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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Mother’s Day is a pretty big day for Brandy Hatcher of Wilmington.

Last year on Mother’s Day, she learned that she was expecting her first child. This year, she purchased a lottery ticket that won her $1 million.

“I had just gone to the store to buy mints and decided to try a ticket on the way out,” Hatcher said, according to a news release from the NC Education Lottery. “I really couldn’t believe it. Between last Mother’s Day and this one, I don’t think it could get much better.”

Hatcher bought a ticket for the $4,000,000 Gold Bullion at Lowes Foods on Carolina Beach Road. Winners of $1 million in the game have the option of claiming it in $50,000 payments as a 20-year annuity or a one-time lump sum of $600,000. Hatcher took the cash payment. She plans to use her winnings, worth $415,206 after state and federal taxes, to purchase a car and save for her daughter’s college education.

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  • taxpayer

    A couple of scenarios at play here.

    1: A bird in the hand…

    2: Present value of $1 Million versus $50k over 20 years.

    Most winners take the lump sum. I don’t know if the 20-year payout is guaranteed…or if the winner were to die in year 10, is the balance forfeited. Either way, the winnings are taxable. Adding $50k/year to your taxable income “could” result in the individual paying more over the 20 year period than paying the full amount now. It all depends upon marginal tax rates…which rarely go down.

    One thing is certain…Ms. Hatcher now has more “friends” than she ever had.

  • Polishsniper

    I am very happy for this woman, and winning on Mother’s day makes it somewhat more special. Very happy for her, but what gets me is, who really won here. Seems to me that when you win, no matter how you decide to receive your winnings, you should get the most. In this matter, starts out with 1 mil., to get a lump sum payment the state gets 400,000 right off the top, then the state wants more. Now on the 600,000 left there has to be Fed. and State taxes paid.(state gets even more). Again, I am happy for her but it seems like she should get alot more than what she did. Next thing you might see is the state taxing the whole winnings, before it is even decided how you want to recieve the winnings. O.K. got that out, feel a little better now enjoy your day


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