Commissioner Berger leaves comment on story about where he’s been the last few months

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Submitted: Fri, 05/02/2014 - 6:23pm
Updated: Mon, 05/05/2014 - 1:57am


I had a seizure. Ben David stood in front of the judge and lied. And it’s far from his first criminal abuse of the District Attorney’s Office.

I will take a Polygraph. WWAY and the Wilmington Star-News “reporters” won’t. Anyone who wants to see the message from the Star-News, Ashley Withers, “Lie and tell me what my bosses want for the story or I will, with their direction, make something up.” That’s the Star-News attitude. Like taking someone who’s had a seizure, throwing them in jail, and lying like a D.A. Ben David in front of a judge. That’s integrity. Like stealing from poor, disadvantaged children in the Head Start program, involving the same cast of characters, toddlers urinating in puddles of human waste, dangerous condititions, administrators stealing the funding meant for those vulnerable children and depositing it in their own vacation and new car bank accounts. I spoke up…that got me sent to jail and worse, and no other official (Ben David, Woody White, the sheriff, Preacher Barfield, cared…they only cared about manipulating the laws to retaliate against me for speaking up…which devastated my life trying to do the right thing when those trusted to do so did not care at all about those kids or the theft of taxpayers’ money).

I told people for weeks I’d be there today. It was no secret, and WWAY vans followed me to “private” medical appointments which somehow they forgot to mention all those times they saw me…I guess it makes Scott Pickey look bad that he felt a public need to invade my privacy and track me to medical appointments to identify the cause (not the fictitious “impairment” quickly dismissed by responding medics) of this recent turn in my health.

I had to leave the state to seek treatment as a result. This was no secret, it just doesn’t fit the fiction in today’s media. So it was left out…drugs and getting stopped by Sheriff Deputies weekly for no cause or no violation is so much sexier for the 11pm news. Maybe the truth is too grey and complicated…ask the Governor who I attempted to “assassinate” with “drool” while asking him to help a woman strangled at the hospital. A woman Woody White wouldn’t represent, a Hospital Board Preacher Barfield leads, and since he was hitting me at the time, here’s one more fact: Woody White hits like a woman – is an insult to women. Maybe that explains his bigotry and need to pick on and bully and abuse the law to “find” power. I’ll keep looking for power in the truth even though I know facts and truth are useless in New Hanover County government.

Next time a reporter wants to be honest, if ever, you have an open invitation to any medical procedure just like I give you an honest (to my best humanly imperfect ability) answer to any remotely pertinent question…which yes, I’ve scaled back after three years of dishonesty (and have the tapes and documents to back it up).

I look forward to going to the doctor with you Scott Pickey as soon as the DA AND SHERIFF allow me to seek mediCal care…which like so many of my basic rights, they have as of this week impeded me in seeking medical care (unless they can leak it to WWAY and the Star-News and turn it into a great story to distract and mislead the public, yet again…)

Government is broken, and if you think I broke it, ask and I will give you instructions to see to it that I pay dearly…that is the truth! BB

Do to me what you will…but when my dog Boomer’s well-being is threatened, as it was this week, by those pledged to protect and serve (canines excluded, I guess), that’s where I drawn the line. And I implore you to call the US Attorney’s Office, FBI, and….(insert #s)….and demand the truth…whatever the facts show that to be…
And yes, Woody White and your Governor scoffed at the fact that a woman was strangled at the Hospital…they blame the victim!

Media Equals Dishonesty Too…Ethics? LOL…You’ll Find BlackBeard’s Treasure before you’ll find an honest media business in ILM!


  • Dennis W. Sayre says:

    I have no dog in this fight. I have been moved out of NHCO for more than a year. I have first hand knowledge of lies and corruption in NHCO government and the City of Wilmington. I was born at James Walker Hospital and I’m disgusted and disappointed with my home town. City and county officials make the rules but have no intention of following them. The rules were for us, not for them.

