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Brandon Smith's family speaks out


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY)-- The family of Brandon Smith killed by law enforcement after allegedly shooting a sheriff’s deputy last year is speaking out.

Saying they’re still frustrated with what they see as a lack of answers.

The shooting of Brandon Smith was no doubt controversial but eventually ruled justified by the New Hanover County District Attorney’s Office.

Smith’s family though saying they want the investigation to continue on.

Smith was shot multiple times after allegedly being a part of a high speed chase.

Smith’s trouble started when he was accused of shooting a deputy days earlier in the Creekwood neighborhood.

His family giving us access to the dash board audio they got where you can hear smiths final moments play out.

“So it’s like they had it set in their mind what they were gonna (sic) do from the beginning,” said Smith’s sister Georgia Davis, “and then they did it, and we wanna (sic) know why?”

Saying they haven't received anything in the way of answers from the New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office since the shooting took place.

The DA's office again said the shooting was justified.

The Sheriff’s office has consistently defended its actions in the Smith case by saying the officers believed they were in danger when they opened fire, believing smith had a weapon.

No weapon was ever found.

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Maybe they really don't understand why he was shot. If someone has never heard "No" from government officials maybe
they just don't understand simple commands..."Stop!", "Don't move!" etc.

Bravo Sheriff's Dept

Bravo to the NHC Sheriff's Dept for riding our community of this thug. I know I can sleep better at night. One down, many more to go.

In some ways, Brandon Smith

In some ways, Brandon Smith was a victim. A victim of a society, that has been created by our government, in the 60's. The main victim's here are the children of Brandon Smith. And the main offender is the government.

This is the result of our government paying young women to get pregnant, and have as many babies as possible. This is the result of gang-banging, dope dealing, and dead beat dads, like him.

We don't have enough money for police insurance, or more wonderful parks. For these children to play in. But we have countless millions, we can dump into Creekwood, each year, to finance horrible scenarios, like this.

Children need their fathers. Not some wild, teenage mom, dropping them off at grandma's while she goes off to party all weekend, with her girls, on their "check money". While baby-daddy's are out gang-banging, selling dope, and trying to find other teenage girls to impregnate.

This is a vicious circle, being fed, by our government, through tax dollars. It's time to cut off this ridiculous Welfare Spending. How can you expect anything but, misery for these poor children, and more crime, if we keep dumping millions into Creekwood. And other Housing Projects, just like it.

Brandon Smith was an adult

Brandon Smith was an adult who knew right from wrong. He knew it was wrong to pull the trigger during that home invasion. He knew it was wrong to shoot the police officer. He knew it was wrong to run from the police. He knew it was wrong not to cooperate with them when they caught up to them. He knew what they would do when he pulled an object out of his pocket instead of simply showing his hands. He alone is responsible for the decisions he made.


Show respect to the officer who was shot. I see him living with the pain everyday, physically and mentally. He told me he was sorry that Brandon wasn't brought in peacefully. He knows who shot him, brandon did plain and simple. Sorry he's dead , but its a fact. And the talk of suing ?? He should sue for all the pain and suffering that was inflicted on him ( physically and mentally) for simplly trying to keep drugs off the street, and clean up creekwood !!! That officer is one of the nicest people you would ever meet and has helped troubled youth off the streets helping with programs. Justice, You aren't hard so stop acting like it...

Show the family some respect...........

The community needs to show some respect to the family of the victim Brandon Smith in making your statements. What kind of people are you? Brandon Smith was not a thug/gang member. He was a husband,son, brother, father that took care of his nine year old son who suffers with lukemia. The community should show the family some respect in making these comment because you do not know Brandon personally. The fact you do know about Brandon is that he was black man shot 27 times with cell phone. It only takes one bullet to kill someone. The fact you do know is that he was unarmed when he was shot 27 times by law enforcement. The law enforcement or community cannot be judge and jury. Brandon was never convicted of killing a cop. Shooting an unarmed man 27 times is brutal that can never be justified. What if it were your son, brother, cousin, or friend. Show the family some respect, Brandon Smith was somebody's child and had a family that loved him. Show the family some respect......

" he was black man shot 27 times with cell phone."

I didn't know there was an app for that!

Bottom line: Live by the sword, die by the sword.

