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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — UNCW’s chancellor is one step closer to a new job.

Youngstown State in Ohio announced today Gary Miller is one of three finalists for its presidency. Miller was one of six candidates scheduled to interview over the weekend for that job. The other finalists include Mary Cullinan, president at Southern Oregon University, and former Youngstown State and Ohio State football coach Jim Tressel, who is now executive vice president for Student Success at the University of Akron.

Miller will also visit a New York university’s campus tomorrow to interview for its top job.

The Buffalo News reports Miller is scheduled to be introduced to the Buffalo State campus community tomorrow during a series of meetings, as well as an open forum on campus. Miller is the second of five finalists the school has announced, the newspaper reporter.

Miller came to UNCW in the summer of 2011. He replaced Rosemary DePaolo, who retired.

“Chancellor Miller has been invited to explore other presidential opportunities in higher education,” UNCW spokeswoman Janine Iammuno said in a statement Saturday. “The chancellor and Mrs. Miller continue to be dedicated to UNCW and this community, and respectfully request that this development not interfere with the celebration of our students’ upcoming commencement ceremonies or the important endeavors of our faculty and staff.”

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  • Pancho

    So this Chancellor wants to leave Wilmington, NC, and move on to either Youngstown, Ohio, or Buffalo, NY. What am I missing? Is this a step up? What’s happening at UNCW that makes this so unbearable a little more than 2 years in?

  • Sue

    A someone who has lived in Youngstown most of my life I can honestly answer that question: No, coming to Youngstown State is not a step up,,,the exact opposite. People only apply for or take the YSU job if they are resume building, running away from something or an Ohio native. People at YSU flee to the beach communities it is rarely the other way around.

    Please tell me what he is running from so I can ask him about it at his community forum in Youngstown this week!

  • DaveK

    Name one thing he and his senior staff have done since he arrived? Every accomplishment he lists was started by a predecessor. I hear things are a mess over there.

  • 10101

    How smart can UNCW’s administration be when they waste about $85,000 on an installation party for a Chancellor who is looking to leave after about two years on the job? That’s comes out to about $42,500 per year that they’ve flushed down the toilet. Money that certainly could have been used more intelligently if the trustees and administration actually gave a damn.

    By higher education, they must be referencing the “higher” that college kids equate to their recreational time. It certainly can’t be the “higher” that references the ability to make mature intelligent decisions.

    It’s way past time to hold some of these idiots accountable for their actions.


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