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Brian Berger makes first commission appearance since December arrest


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- This afternoon's New Hanover County Commission agenda review meeting included something of a surprise, when Commissioner Brian Berger showed up.

It's the first time Berger has attended a meeting since the Dec. 5 agenda review. Hours later Wilmington Police say another driver found the commissioner passed out in his car in the 3500 block of Masonboro Loop Road. Police charged him with DWI.

Since then Berger has only been seen publicly at court appearances for that and a previous DWI offense and a political forum.

We hope to speak with Commissioner Berger after the meeting.

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Go Bri

I might not vote for him- but unlike White, Dawson and Caster- he wasn't out to enrich himself. We should be ashamed of the corruption here in NHC--and A DA who has grown fat and lazy and a county government that has gone astray- i dont condone his actions but i see through the political crap of the crowd in power- vote democratic for a change!

vote democratic for a change!

No thanks. The way the democrats have destroyed this country, change is all many people have left after paying for all the "free" door prizes democrats give away with every vote.

I agree that the democrats

I agree that the democrats have done a lot to destroy this country, but the republicans are not innocent, by any means. There are too many of them who are in it for the party instead of doing what is right for America. Until the conservative voters get it into their heads that they need someone to represent them, instead of the party, then Washington will continue its "business as usual" attitude.

and THAT's the kind of

and THAT's the kind of (baseless) attitude that gets crackpots like Berger into public office. I feel sorry for him, because he was clearly un-vetted, and the people who voted for him the first time were swept up in the tea party, anti-guvmint, 'let's throw a monkey wrench into the system' attitude. This is what you get. at the cost of society. congratulations.

oh boy

SO he has a seizure disorder now, he has Asperger's and he is an alcoholic? Lets elect him again.

Vote him out

This guy is being paid not to do his job, the only way to stop this is to never for for him again. It's a shame that we are paying him to do nothing while there are many good people out there who would serve their people and break their back in the process of it.

if that's the case

why is voter turnout so dismal? It borders on anemic.

It's because voter turout is so poor that politicians, once elected, have virtually nothing to fear.

They can be arrogant, self-serving, and speak with a forked tongue.

It's only when they're caught feathering their personal nests, as former State Senator Wright went to prison for, that they run the risk of being booted from office.

I guess May 6 will tell whether all those good people you refer to have enough civic responsibility to vote.

If this election is like the

If this election is like the last one, then the poll workers over there will have an easy day at the office. That last election was pathetic. People need to wake up.

He wants

to show Woody he's the right guy to be Head of Field Office Security when Woody is elected to Washington. Or, perhaps he's planning a write in campaign for NHC Sheriff.

Government = Dishonesty

I had a seizure. Ben David stood in front of the judge and lied. And it's far from his first criminal abuse of the District Attorney's Office.

I will take a Polygraph. WWAY and the Wilmington Star-News "reporters" won't. Anyone who wants to see the message from the Star-News, Ashley Withers, "Lie and tell me what my bosses want for the story or I will, with their direction, make something up." That's the Star-News attitude. Like taking someone who's had a seizure, throwing them in jail, and lying like a D.A. Ben David in front of a judge. That's integrity. Like stealing from poor, disadvantaged children in the Head Start program, involving the same cast of characters, toddlers urinating in puddles of human waste, dangerous condititions, administrators stealing the funding meant for those vulnerable children and depositing it in their own vacation and new car bank accounts. I spoke up...that got me sent to jail and worse, and no other official (Ben David, Woody White, the sheriff, Preacher Barfield, cared...they only cared about manipulating the laws to retaliate against me for speaking up...which devastated my life trying to do the right thing when those trusted to do so did not care at all about those kids or the theft of taxpayers' money).

I told people for weeks I'd be there today. It was no secret, and WWAY vans followed me to "private" medical appointments which somehow they forgot to mention all those times they saw me...I guess it makes Scott Pickey look bad that he felt a public need to invade my privacy and track me to medical appointments to identify the cause (not the fictitious "impairment" quickly dismissed by responding medics) of this recent turn in my health.

