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BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) –- There will be no quarter-cent sales tax increase in Brunswick County.

A referendum for the hike failed by a 60-40 margin Tuesday. The estimated $3 million generated would have gone to beach and school projects.

Voters on Bald Head Island, though, did overwhelmingly support bonds to pay for beach improvements. By a 90-10 margin, voters approved $18,000,000 of bonds plus interest will to pay capital costs of beach improvements, including building groins and moving sand to protect against beach erosion and for flood and hurricane protection.

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  • taxpayer$$$

    The referendum did not “fail”. The voters successfully rejected another attempt by government to take more money from their pockets. The estimated $3 million stays with the owners of that money.

    It is all a matter of perspective, eh?

  • Guest2020


  • Guest000000

    Doesn’t matter…they’ll just get it out of you in higher property tax instead.

  • FrustratedBrunswick

    Maybe the Government would have received the increase if the gas companies, the insurance companies, BEMC, ATMC and the grocery stores weren’t already gouging us. The cost of living in this area keeps going up and up but yet our paychecks don’t! Just because we live near the beach doesn’t mean we can all afford living at the beach.

    There are several ways the county could save money to help offset these expenses starting with Edward Pruden’s salary. That money is being wasted anyway so why not donate it to the beaches in need project!

  • Guest2020

    I agree with what you said, especially about Pruden.

    I was working at one of the utility companies back when the gas prices were starting to go through the roof, which was about the time when pizza places starting adding on their delivery fees. That utility company came up with a bogus, official sounding fee to compensate for the extra money they were having to spend for gas.

    I would like to clarify one statement of yours by saying that not everyone who lives in Brunswick County, lives near the beach. I guess that’s really not here nor there.

  • Moish

    The folks in N Carolina get it.
    From the state house to local elections they are rejecting the taxers and spenders.
    Like everyone on this beautiful coast my property values have decreased but my tax bite hasn’t.
    Give an elected official more money to spend and they will do it.
    Wish my native Virginia would learn. We are under the thumb of the lefties in DC.
    Stay strong NC


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