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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Five candidates entered last night vying for their party’s nomination to replace Rep. Mike McIntyre in the US House of Representatives. Two of those men are moving forward; one for a second time.

Former state senator David Rouzer, who narrowly lost to McIntyre two years ago, won the 7th District Republican race with 53 percent of the vote. Woody White finished second with 40 percent of the vote, while Chris Andrade was third with 7 percent.

“It feels good,” Rouzer said shortly after getting a concession call from White. “You know, this has been a long, tough slog for about a year and a half now, and it’s a great feeling. It really is.”

Meanwhile White said he was disappointed with the results but happy to get back to his family and his job as a New Hanover County Commissioner.

“I’ve got a great life,” White said. “I don’t need to be a congressman. I was doing it and trying to make the effort to make a real difference in America, but I live in the greatest community in the world, and we are thrilled to get back to work.”

Rouzer will take on another New Hanover County Commissioner, Jonathan Barfield, in November. Barfield won the the Democratic nomination with 58 percent of the vote beating out Princeton Town Commissioner Walter Martin.

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  • local Wilmingtonian should get vote

    Rouzer is a tool. I hate this new district. I know Barfield. Barfield has been fighting for common folks like me to get basic governmental services that are long overdue (water and sewer). I trust Barfield. This Republican will never vote for Rouzer…EVER. He needs to go back to wherever he came from, I’m voting for the local guy in this election. Rouzer is an entrenched Washingtonian, why send the pig to the trough?

  • SurfCityTom

    should carry the general election for much the same reason as he carried the primary.

    He’s much better known throughout the district than his opponent. He has the ability to get out the vote in the more populated areas heading up toward Smithfield.

    Only 2 things could cause him to stumble.

    A. getting too confident and lazy when he should continue the consistent performance.

    B. standing too close to his opponent on a platform in the event the weight causes it to collapse.

    Barfield could really shoot himself in the foot if he allows Rev Barber, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, or the White House Occupant to come into the district and campaign on his behalf. Hard to believe he could be that naive politically; but he’s a politician and they’ll do about anything to get elected.

  • SurfCityTom

    in a democracy is the right to dissent or have a differing opinion.

    You must not have read my post.

    Regardless of your opinion, the fact remains Rouzer has a broader recognition factor in the District. Barfield does not.

    By the way, I spoke neither for or against him.

    Given your belief, will you be putting some coin on the table? Are you financially supporting Barfield’s campaign? Will you be volunteering in his campaign — making phone calls; handing out flyers; inviting him into your home to meet locals?

    Or were you just spouting off with some bile?

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