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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — In Wilmington, law enforcement gathered to honor those killed in the line of duty.

111 and 45; numbers Police Chief Ralph Evangelous says we must remember. 111 is the number of officers killed in the line of duty in 2013, and 45 is the number of officers killed this year.

Evangelous says this memorial not only represents our fallen officers, but those serving as well.

Reid Larson says he came to represent his step great-grandfather John Bell.

“He was killed in the line of duty while raiding a liquor still in 1926,” Larson explained. “Even though he was my step-great-grandfather, he was the only grandfather my dad knew.”

He says his dad, who came to the memorial dedication in 2011, died last year. So, since his father could not attend, he came in his place.

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  • refute

    This comment is completely untrue, and is a distraction from the true meaning of the day. A rose was placed into the wreath in memory of all disabled officers. Had you been there, you would have known that. The NCSHP Trooper placed that rose. Next time, attend the ceremony so that you don’t languish in misinformation.

  • Friend

    Let’s also remember those Wilmington police officers, seriously injured in the line of duty, who languish in their homes. Officers who served, and are now forgotten, specifically not mentioned at this ceremony.


    all the innocent civilians killed by thug cops…where is your service for them.

  • terry simmons

    I would love to see your criminal record! Post your real name so we can have a look on the DOC website! SHEEP!

  • guesty

    Still mad about that time you were arrested?


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