McMahon looks to November after trouncing former boss

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Submitted: Wed, 05/07/2014 - 9:03am
Updated: Wed, 05/07/2014 - 2:36pm

NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — In New Hanover County, the hottest race had to be the battle for sheriff, but it turned out not to be much of a battle at all on the Democratic side.

Incumbent Ed McMahon beat his old boss Sid Causey by winning more than 80 percent of the vote.

“I am so grateful to all the people that worked so hard for me and for the people that voted and have confidence in me,” McMahon said.

McMahon will take on Jason Vaughn who won the Republican nomination for sheriff.

“This county has not seen, since I’ve lived here, this much of a contested sheriff’s race,” Vaughn said. “I think that says something we need to remember in November.”

Vaughn beat out 2010 Republican nominee Marc Benson by about 10 points.


  • PublicAvenger says:

    Sheriff McMahon won. Because he has done a great job. And he kept the high ground. I can’t wait to vote for him in November.

  • Jane Dagenhart says:

    Please people. Do your homework; 90%+ of the shootings and armed robberies take place in the city, not the county. The Sherriff’s Department does not become involved unless requested to do so by the city. Check the same statistics regarding the county.

  • The Unknown Truth Teller says:

    Over the last four years, we have had greatly improved cooperation between the WPD and the NHCSD. By working together, and cutting duplicate services, both agencies have saved millions, each. On Monday, I saw Sheriff McMahon, Chief Evangelous, and District Attorney David, eating lunch together, at the K&W.

    It’s good to see the leaders applying their Christian Values. Giving in, working together, eating together, and being friends. I hope this great progress will continue. We don’t need to return to the way things were.

  • guest111 says:

    Well Darn!! Everyone has complained over and over about the violence. I posted a comment and encouraged everyone and anyone to comment on how they think the sheriff’s dept and the police department can stop all the shootings, drugs and DWI’s. NO ONE has given a direct answer. Come on folks… let’s hear your comments.

  • guest111 says:

    All jokes and political jabs aside. I don’t know who put the bug in Causey and made him think he needed to swoop down and save the sheriff’s department. . or if he came up with it all on his own. Either way he has displayed publicly some serious frustration and anger issues and because of this he has made a fool of himself on TV in the WWAY forum. I think it would serve him well to get some sort of therapy to sort out his issues. McMahon said he wanted to mend fences with Causey and I would personally like to see that happen. Causey has really been out of control during this election and I hope he can calm down and make amends where he needs to. We sure don’t want to see emails start flying like Brian Berger does.

  • Man says:

    Good job, Im glad that Causey and Benson are both out of the way. Benson and that guy running in Pender, what’s his name, oh yeah, Don Nichols. Both of them are a joke.

    Both these guys only think about them selves and not the community. That is why they were not elected.

    Learn boys!!! Is not about you!!!!

  • Guest2020 says:

    I am glad the voters were able to get something right yesterday.

  • "THE MAN" says:

    Causey being out the race is a definite good thing. I am not sure how anyone keeps trying to link Benson to Nichols. McMahon is a nice guy…that has never been disputed. Hell, he goes to church at least 2-3 times a week and we all know that that is all it takes to be a great sheriff.

    Meanwhile, this week alone we have had three shootings and two armed robberies. Thank God that the crime rate is going down otherwise we would really be screwed.

    The only reason that Vaughn beat out Benson was because Vaughn sold his souol tot he republican party and aligned with the proper power players. Benson refused to do that so the republicans left him high and dry. I would much rather have someone who is not beholden to any political power.

    McMahon will likely have four more years to continue going down this road to epic failure. He will not address the issues in any real way. There will be much more to come out about how things have been handled and the unbelievabley corrupt things that have been going on.

    You win…be happy…we all lost!

  • guest111 says:

    Lets say you are the sheriff and you are in your office working. You get a call that there was a shooting at Princess Place and 23rd. Tell me how you could have stopped that. I am so sick of everyone acting like the sheriff should be EVERYWHERE AT EVERY MINUTE AND STOP ALL THE VIOLENCE. Let’s hear it smart man. TELL US THE MAGIC ANSWER TO HOW A SHERIFF OR A DEPUTY COULD HAVE STOPPED THIS SHOOTING FROM HAPPENING. I will check back soon to see your answer. Put your ideas where your fingers are hitting the keyboard.

  • The Sheriff says:


    In your hypothetical, a deputy would not of stopped that shooting. Why? Because it is within the jurisdiction of the City of Wilmington Police Department and clearly their problem to deal with.

