at the grocery store or the movies, I am sick of McMahon's lies. Oh and the 16 positions? 9 are in the projects, 6 downtown with the bars, and 1 in the chopper. I would love to have just one assigned to my neighborhood, much less 9.

If 100 year old Causey,

If 100 year old Causey, tried to fly a kite. He would run 10 steps, and fall over, dead.

Causey is a peice of CRAP!!!

Yes being the Old Guy I have worked with all of these people. Sid is a liar and a crook! He didn't start the Gang Task Force Sheriff McQueen did and Police Chief Cease. Get it straight Sid. His leadin the Vice and Narrcotics Unit was the reason we no longer have a County/City Vice Unit. He cheated the City our of thousands of money from the busts that they both made. He wasted more time cheating and lying about things money, personel, equipment etc. than anyone in the history of the Department. Sid was the absolute WORST Sheriff New Hanover County ever had. Yes Ed is like milk toast and he lets his Chief Deputy Ms. Looka Like a Man, walka like a man and talka like man run the Department but he has done somewhat better than his predecessors.
I also worked for Marc Benson. He is black and white no gray areas at all. He is brash and opinionated but he will get rid of the "good ole boys" and straighten out the rest of them. Both of these two guys have had their chance to show what they got which isn't much. We need new blood and new ideas to get the job done right this time. Please look at the issues and the candidates very carefully before casting your vote.
Remember if you don't vote you have no right to gripe!

P.S. Yes Sid has one of the worst tempers a Sheriff needs to have. When he gets mad he turns all red, the veins in his neck poke out, screams , yells and he has one of the filthiest mouths you can imagine! Believe me I know from experience! "GOOD OLE BOY"


Was wondering about Sid,didn't he take early retirement and received a bonus to do so and if reelected would he repay that bonus money,and how does an elected official retire anyway,shouldn't it be if not elected you know longer are employed.


Sid, I hope you are reading these post. I started working with you under Sheriff Grohman. You have always been power hungry and will do anything to make yourself look good.

You had your chance and you decided to step down. So, please do all of us a favor and go away. I know and talk to a lot of Deputies and most of them don't want you back.

Sid when you disagree with someone have the information in hand if you are going to call them a liar, You are dumb enough at the end to state the School Board paid for the Deputies and so McMahon was correct in his count.

Bonus and raise are done by the County Commissioners and not the Sheriff. So, he most be doing a great job to get a bonus and raise.

Also, don't forget you made enough money that you could give Perdue $2000.00. You have a comment on you Site that states "Sheriff McMahon’s salary is $118,187.00 and his Chief Deputy is $107,654.57. With salaries such as these, why would he feel the need to give himself, his Chief Deputy, and several of his senior staff member’s bonuses? "

What was your salary? $144,226

You are still the arrogant jerk you have always been.

Who cares?

Just heard a Rumor!!!

Joe McQueen was supporting Causey!!!
Who Cares?? He's Old News... Don't need him anyway...
Keep Doing your thing Ed!!

Best Sheriff ever in New Hanover County!!

Justice for All YOU heard wrong!!!

I don't know who you heard this bogus rumor from but the fact is that Sheriff McQueen did not like Sid or his cronies. Why do you think he recommended Sonny Lanier for Sheriff when he retired? Sid had to win it during an election not like all of the others who have become Sheriff before him. That ought to tell you a lot about good ole Sid! In fact I know that Sheriff McQueen did not pass on his stars as did all of the other Sheriffs in the history of the Department. Oops I forgot all about Radewicz. He didn't get the stars either. Wow being lumped together with the other worst Sheriff has all kind of ramifications.

Who is McQueen anyway?

I have been hear 9 years, and have no clue who he is.
My thoughts are he is not important to this race.

It sounds like he may need a ride to the polls to vote anyway!!
McQueen and Causey can just got sit on the porch and play dominos together and relive the Good Ole Days!! Haha!!!