  • kingstonman says:

    Well do have mercy! After reading some of the ‘comments’ about Commissioner Berger I see he isn’t the only misguided individual in our community. Some people have a sickness and that is an excuse for them but when someone jumps to their defense and backs them up and they don’t have the sickness then what does that make them??????
    But the bottom line is hopefully the voters in New Hanover County will check out the candidates running for office more thoroughly before casting their votes at elections time. And maybe the local news media can dig out the “truths” the candidates post about themselves prior to the elections so the voters won’t vote another misguided individual into office.

  • Guy Incognito says:

    Exactly. If this guy was on to some big corruption thing, why can’t he present any actual facts? Give us dates, actions, names. But no, he just keeps waving his hands about some vague conspiracy, but can’t tell us who is involved, what they did, and how he knows it.

    Why does an elected official need to bum-rush the governor to show him his “manifesto?” Why can’t he just email it like everyone else in order to make it a public record, and cc the media if it’s so sensitive or whatever? Or if it’s so important to prove it was sent for some reason, send it certified mail?

    He just comes across as a mental case who makes vague allegations of a conspiracy in hopes it will distract people from seeing what a loser he is. Sorry, that’s how I see it.

  • Jonathan W Washburn says:

    This whole four-year episode is so ludicrous it does not seem worthy of comment. I would like to leave No Comment, but to let you know I am leaving No Comment I have to post a comment. Which actually makes me part of this lunacy. Ouch!

  • benjohnson28 says:

    Brian Berger,

    You are a complete disgrace to this community. You have multiple DWI’s WHILE IN OFFICE, you plead guilty to drug possession, you skip out on meetings, and you don’t do your job. You are like the Peter Russo of New Hanover County. If you don’t know what I mean, then watch House of Cards.

    You are a complete joke in my mind. Please step down, seriously. You seem to have done nothing to help his county during your entire time in office. In fact, you seem to spend most of your time fighting the other commissioners. How about you get off your ass and do what you promised and what is expected of you as a county commissioner? I’ve got a job that needs to be done. 1 in 5 roads in Wilmington are in disrepair. Why don’t you go out and start with that?

    Come on man. Stop blaming everyone else for your problems and take responsibility. That is what a true leader would do.

  • The Unknown Truth Teller says:

    This is what happens. When we don’t take the election process serious. And elect people like Brian Berger, Ricky Meeks, or Marc Benson.

    This is Old School. Twenty years ago, we had Randy Crow, Robert Kendrick, and Jack White. They trolled the bottom. Till they ultimately died, moved away, or give up. But every once in a while, one slips through the cracks. And nightmares, like this happen.

    20 years ago, we had three yahoos. Who have mostly passed. Today we have 3 more yahoos, to take their place. One managed to break through. And 20 years from now, there will be 3 more. To replace the ones, who replaced the others.

    “When you sit on top of a flagpole, everyone sees your but.”

  • BaiDaSea says:

    Brian has proven that he is as crazy as 1 + 1 = Chicken.

    How long will it take before he kills someone with either a drunken driving stupor, or with his paranoia causing a law enforcement incident?

    He is an accident waiting to happen.

  • Johnathon says:

    Berger should not have pleaded guilty to multiple dwi charges, if he had a so-called “seizure” that night. Wish this man would just go away, and hopefully not bring any other shenanigans to the county commissioners. I feel bad that our county government has to put up with a degenerate like Berger.

  • Guestman. says:

    It’s funny that you can’t find even one tea-bagger now that will admit that he voted for Berger when he won. Typical, isn’t it?

  • guest129012912390123 says:

    That comment is very insulting to Ricky. Ricky is actually a stand-up guy, and probably the only truly humble and honest person that has run for office in this county for the last 25 years. Everyone else just views it as a launching pad into their next step.

  • Guest2020 says:

    James Walker Hospital was no longer in operation when I was born, but I lived the first 3/4 of my life in Wilmington and hate what people are doing to it. It doesn’t help that the citizens can’t be bothered to get out and vote. Until they do, there is no hope that things will get better in our beloved hometown.

