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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A third college has announced UNCW Chancellor Gary Miller is a finalist for its top job. Meanwhile, one of the other two schools is in the final stages of filling its presidency.

According to its website, the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay says Miller is one of five finalists for chancellor. He is scheduled to visit the school May 16 for a series of tours, meetings and interviews, including a public forum.

Miller made a similar visit to Youngstown State University in Ohio earlier this week. It was the first time we’ve heard publicly from Miller since his search for a new job became public. The YSU Presidential Search Committee met today to review the finalists following their interviews and come to a consensus on a selection. The other finalists include Southern Oregon University Mary Cullinan and former YSU and Ohio State football coach Jim Tressell, who has received the endorsement of Youngstown State union leaders.

Miller is also one of five finalists for the presidency of SUNY Buffalo State, which he visited late last month.

Miller has not spoken with Wilmington media about his job search. A university spokeswoman says Miller did not want it to be a distraction ahead of UNCW’s graduation, which is this weekend.

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  • tseug

    ……..this boy decided that UNC Wonderful was a huge career mistake for him. Maybe Buzzy can take his place…..I always said that if the two of them exchanged offices that no one would really notice a difference.

  • Archibald Fong

    Resign from UNCW immediately. You’re already a distraction.

  • 8844

    All of this warm and fuzzy reporting about a man who doesn’t even give a crap about our area just makes me want to barf.

  • justin

    Don’t let the door hit’ya where the good Lord split’ya. The Board of Trustees at UNC-Wilmington need to cut their losses … the writing is on the wall.

  • burgerboy

    that old greedy money moochin slob is just tryin to go where he can get some more el dinero’s, and i dont think nobody give’s a rip if he was to go bugger off to el segundo, if he want’s to go somewheres else then i don’t give a rip, and i say dont let the screan door hit ur buttocks on the way out and go back where from u came cause we dont want ur yankee butt over here!!!!


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