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JACKSONVILLE, NC (WCTI) — An Onslow County deputy will be put back on supervised training after a YouTube video was posted showing her handcuffing a man, even though he was not accused of a crime, Sheriff Ed Brown announced Wednesday.

The video, posted by Carlos Miller of Photography is Not a Crime (PINAC), shows Deputy Natalie Barber outside Marine veteran Carlos Jaramillo’s home west of Jacksonville Saturday. Jaramillo told PINAC that Barber came to his home because of a dispute he had with his neighbor over their dogs.

In the video, Deputy Barber can be heard asking for Jaramillo’s driver’s license. But Jaramillo said he was not operating a vehicle and gave his Veteran Affairs card to Deputy Barber instead.

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  1. guest45

    I believe as a member of the public I would be much more comfortable with her being fired and her LEO credentials suspended, once a bad apple, always a bad apple.

  2. JustMakesItWorse

    So the story here is that she DIDN’T KNOW? She thought it was okay to violate his rights, break the law (by taking the cell phones), and falsely imprison him? Then she thought it was okay to lie and say that she was in fear for her safety? (What was the caliber of that cell phone, anyway?) If she was really that poorly trained, then whoever put her on the street with a gun should be terminated.

  3. know

    you don’t know or care about your rights. He does not have to produce a DL for her. What is sad is that his son had to witness an officer of the law who has no regard or lack of knowledge of a citizens basic rights.

  4. E guest

    OMG all she ask for was his drivers license ,What was so hard about that for him let her see this simple little card.Now here you have this big guy
    being a jerk and a woman doing here duty.Also notice you never hear what the dog problem was about.Oh and this poor little baby got yelled at.I think he needs to call his mommy so he can go cry to her the poor baby.If this is all you have to do you have a sad life.I don’t see where she did any thing wrong this guy was just being a smart A.What is so sad about all of this is his son is seeing how to disrespect the law what will he do when he grows up.You go Barber I an all for you.

  5. Fernando

    1)”OMG all she ask for was his drivers license”- You only need to provide a form of I.D. not a DL. Especially, if he was not driving.2)”a woman doing here duty”- False, all you have here is a turd of a Marine, being a POS and trying to prove she has more balls than he. 3)”You go Barber I an all for you”- I don’t know what you were trying to say there, but like the rest of your comment, you should try to keep your idiotic thoughts to yourself.

  6. P.G. America

    How about do something about Under Color of Law Violations,Treason,Moral Turpitude,Breech of Public Trust, Breech of Integrity Unbecoming to the Office or Position, Malfeasance, Misfeasance, Cannon Violation, Code of Ethics Violations, Sworn Oath Violations, Civil, Constitutional, and Unalienable Right’s Violations, of Sheriff’s and Deputy’s,(in their role as law enforcement in the court witnessing crimes committed by judges and attorney’s and in the community) Police, Judges and All Politicians, Alphabet Organization and their Subordinates. These Crimes Should Be of the Utmost of Importance and should not be Unaccountable to the People nor to the United States of America. These Crimes should Include Seizure of all acquired assets while in the position, Citizenship taken since they hate our Constitution and Bill of Right’s, Incarcerated Indefinitely since that is their ultimate goal for us to live in Tyranny. (For those that don’t constitute death that is.) The Judicial Branch of OUR Government should have never been self governing and unaccountable to the people. That needs to change NOW! Once Justice is Restored and has to be ACCOUNTABLE to the people. The rest will fall into place. Remember all our Documents are just words on paper. It is up to us as AMERICANS to Keep that Bell of Freedom (and Justice) Ringing. Just like the Case of the Deputy from Onslow county and the Sheriff. These Crimes should not go Unchecked and Unbalanced. For We the People Should DEMAND! And Let it be known That the RED,WHITE,and BLUE doesn’t run nor will it FADE! We have had to fight for Independence, We have had to fight for Freedom, We have had to fight for the Right’s of our own citizens. The Fight is not nor will not be over. We have been to trusting or to fearful or distracted, or whatever. We have to Unite for the one common goal OUR NATION. They can get people to sit outside a court house and demand a murder go free, There are many that will protest for this and that. But none of that will matter When we sit back and expect someone else to handle it. Just like in any other time in our history. When our country was under attack. We stood and fought. It is just time that We have to Exercise, Our Right, Our Duty to throw off such government and replace such (people) for the security of our Future.

  7. P.G. America

    He isn’t legally required to produce and ID.As long as he was not committing any crime, and at a place he legally could be, and it was not a Terry Stop, or Driving a Vehicle. And the V.A. card is listed on the NCDOJ website as a VALID FORM OF ID. How can one enforce something they have no clue about?

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