    I think the public should take a good solid look at the amount of area that is being protected and served by the Sheriffs department, the call volume or number of calls outside the city limits and other jurisdictions and really ask if the expense of the Sheriffs department really necessary; considering, how small New Hanover County really is?

    Then I would ask if “Eddie” really is the man you want in that job.

  • guesty says:

    The entire City of Wilmington is within the jurisdiction of the New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office.

  • Citizen Jason says:

    One good way to stop DWI’s is to prosecute them. Like our good Sheriff tries to do. Especially with the SAFE Squad. Too bad we have slick ambulance-chasing attorneys, being paid big bucks, to attack deputies, highway patrolmen, and police officers, to destroy the cops, and to try to gets these killer, drunk driver’s, off.

    I’m glad we have Sheriff McMahon, instead of some slimy, DWI defender, lawyer. Sheriff McMahon has spent over 25 years fighting drug dealers, gangsters, and drunk drivers. I hope he will serve us, at least 8 more.

  • guest111 says:

    you are avoiding the question. There has been so much back and forth about all the violence and accusations that the sheriff AND police department aren’t doing their job to stop and prevent it. We are talking soybeans and cotton here to say the sheriff dept doesn’t have jurisdiction in the city limits (?) so, to clarify it lets say the shooting happened at Castle Hayne. Again, what could he have done to stop that and what could the police chief have done to stop a shooting at Princess Place and 23rd? Actually you aren’t the one who posted the original comment, it was “The Man” but I’m interested in your idea on this, too.

  • guest111 says:

    I agree 110% with your analogy of DWI’s. The police, on every level, go out, risk their lives and arrest the cretins who are drinking and driving, shooting into homes and shooting people left and right and it’s the judges and attorneys who get them back on the street. Defense attorneys change their clients court dates over and over getting them in a certain judge’s court room. Why? Because they know which judges will let people off and put them back on the street. It’s all so illegal and set up. We should be bashing lawyers who take these cases and judges who turn their head another direction and ignore the charges. I can tell you this. . defense attorneys DO NOT want to go into Rebecca Blackmore’s court room and will change dates until they get another judge. . AND laugh about it.

  • Guest2020 says:

    Most DWIs get pled out and never reach trial. You can thank District 5’s Dealing David with that. The defense attorneys are just doing their jobs.

  • The Sheriff says:

    Not quite true? Whats not quite true? Obviously you don’t know response patterns of law enforcement. True, the sheriffs can go into the city jurisdiction to enforce laws and investigate, if requested by a citizen. However, City of Wilmington’s charter, which was written in accordance to state law, mandates they will provide law enforcement with the confines of the city limits. Which, 23rd and princess place, clearly within the confines of the city limits.

    Again, City of Wilmington Police Department problem, not a New Hanover County Sheriffs Department problem.

  • The Sheriff says:

    The authority having jurisdiction would take the lead on the investigation. Meaning, whose ever jurisdiction it falls under, investigates the crime, if their is one.

  • The Sheriff says:

    Keep one thing in mind, guesty. The City of Wilmington can grow well beyond the confines of New Hanover County, as long as the city is able to provide the service to its populous. So, if the City of Wilmington Annex’s around the cities of Leland, Bellville, Navassa, Southport and or Burgaw, and the city of Wilmington is able to provide the services, their is absolutely nothing those towns or counties can do to stop the growth. Unless of course, they themselves annex first to absorb the land.

    New Hanover County is as big as it will ever be thus there is no potential for New Hanover County to grow or expand.

    Another reason to scrutinzie the expenditures of all County Departments, not just the Sheriffs. Duplication of services and waste of money on resources that could be better utilized elsewhere.

  • guest 1234 says:

    Causey’s comment on other site – “Not the man I thought he thought he was.”

    Really? You want to be the highest law enforcement official in the county and you don’t really know the person you worked that closely with for so long, promoted, and recommended as replacement as Sheriff? That has been completely transparent and on the news often discussing how hes working for the county?

    Wow, in your business that’s called a clue. A clue that you don’t really need to be in that job. Time to enjoy your retirement, maybe head of community watch position needs to be filled…..

  • Charlie Combs says:

    Congratulations to our Sheriff Ed McMahon for standing tall and remaining steadfast in the job he is doing in protecting our citizens.

  • Don Hayes says:

    Time to moooooove on out to pasture. Don’t go away mad, just go away.

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