Thanks for making this decision clear for me

Thank you WWAY for showing me the true Sid Causey. I wasn't sure who I would vote for, but getting a good look at this angry man, who's whole campaign is based on hear-say fussing from cry babies at the Sheriff's department, my choice is made. Causey has no real issues, no plan and no vote from me. No job is perfect, we all have issues with "the Boss" and there are always bad apples, but from what I just saw, I'm voting for McMahon.

settle the dispute once and for all, WWAY

I have always heard Causey was arrogant, hot headed and had a large ego. I would like to add to that bully and unprofessional. It seems he turned the sheriff's department over to McMahon under the condition McMahon run it as Causey wanted. My jaw dropped at Causey's aggression toward McMahon during the forum and I actually wondered if he would stand up and hit McMahon. No wonder New Hanover County had so many lawsuits against it during his time as sheriff. Why didn't someone with WWAY call the president of the board of education and find out once and for all if there were 21 or 34 SROs? McMahon certainly wanted to and shut Causey up once and for all. In fact, WWAY, why don't you do this and settle it. Your job is to report news and this is certainly a point of interest in New Hanover County now. Hmmm???

proof of 34 SROs.

A call was made to the board of education today and according to them (and they certainly should know!!) there are 34 (thirty four) full time SROs in the school system. Um. . . Causey . . . SHUT UP!!

Thanks Ed

Thanks for clearing that up Ed!

call them yourself.

I'm certainly not Ed but you're welcome. If you have doubts call them yourself. . . or are you so paranoid you think the board of education would lie to you?

Sad Sid

This wasn't really a debate so much as a gripe session. Sid paints a picture of hearsay and self-twisted complaints. He has no credibility as is proven by the comments concerning SROs being part-time because their funding, in part, is paid through grant dollars. That makes absolutely no sense. It is obvious Sid is out of touch and "re-electing" him would be a sad step backwards for New Hanover County. You would think a person who was once Sheriff would be capable of making a better argument rather than sounding like someone who has no clue as to what is going on.

Marc Benson and Jason Vaughn

Marc Benson and Jason Vaughn seem to have promises and plans. Neither have any real record. When you have a untested record, you can make all the poems, prayers, and promises, you want. Both seem to promise the moon.

We do not need a bitter, 70 year old man. And we don't need plans, from two guys, with no record. We need the proven leadership, we already have, as SHERIFF.

re: Marc Benson and Jason Vaughn

Maybe Marc's campaign slogan should be "Hope and Change". Sure worked in 2008...except I know what I'm getting if Marc is elected.

re: Marc Benson and Jason Vaughn

"Neither have any real record. When you have a untested record, you can make all the poems, prayers, and promises, you want. Both seem to promise the moon."

Which presidential candidate did you vote for in 2008 and 2012? Using your reasoning, we'd have a different person residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue if "a untested record" was the metric used.

I voted for McCain, and

I voted for McCain, and Romney. Or I should say, I voted against Obama. Even though I didn't like McCain nor Romney, they were much better then Obama. But both had long records. And a ton of elected experience. Unlike Benson and Vaughn.

After seeing the debate, I

After seeing the debate, I can't help but wonder. Is Sid senile ? Is he being taken care of ? Is he allowed behind the wheel of a car ? Does he maybe, need to be put in a nursing home ?

I agree!

I agree!

As a Tax-payer, I am glad we

As a Tax-payer, I am glad we have not had any horrible lawsuits, under Sheriff McMahon's watch. The Gary Rummer, and Peyton Strickland deaths, before McMahon, cost millions. Is it just luck, that he has saved us money, and avoided these horrible lawsuits ? Maybe.

But one reason may be, the fact that Sheriff runs a tight ship. He doesn't terrorize his deputies. As a Christian, he is the first to admit when he makes a mistake. Instead of slinging mud. When a deputy is always horrified about losing his job. Stress sets in, and crazy mistakes, like the fore mentioned, occur. Again and again. Like they did before McMahon became sheriff.

Over the last four years. Deputies are still under some stress. But they are motivated. And know they have a sheriff who isn't out to "axe them", if there is a problem. He has stood behind them, when they have had to use deadly force. And he weighs each situation careful, and fair.