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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — It’s your voice, your vote, but those votes went a little haywire last night due to a program error in the statewide voting results system.

Numbers kept going up, then back down, and back up again throughout the night.

“It was frustrating waiting,” New Hanover County Commissioner candidate Skip Watkins said. “We got home very late last night.”

It was a roller coaster of results across North Carolina, as errors on the state’s board of election website caused it to show wrong results.

Wrong results that were displayed inside the New Hanover County government center as candidates and their supporters waited to find out who won.

“I’m a patient person, and I figured it’s an equal playing field and they’ll get there sooner or later,” Watkins said.

In New Hanover County, results on the state’s website showed 100% of precincts had reported just minutes after polling ended. But soon after, that changed.

New Hanover County board of elections director Marvin McFadyen says this was only a problem for the state’s website, and had nothing to do with the county, or how they reported the votes.

“Within our own reporting system, which is not connected to any internet or network or things of that nature, we were on a regular schedule for election night as far as bringing in the results for New Hanover County,” McFadyen said.

The state board of elections office says they recently moved the responsibilities for programming the website into their agency.

This was the first election using the new system.

But Watkins says in 2014, things like this should not be happening.

“You think in this age of technology, you wouldn’t have those glitches but there is a upcoming upgrade in 2018,” He said.
Watkins says we will probably have to use this system until the upgrade in 2018.

The state board of elections says programmers are working to fix the problem and improve the functionality of the website. But they stress that all vote totals reported are correct.

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