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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — NCGOP Wilmington office held it’s general victory grand opening Saturday, May 10th at the Republican headquarters in New Hanover County.

Recently named district 7 congressional republican nominee David Rouzer was there to cut the ribbon officially starting post primary campaigning season.

This is the second time Rouzer has journeyed onto the campaign trail. Two years ago he lost the House seat in a close race to Mike McIntyre. Now, he says he’s deeply committed to the needs of our community and he’s ready to be a voice for the area.

Rouzer says this year’s midterm elections, particularly in North Carolina are going to be critical in determining the country’s future. At the opening they discussed the paty’s “Victory 365” ground campaign that launched nationally this week. Rouzer says putting more feet on the ground knocking on doors could be what makes all the difference.

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  • John Dismukes

    Thank you to Taylor Playforth and Pam Collins, as well as, all who helped out in anyway with this event. It’s great to see the energy everytime I stop by the GOP offices. I would encourage everyone who has ever thought about getting involved to stop by the headquarters on Market St, all the information, stickers, signs etc… about our Republican nominees are there.

    John Dismukes
    FP07 Precinct Chairman, Republican

  • Guestman.

    I’m surprised you didn’t have Rand Paul and the Koch brothers there to help with the dedication. You could at least have had John Pope.

  • Guest1118

    “…held it’s general victory grand opening Saturday..”

    In this case the word “its” a possessive, not a contraction, so it doesn’t get an apostrophe. The author has actually written “held it is general victory….”.

    Do they still teach grammar in college or high school?

  • DTmike

    Are skip Watkins campaign workers serving as bouncers for the office?

    Is Watkins the carny selling funnel cakes and candy apples out of the office?

  • 10101

    Rouzer may be the guy to sell you some. Lobbyists and snake oil salesmen are pretty much the same thing.

    Last time around he was all about stuffing it to Obama. This time he’s deeply committed to the needs of our community; that community being whatever community he happens to be talking to at that moment.

    He reminds me of the old adage: The secret to success in life is sincerity, and once you learn how to fake it, you’ve got it made.

    Unfortunately, the other candidates aren’t much better.


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