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BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Switching to a new e-mail interface crashed internet service provider ATMC’s servers this week. Nearly 3,000 people were without email.

ATMC says they’ve fixed it, but now they’re picking up the pieces.

The company’s phones have been ringing off the hook, as workers do damage control after the third-party server crash caused thousands of customers to go without e-mail.

“We have done numerous tests leading up to the transition, and this was a problem that we couldn’t have foreseen,” ATMC Marketing Manager Jody Heustess said.

But for some customers their apology doesn’t cut it.

“It’s a bad mismanagement is what it is, but when you have a monopoly in this country, that’s what you’re gonna get,” one customer posted on Facebook. “They have no competition. They know you can’t go anywhere else so they don’t really care.”

And he’s not alone. Folks are unhappy and speaking out on social media saying things like:

“Over 20 minutes on hold so far just to get to someone that won’t be able to give any answers,” another customer wrote.

ATMC released a statement Wednesday saying the issue has been resolved, but one anonymous customer says that’s just not true.

“It’s still out today, so you can’t get the truth out of them,” the customer wrote. “When the ship goes off course, it’s the captain’s fault.”

Heustess says customer service is trying to get to all the calls.

“We brought in extra people to try and help field the questions,” he said.

Customer backlash on social media continues to pour in.

One customer wrote, “Your company has the worst customer service I’ve ever seen.”

ATMC was voted “Best in Customer Service” in Brunswick County last year.

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2016 years 2 months ago

Get a Verizon MIFI that will support up to 10 wireless devices. Then use a web based mail application and your problems are solved.

2016 years 2 months ago

I cannot say that I am a big fan of ATMC, but when you’re dealing with technology, these things happen.

I will say that I hate how they handle their phone calls. If you call with an internet problem, the person that answers the phones has you go through all the steps of unplugging, disconnecting and rebooting, which I know to do. If those things don’t work for them anymore than they do for you, then they attempt to connect you to “Tier 2”. If you’re lucky enough not to wind up back at the original level, then you wait… Read more »

2016 years 2 months ago

ATMC is a scam artist, nothing more, nothing less, they have a monopoly on the county and that is all you are going to get out of them, take it or leave it, it is an antiquated sytem at best, you pay for 6mbps of service, yet you will not get over 5, and that is because you are doing the speedtest over their site! The FCC should investigate, you are paying for something that is unachievable. And their favorite saying is, we’ll swap out your modem, I have wore a set of tires off running modems up there, give… Read more »

Your Name
2016 years 2 months ago

Being a former customer service manager, I first want to apologize to all the customers who felt that the first point of contact service was bad. I know, for me personally, my goal is to make sure everyone hangs up the phone with a smile. I may not be able to solve the issue… but if you are smiling when you hang up, then I know we made progress towards the resolution.

Now, I do know that ATMC is a good company. Their guys in Tech Support work hard to make sure things are going smoothly. The server issue was… Read more »

2016 years 2 months ago

I’m sorry, but I needed to respond to this …I led the Tier 1 team a bit over a year ago. Those are the people you talk to before your transferred to Tier 2. Your actually talking to a group of very talented individuals, with high technical capabilities, and expert troubleshooting techniques. I am unsure of what is happening today, as I no longer work for the company taking these calls, but when I was there, this is what I left.

I negotiated, and had the freedom, (albeit a limited time due to management transition), to give these elite individuals… Read more »

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