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GREENSBORO, NC (WTVD) — At a press conference Wednesday at North Carolina A&T State University in Greensboro, Gov. Pat McCrory announced major education initiatives that will include more money for teachers and state employees.

During the presser, McCrory introduced the “Career Pathways for Teachers” framework, which comes as a follow up to an announcment he made in February that he would work to increase the base pay for North Carolina teachers to $35,000.

Raises for veteran teachers is the first step of the framework. Teachers in steps 8-12 will receive increases ranging from 2.8 to 4.3 percent. Teachers in steps 13-36 will average a pay hike of 2 percent.

Beyond these raises, “Career Pathways for Teachers” establishes a pay structure that allows teachers to significantly increase their compensation beyond their base pay.

There are three fundamental pillars to the pay structure includes a professional pay schedule, which enables teachers to earn more money earlier in their careers with significant compensation increase opportunities on three-year cycles to be fully implemented by 2018.

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  • Guestonepercent

    Why would WE (the 1%!) want anyone to be well-paid, educated and informed in NC?

    We want WORKERS who are happy to be paid minimum wage and love JEEEEEESUS!

    The rest of you—engineers, scientists, doctors, teachers, artists, film makers= GO AWAY! You’re messing with the program!

  • haha benefits

    Is everyone missing the 1k “including benefits” I am a state employee and can assure you including benefits means more special leave which equals one week leave which eats up a lot of the raise. I am not complaining about the leave, but when CPI does not include gas and food we are really being hit hard without more cash in wallet for the past 4 years. It saddens me when I go to buy groceries and you see so many people using food stamps buying ribeye when I buy flank steak. Was raised right and it means something to me to work, but it is getting to me at this point…..just saying.

  • Guest2020

    I read recently that NC was facing a shortfall, so we are going to throw money we don’t have after a system that is full of waste. If they insist on giving pay raises, they need to focus on the workers who make below the state average for salaries instead of on a group who makes more than the average.

    The education system needs to learn to be better stewards of the money they already receive instead of asking the state to shell out more.

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