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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Wilmington Police say they are looking for three men in connection with a shooting that targeted a 15-year-old boy Monday afternoon.

WPD spokeswoman Linda Rawley said officers responded to a ShotSpotter alert at 1500 Marstellar St. and found three .45 shell casings. As they were working on the report, police learned that a boy had arrived at the hospital with a gunshot wound. Investigators say he was grazed by a bullet on the right chest.

The boy told police he was walking from Houston Moore when a white car pulled up beside him, someone inside said something and then the passenger fired at him.

The victim told police there were three men in the car, who he described as two light-skinned black males and a dark-skinned black male. The teen could not provide more of a description of a the car, Rawley said.

Anyone with information should call Wilmington Police or submit information through Text-a-Tip.

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  • Guest2020

    The courts have made fatherless children? Are you kidding? The courts put criminals behind bars. It’s the criminals themselves that are leaving behind kids without fathers. That doesn’t include the ones who just choose not to take responsibility for their offspring.

    “Swiftest possible legal execution” does not mean letting law enforcement kill the criminals. It means that after a conviction in a capital case that the execution happen in a matter of years rather than a matter of decades.

    What it comes down to is that people need to take responsibility for their choices and accept the consequences of their actions.

  • Rusty

    Courts created fatherless children? They have in-vitro fertilization programs we are un-aware of I guess? If you have not done (or be accused of) a crime the court has no bearing.

    Educators.. they try in many cases I’m sure, but also hamstrung by the politicians that decry anything besides the three R’s are taught and are possibly afraid to broach such subjects in class. Families yes; but see above about courts, Religion is a calming factor but one that also seems to be discriminated against now.

    Full Definition of TERROR

    : a state of intense fear
    a : one that inspires fear : scourge
    b : a frightening aspect c : a cause of anxiety : worry
    d : an appalling person or thing; especially : brat
    : reign of terror
    : violent or destructive acts (as bombing) committed by groups in order to intimidate a population or government into granting their demands

    I would argue that 2(a) 2(c) and 2(d) could be applied when encountering someone with a “thug” look about them. (Whatever that look may be; but if it makes you nervous it fits.)

    I hope the OP meant swiftest legal execution as in “Arrest, book, and make available for court” not execution as “Shoot the perp”; if the latter was the intent I agree.

    Larceny: yes many committed by off-spring of all races but it is the numerous shootings that are getting media attention. Some are white certainly, but from what we see on the news the majority are carried out by young black males.

    Rather than haggling over who is doing what though we need to stand together and try to combat this trend and reclaim our City as a nice place to be!


    You must work for the NAACP. How are you turning this into omething that the courts created? Not one judge or jury has ever forced a black male to go out into the world and have illegitimate kids. The gang banger that got shot in Brunswick County last week has 8…EIGHT…illegitimate kids with eight different women. I didn’t make him do that. The courts didn’t make him do that.

    If a white guy claims membership in the KKK and he goes and kills a black person…ALL WHITE PEOPLE ARE RACIST! If a black man joins a gang and robs and kills people and sells drugs…THE RACIST WHITE PEOPLE MADE HIM DO IT!

    Guess what? YOU ARE THE PROBLEM!

    Why is it that you condemn a cop acting as judge, jury, and executioner but, when a gang banger does the same thing on virtually a daily basis; you talk about how society has failed him and we should all repent?

    There are consequences for actions. The gang bangers in this area have put rewards out on the cop’s heads. Anyone kills a cop and they get promoted to hero status within that community. As a cop, would it be wise to wait and see if a gang banger is looking to kill him or just sell Girl Scout cookies?

    With the way that bangers have been shooting each other around here…I am sure as hell not waiting to find out which it is! I bet it is the fault of someone else that I feel that way.

  • Common Sense

    It is well known that an overwhelming majority of violent crimes in this area is committed by black males! It seems that everyday there is a shooting or murder in the black neighborhoods in Wilmington. Outside of those neighborhoods there are other violent crimes such as robberies committed mostly by black males. While a small segment of the black race is committing these crimes, it is not indicative of the black race as a whole. Unfortunately though people of all races are scared of black males who even remotely have the look of someone who may be capable of such crimes. True, one could argue that is profiling, but what choice do we have? It’s probably pretty safe to say that 90+% (admittedly a guess) of these crimes are committed by black males and it’s scary. The most unfortunate consequence of this behavior is that it has stopped the positive progress of race relations and has begun to reverse the positive trend. It doesn’t help that the NAACP champions the rights of these criminals instead of promoting the unity of all racial groups against these criminals. It’s sad and there doesn’t look like there is going to be any progress whatsoever in the coming years!!! My hope is that law enforcement can catch enough of these community terrorists and give them the swiftest possible legal execution. It’s time we start calling them terrorists and treat them accordingly!!!! Is that too politically incorrect? Of course it would be to the NAACP and others who do not believe in accountability!!!

  • Churchill Hornstein

    Black males are among the most marginalized members of our society. The courts have created at least three generations of fatherless children, and parenting is a mom-and-pop job. “Common Sense” makes a lot of assumptions and sounds like another closet racist more often than not.
    It isn’t the job of law enforcement to better our society – its the job of educators, politicians and families. People who are encouraged to expand their horizons through learning have better choices to make than those who are doomed by their color, religion or sexual preference to suffer the indignation of a larger society that rejects anything that doesn’t fit what the TV set told them was normal. What do you expect from the oppressed? Philosophy? All it takes is one bad step, and you’re stuck walking that street forever.
    You ought to read the definition of ‘terror’ in a dictionary. If you can’t tell the difference between a terrorist and some street thug, I sure hope you don’t sit on any juries in our courts.
    “…swiftest possible legal execution?” What kind of statement is that? Our police are lethal enough as it is, and certainly have no place acting as jury, judge and executioner in the heat of an encounter. Your statistics are pure unabridged garbage, but the way. A very large proportion of robberies in our fair city are performed by the children of the suburbs, who are predominantly white. Maybe you should consider educating yourself before you go blatting off at the mouth – the only point you make here is how ignorant you are.

  • Ian

    Welcome to Wilmington


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