You are partially right

I didn't know Brandon, don't want to know Brandon because of the way he chose to live his life. He chose to take the punk way by being a criminal. He was shot because of his own choices. He chose to shoot the deputy, he chose to go on the run, he chose to jump out of the car and run again.

What does the fact he was born and had aleast one child have to do with anything? Everybody is somebody's son/daughter. Should we have a parade? If he was my son, brother, cousin I'd be embarrassed to have them as a family member but I certainly wouldn't go around defending him.

The family doesn't just get respect, it is earned. They can earn it by owning up to the simple fact he was a criminal.


As a person of Color I ponder why we continue to care what this Thugs family has to say and report it in the news ? His wife didn't hear about his death because she had nothing to do with him (until maybe she can get money for his death) It makes me sick how his family wants to find answers (MONEY...) from his death. Brandon ( B-EZ) was a Drug Dealer, Gang Member, and all around thug. He shot that Deputy with his other cop shot the deputy. I'm hoping he had a chance to ask God forgiveness for his lifestyle before his demise. I attended the funeral to pay my respects, and I saw people wearing BIP shirts (Blood in peace) and only real G's go to heaven. may be gang related ? I saw one of his friends were wearing "COP KILLER" clothes. I am appalled how many young people in our community killing each other over drugs and a bandanna. Wake up people before we have more Brandon's out there. To Brandon's Family , Shame on you for trying to get paid for his lifestyle and his bad decisions.

There is no way a person of

There is no way a person of color could post such a lie. Brandon was no gang/thug where do get your facts from. You are evil sick bigot and racist. YOU ARE EVIL.......... This racism/evil outlook; I wonder is it taught are does it come naturally. Because he was black makes him a thug and cop shooter and was not entitled to a fair trial. Only a bigot / racist/evil person would say that it was okay to shot an unarmed black man 27 times. You are sick and no way a person of color. You are first cousin to satan his blood runs into your DNA deep in your veins.

racist much?

racist much?

Not all people of color buy

Not all people of color buy into the victim mentality. Smith was shot because he refused to show his hands after repeated commands. He reached into his pocket and pulled out an object instead of surrendering to those who were trying to arrest him. The officers did the right thing because for all they knew, he was pulling a weapon. He had been identified by the officer he had shot in the leg as well as other witnesses. During a home invasion he put his gun into the face of a person and pulled the trigger. The victim lived because the gun malfunctioned. The victim identified him as the perpetrator. The officers knew that Smith had no qualms about shooting anyone and they did what was necessary to preserve their own lives.

White, black, purple, or polka dotted, a man who doesn't think twice about shooting innocent people is a thug.

Facts don't lie

Your choir boy had already been convicted of Assault with deadly weapon, possession of schedule 2 narcotics, possession of stolen goods, speeding to elude arrest, resisting officer, possession of marijuana, larceny, robbery. He was a validated gang member that also liked to beat women, numerous probation violations.

Take the blinders off and realize he was nothing but trash. Because he decided to run from the police and not surrender is why he doesn't get his day in court. All his choices.

Don't dare criticize this

Don't dare criticize this family. They are good Democrats.


This guy was garbage. Married or not, brother,son, whatever, just garbage. He got what he deserved, period. This city and county would be better off with less people like him.

There was no cover up, he already showed that he was willing to kill. The only "cover up" is the lack of honest reporting as to how big a piece of garbage he was. Why give his supporters space on this news page? Really? How about talk about these mutts and how bad they and their families are for New Hanover County. Yeah, I said families. They know what their garbage sons, daughters, husbands, etc are doing, yet complain that life ain't fair. Too bad.


I was the driver of the car that was involved in the
Police shooting.....the police had no right bothering us
We ain't do nothing wrong.wats so suspicious about a 2013 ford Taurus ??? was a rental in my name!!! Brandon smith was killed
Because this town police department is f****d up and so is the
People that employ them(taxpayers) It's no need to explain any further
Because y'all will always take the police sides and they're the bad guys

The police had every right

The police had every right to "bother" you when they spotted the the wanted man that you were driving around.

Leading the police on a chase is not an effective means of diverting suspicion.

Smith was killed because he refused to show his hands after repeated commands. Smith was killed because he pulled an unknown object out of his pocket. As trigger-happy as Smith was, the cops were right not to take any chances with him.

