New Hanover Co. Sheriff GOP candidates differ on violence solutions

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Submitted: Wed, 04/30/2014 - 3:36am
Updated: Wed, 05/07/2014 - 1:13pm

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The debate Tuesday between Republicans vying for New Hanover County Sheriff was much more civil than the one between the Democrats.

Jason Vaughn and Marc Benson differed slightly on most topics WWAY's political editor Kevin Wuzzardo asked them about. But, when it comes to preventing youth violence, there is a noticeable divide.

"A large part of the county's tax budget is associated with law enforcement and emergency-related services. We do need to expand our school resource officer unit," Vaughn said. "We do need to be in the communities. We don't need to continue to have an us versus them mentality."

But, Benson doesn't fully agree.

"To try and figure out the psyche of a child and try and figure out where they're supposed to be after school, that is not the sheriff's responsibility," Benson said. "Their responsibility is to protect him from the bad guys or protect the child from the bad guys for us to mix roles and I think that's where the problem has come."

There is much more to see from this debate. To watch it all, click here.

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1 Comment on "New Hanover Co. Sheriff GOP candidates differ on violence solutions"

Bill O'Brien
2015 years 8 months ago

I am sick and tired of supposed leaders (and those that wish to be) even making the argument for trying to raise our kids for us. I agree with Vaughn in the respect that there might be the need for a few more school resource officers. The ones that are already in that position need to be reviewed to ensure that they are the best people we have for those positions. In most departments, those positions are reserved for officers who are “retired on duty”. In this day and time, we need the best officers we have available working in the schools system for security and criminal investigations.

I especially agree with Benson! It is not the job of law enforcement to raise the children that they are protecting. Too often we see law enforcement taking a more prominent role in doing just that. Law enforcement is there to protect us and go after the bad guys. With regard to the schools, I want the deputies going after gangs and making it absolutely impossible for them to recruit new members and do their business.