I had to leave the state to seek treatment as a result. This was no secret, it just doesn't fit the fiction in today's media. So it was left out...drugs and getting stopped by Sheriff Deputies weekly for no cause or no violation is so much sexier for the 11pm news. Maybe the truth is too grey and complicated...ask the Governor who I attempted to "assassinate" with "drool" while asking him to help a woman strangled at the hospital. A woman Woody White wouldn't represent, a Hospital Board Preacher Barfield leads, and since he was hitting me at the time, here's one more fact: Woody White hits like a woman - is an insult to women. Maybe that explains his bigotry and need to pick on and bully and abuse the law to "find" power. I'll keep looking for power in the truth even though I know facts and truth are useless in New Hanover County government.

Next time a reporter wants to be honest, if ever, you have an open invitation to any medical procedure just like I give you an honest (to my best humanly imperfect ability) answer to any remotely pertinent question...which yes, I've scaled back after three years of dishonesty (and have the tapes and documents to back it up).

I look forward to going to the doctor with you Scott Pickey as soon as the DA AND SHERIFF allow me to seek mediCal care...which like so many of my basic rights, they have as of this week impeded me in seeking medical care (unless they can leak it to WWAY and the Star-News and turn it into a great story to distract and mislead the public, yet again...)

Government is broken, and if you think I broke it, ask and I will give you instructions to see to it that I pay dearly...that is the truth! BB

Do to me what you will...but when my dog Boomer's well-being is threatened, as it was this week, by those pledged to protect and serve (canines excluded, I guess), that's where I drawn the line. And I implore you to call the US Attorney's Office, FBI, and....(insert #s)....and demand the truth...whatever the facts show that to be...
And yes, Woody White and your Governor scoffed at the fact that a woman was strangled at the Hospital...they blame the victim!

Media Equals Dishonesty Too...Ethics? LOL...You'll Find BlackBeard's Treasure before you'll find an honest media business in ILM!

this is the tea party

this is the tea party mentality fully on display and raw. is this what you want, folks? if you vote with this same paranoid, martyred attitude, with weird ideas about the 'enemy' in the media and government, then shame on you. You're helping ruin society, which is what I guess is your goal, since you seem to hate it.

I want to see the message

I want to see the message from the reporter. Can you show me the actual message or will there be some kind of "oops" involved?
Then I want you to stop ranting like a moron and show ANYONE your supposed "proof" of all the bad things everyone else does.
Damn, dude, your correspondence sounds like it comes from a 12 year old running for student council.
You, sir, are a nutjob of the highest order and I find it astounding anyone would cast a vote for you.

way past time

It is time for you to put up or shut up. Drop your bombshell facts and all the other papers, recordings, pictures, smoke signals and secret decoder rings to the media or just admit you like to drink and or do drugs.


You pled guilty to DWI and drug possession. End of story. We all know what you are.

Watchdog journalism

Because I don't want to be as libelous as the person who wrote the above rant, I will not assume its author. We have, however, seen the same sorts of rambling, unfocused comments numerous times -- on StarNews voicemails and in Brian Berger emails and text messages to the StarNews.

As the newspaper's executive editor and as a fellow journalist, I have witnessed Ashley Withers' thoroughness in all reporting concerning Commissioner Berger. As the New Hanover County beat reporter, she regularly must report news that some wish we would let be. Sometimes those at the center of the story get angry and lash out.

Watchdog journalism is a crucial part of the foundation of any newspaper. At the StarNews, we take that responsibility seriously. And will continue to do so.

- Pam Sander, executive editor, StarNews and


Please go see a doctor quickly and ask him/her to up your medication because it isn't effective.

Better Alternative

Maybe he'll leave the area and move to Surf City.


That wascertainly a blinding ray of thoughtlessness.

On the other hand, send him up. Tha gators are always hungry.