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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Wilmington Police have cited a state senator for hitting a car in a downtown Wilmington parking lot Sunday night.

In a story that was FIRST ON 3, witnesses claimed Sen. Bill Rabon (R-8th District) hit a car in the lot at 2nd and Princess streets Sunday evening. The description of the vehicle they provided matched Rabon’s car. When we asked him about it at his Southport veterinary office yesterday, Rabon said he did not realize he had hit anyone, but if he did, he would pay for the damage.

WPD spokeswoman Linda Rawley says police cited Rabon today with failure to see before backing. She says it’s a motor vehicle infraction. Rawley says under the statute, the driver has 48 hours to contact the owner of the other car involved. Rawley said Rabon had not made contact, and that police had to track him down. She said the other car had about $50-$150 worth of damage to a tail light.

Rabon said he may have had a couple of drinks before the accident but said he was not drunk. He also admitted being a bad driver and hard of hearing.

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  • Paulie D

    Sure, Rabon brings in the other extremist senator who gets him off on a reduced charge from the all too compliant WPD. What a farce.

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