Had Smith not shot a police officer, he wouldn't have been in a position to be killed. Had you not led the police on a chase, Smith would not have been in a position to be killed. Had Smith not run from the police, he would not have been in a position to be killed. Had Smith obeyed the commands to show is hands instead of pulling an object out of his pocket, Smith would not have been killed. Smith is where he is because of his actions and yours.

Mr Joyner?The Driver who told cops Brandon Smith had a gun?

Tell us more please, please... why did you not STOP THE CAR FOR BLUE LIGHTS? Why'd you tell the cops your friend who was also running from police, had a gun? Some friend you are. Why did you lead police on a high speed chase? Aren't you in jail? (we hope) I'm sure WWAY can be allowed access to interview you if you'd like, just let the jail know you want them to come there! Tell everyone why you ran, inquiring minds want to know why you want to believe you were just hassled for no reason!

dont object to this in the news,citizens and thugs education101

Its good for people to see the play-by-play of what officers face protecting us from gangstas. Especially all those quiet streets and houses this high speed chase happened in front of, homes of people with their kids and pets a few feet away. It helps daily to remind thugs and their moms and other family members to see the events that unfold quickly and what thug-life leads to. Choose to rob people, push crack & heroin instead of getting a job, this is the certain path, death or prison for killing someone. May have slightly more respect if you were out in the countryside somewhere doing actual labor growing plants, even if it was marijuana, in the fields that you were tending and peddling, or even running a grain whisky still you grew, instead of robbing and shooting people.

“ then they did it, and we wanna know why?”

Because he was a threat to honest, law abiding citizens of this community. He was a drug dealer, he shot an officer, he had a criminal record that justified calling him a thug and a mutt. He was not beneficial to society in any way. He proved that he was only going to continue threatening our community.

Good riddance. You might not realize it "family", but you're better off too. Now you don't have to spend anything on visits to prison or buying him ramen and snacks. What a bonus! We both benefit! I don't have to pay to have him in prison, you don't have to visit! Its a win win!!

Investigation to continue on

I don't understand way the "Smith’s family though saying they want the investigation to continue on." He is dead and investigating further wouldn't do much, because any new charges that the Sheriff Dept. finds evidence for they can no longer charge Brandon Smith. It would be just a waste of time to try to figure out what went wrong in this mans life. So, further investigation would be a big waste of time and money.


One answer to why his family is pressing for further investigation is most likely someone (money grubbing atty?) telling them that if they find ANY weak spot in the incident that may lead to doubt in the case and that the police did anything wrong, they could sue and if they were to win, they would be very wealthy. Even if he wasn't around his family or that his wife hadn't seen him in years, I'm pretty sure someone in the family is seeing dollar signs in their sleep. Shameful. He was a thug, he shot at officers, he ran from them, and paid for his very own actions with his life. End of story.

He already shot 1 cop who chased him & missed a 2nd cop

Sounds more like suicide by cop when he vowed not to surrender or go back to prison, not to mention his friend Joyner is who told the cops Brandon had a gun. Don't fake out the cops or ever make them think you have a gun. Ever. Officers contacted Brandon Smith's family for several days and he said he wasn't going back to prison, refused to surrender- News story from Thursday, Oct. 10, 2013
According to Old, a deputy with NHCSO and an officer with WPD were on patrol in Creekwood when they saw a suspicious vehicle with out-of-state plates. They saw it again and pulled it over on Emory Street.
The two people inside the vehicle, one of whom was Smith, ran in two different directions. Officers approached Smith and asked to speak with him, but Smith continued running and ducked behind a trash can.
Without warning, Old said Smith pulled a handgun and fired at the deputy who was standing about 10-15 yards away and then fired at the WPD officer. Smith ran away when the officer returned fire.
According to Old, the WPD officer said with 100% certainty that Smith was the person who shot at the officers.
Law enforcement said they made several attempts to contact Smith and his family members to urge him to turn himself in. Smith, however, made it clear he was not going to and did not want to go back to prison, according to Old, so officers began patrolling Princess Place Drive. Gangsta is not getting a chance to shoot again, not happening.

His wife said she hadnt seen him in years on other news story.