  • Willard says:

    I’ve watched Berger talk about corruption at County Commission meetings during his time in office. Ted Davis actually asked Brian numerous times in reference to his allegations of corruption to supply evidence and name the people he was alluding to. I believe others have asked for the same on occasion. Unless I missed something, Berger has never publicly presented a calm and coherent shred of evidence. And continuously not showing up for meetings didn’t help. Not only did it show people that he wasn’t serious about his duty to the citizens he is supposed to serve, in the face of criticism he could only muster cryptic allegations against that good old boy network. Everyone else he was supposed to work with could make it to meetings on time. His lack of focus towards working on issues important to the voters was nonexistent throughout his entire time in office.

  • SouthEastNC says:

    Berger campaigned on those buzzwords as much as Obama did “Hope & Change.” Can you do better than Berger has done and cite specific examples of the “corruption” that Berger alleged? Every time Davis asked, Berger floundered and spoke in vague generalities. It was pathetic.

    And for transparency… I love how he always claimed to be “a consultant” but wouldn’t say what he consulted on… turned out he was only consulting himself how to keep on collecting unemployment checks. Real winner, that guy.

  • ssteven says:

    Lets see if we have this right-
    A Commissioners’ personnel file is unlawfully leaked as an “EXCLUSIVE” to the esteemed WILM STAR NEWS- BUT NEITHER Wanda Copley, Ben David or The County Manager investigates or charges the county employee who violated the law? Is that incompetence or worse? The press has free rein on free speech-but not when it comes to a theft of information in a a confidential personnel file.
    Woody White is in the opinion of many a political thug- no more and no less- many of us were there when McCrory was in town and while we can disagree with Berger’s manifesto-at no time did he threaten McCrory or anyone else. Did White want him out of the way before running for Congress?.
    Berger’s defeat of Caster forced the old guard in this town to be more transparent- they didn’t like that.
    You don t have to be a fan of Berger’s to see the corruption that has been tolerated here. I hope either the SBI or the FBI take a look at the facts here- and take action against those who have ganged up on him.

  • Realist says:

    Per Brian Berger, 1 + 1 = Chicken

  • FilmWife says:

    This guy is off the charts CooCoo; I have little faith in the voters of New Hanover County for voting this idiot into office. It does make for interesting news though!

  • guest111 says:

    It wasn’t so much voting Brian IN to office as it was voting Bill Caster OUT of office.

  • C'mon now... says:

    By following him to his doctor appointments? You must? Maybe I just don’t understand.

  • Because I don’t want to be as libelous as the person who wrote the above rant, I will not assume its author. We have, however, seen the same sorts of rambling, unfocused comments numerous times — on StarNews voicemails and in Brian Berger emails and text messages to the StarNews.

    As the newspaper’s executive editor and as a fellow journalist, I have witnessed Ashley Withers’ thoroughness in all reporting concerning Commissioner Berger. As the New Hanover County beat reporter, she regularly must report news that some wish we would let be. Sometimes those at the center of the story get angry and lash out.

    Watchdog journalism is a crucial part of the foundation of any newspaper. At the StarNews, we take that responsibility seriously. And will continue to do so.

    – Pam Sander, executive editor, StarNews and

  • Renee Rebecca says:

    Bring WilmyWood into the spotlight with a Berger Bites Back Reality Show!!

  • Speechless says:


    I am speechless by your drunken rant, in the future you should be, too.

    WWAY is a very credible news station. I find it very hard to believe the director, Scott Pickey, has the time nor the desire to follow you anywhere.

    Our local government is such a joke. Please do us all a favor, the next time you leave town to seek treatment, stay there!

  • burgerboy says:

    You tell em, Brian! Thank you for letting the TRUTH be known amidst the slanderouse accusations the media has been libeling u with, you should run against that crook old woody white for congress too and whomp his rear end at the poles, three cheer’s for big baby burger!

  • Kblue2221984 says:

    You are your one and only fan Brian. Say’s who!? Say’s Kblue!!!

  • citizenkane says:

    That seems a little crazy

  • Scott Pickey says:

    As far as Brian’s accusation that we were tailing him at the doctor’s office, our reporter, Sarah Murphy, ran into Brian at Wilmington Health while doing a story on the flu outbreak.

    Coincidence only.


    Scott Pickey
    WWAY News Director

  • rickc says:

    Sounds like he has been on an extended “420” vacation

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