Quote "the suspect involved in a recent detective shooting, Brandon Smith, is now dead after being located Sunday. .. a multi-agency task force had been searching for Smith since Thursday's shooting.
Officials with the New Hanover County Sheriff's Office say around 4 p.m. Sunday, detectives saw a Chevy Impala they thought Smith was in on Princess Place Drive. Detectives followed the car down 23rd Street and onto Blue Clay Road before the car turned onto Bermuda Drive and accelerated. At that point, detectives turned on blue lights and sirens and continued to follow the car onto Castle Hayne Road, then to Carl Seitter Drive and Fulbright Street" The story goes on to explain the officer was recovering well, which obviously means he can possibly identify who Shot him and apparently Brandon Smith knew he could be identified. How many miles on neighborhood streets did these men make cops high speed chase them? From Creekwood all the way to a Castle Hayne neighborhood, 5-10 miles and they wouldn't pull over? Why not pull over? Because you shot a cop? Makes sense to me. So you shot a cop and your wife who hasnt seen you in years now says you were taken away from her? Um ..NO. You ran after you SHOT a COP. {A woman who said she is Brandon Smith's estranged wife is also upset over the murder of the man she said she loved. "Lindsey Smith said she hadn't spoken to Brandon Smith in years, but disagreed with the way he was killed. She said that she believes Brandon was the victim of racial profiling and murder."estranged wife news story Oct 13, 2013}

Why did Brandon Smith make the cops chase him?

Very simple rule, everybody knows blue lights chasing you ain't gonna end well if you don't STOP. They can crash your car, pop your tires, run over you to make you stop that's the Rules in a chase, go get a copy of the Rules before you Run. STOP and get out for your own safety. Explain it to the Judge if you didn't do it, that's the Rules. Go turn yourself in if you know you're wanted for questioning. Especially be sure to call or go turn yourself in if you are wanted for questioning in a cop shooting. A cop shooter gets no sympathy.

Brandon Smith shot a cop?

Seriously did he shoot a cop? He's lucky he made it to the point of being chased to apprehend him. Shoot a gangsta if he shot the cop.Period. No discussion. The rapper song listeners need to listen up to some country songs. That's the way the cops rules work, shoot a cop you gonna be mighty lucky to even get a chance to Run. They ain't handing the city over to the Gangsta, ain't happening. We who pay into the protection system ..see its kinda like the welfare system its in our welfare for gangsta who shot a cop, to be apprehended and ain't gonna chase or get shot by the gangsta.Period.

Race not an issue

My heart goes out to the family of Brandon Smith for his death. But I would like to say something to the people that want to make this a "racist" issue. Have any of you ever watched the TV series "COPS?" If so then you know if the person the law is trying to apprehend does not give up and tries to run or fight back it does not matter what race they are be it black, white, brown, red or yellow. They are in for a hard time from the police, sheriff's dept. and highway patrol or any law agency. And surely anyone would know not to make any movements like putting their hands in their pockets or under their shirts etc. I was pulled over by the highway patrol once for speeding just after exiting I-95 and not getting my speed down low enough on the exit. When I pulled out my wallet to retrieve my driver's license as asked the folder in my wallet that holds my photos and variety of other things slid out of and down between the door and seat. Not thinking I immediately reached to stop the wallet insert from going under my seat on the side. Immediately I was hollered at to show my hands and keep them in the air. The patrolman then put his flashlight down in that area to see what I was going after. Had I not listened and kept my hands in the air whose to say what may have happened.
So my hopes to anyone being pursued by the law for whatever reason to give it up as your chances of outrunning them are almost not going to happen. And the harder or further you go the worse it is going to go for you.


He was a wannabe thug that got what he deserved...
Nothing more to say.
Move along people.

Brandon Shot Unarmed

A FATHER HUSBAND BROTHER was killed unarmed shot 27 times district attorney has showed us nothing that he shot a cop. It does not matter that the cop was shot in the leg when a man has lost his life behind a friendly fire that the police wI'll not unfold the investigation to the public .gob bless the family

Do you hear yourself ???

Friendly fire ??? What proof do you have of that ? The officer that was beside him had a different calibre gun than what Brandon had shot the Deputy with, and then tried to leave it with someone. Bring it we have proof do you ?