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RALEIGH, NC (AP) — The Republican-dominated North Carolina General Assembly will consider a new tax on electronic cigarettes.

A panel that studies tax matters recommended Tuesday that the proposal be introduced during the legislative session that starts Wednesday. Support is coming from an unlikely source in tobacco giant Reynolds American, based in Winston-Salem.

Company Vice President David Powers says Reynolds asked for the tax to ensure that it would be handled fairly. The proposed tax is significantly lower than those being considered in other states.

Electronic cigarettes do not contain tobacco and emit a vapor instead of smoke. They would be taxed at a much lower rate than a regular pack of cigarettes, which has a 45 cent per pack excise tax.

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  • crashtestjeep

    Then tax tomatoes, potatoes etc. But nicotine occurs naturally in alot of our vegetables! Theres already sales tax. Do you want it so expensive we go back to smoking real cigs that do cause harm, for real?!?

  • taxpayer


    Your “name” is appropriate insofar as your use of proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling affords you a job that is suitable based upon your grasp of the written word. I’m guessing you had assistance in completing the application at whatever burger joint employs you.

  • burgerboy

    Them libber trashbag politicians just want to line there pockets will more hard earned taxpayer dollars trying to tax everything next thing u know they’ll try to tax u for being alive! (p.s. they already did that with moojambocare!!) while they take our tax dollars and lay up and get there fat paychecks and drive around in limousuines and drink shampain and eat fillay min yawns all day cause they tax everything they can think to tax, there just a bunch of worthless trashbags, they should kick every one of them out and deport them to antatrica or something, but i dont give a rip i dont smoke or e-smoke i just chaw on my grizzly mint it only costs abot 2 dollars and something a can and if they tax that i’ll just go grow my own! and they can shove there tax where the “sun dident shone”!

  • lrrbk

    Leave us the hell alone!!!! We smoke (big deal)! Then we were told not to smoke in restaurants….fine! Then we couldn’t smoke at work….ok. Then there was “no smoking on campus” at hospitals, schools, etc. Huh?! Our doctors kept telling us to quit…. bad for our health! We tried, believe me! Then we were told 2nd hand smoke killed people! Give me a break!!! How many people did George Burns kill when he lived and smoked til he was a hundred and some years old!!!???!!!
    Now we have gone to something we can be free to use pretty much, and maybe not be classed as second class citizens, and our greedy government wants to tax the hell out it so we can’t afford it!!!! Get lost, you greedy, no good pukes!!!! You need to be taxed on every friggen lie you say!!!!!!!!

  • jj

    I was wondering when this would happen. Can we also tax scooters?

  • taxpayer

    is man-made or some other carbon life form…they’ll tax it.

  • Timekeeper

    Another great idea from the Tax-U-To-Death Republicans.

  • DoninLeland

    “Support is coming from an unlikely source in tobacco giant Reynolds American…” – Unlikely??? – Of course RJ Reynolds wants them to tax their competitor!!!

    Wow Katlyn – A Brilliant Morsel of Literary Genius!!! NOT…

    Don’t think for a second we didn’t noticed your liberal slant in the beginning either! Had the NC General Assembly been Democratically dominated, you would have simply begun… “The NC General Assembly will consider a new tax…”

  • guesty

    Make mopeds have to have license plates and inspections. Also make them have to have insurance.

  • Guestman.

    Just like a tea bagger to figure out another way to divorce citizens of their hard earned cash.

  • ChefnSurf

    Why is it that they can spend so much time being creative on how to acquire more of it and so little time figuring out how to spend it wisely?

  • FilmWife


  • Vog46

    Of no taxes sure changes its stripes when they’re in power.

    First a proposed or thought about taxing car travel now a tax on e-cigs.

    Ah politics – yah gotta love it


  • guestyI

    Those darn “TAX & SPEND Republicrats are at it again! Is there anything they won’t tax??

  • guesty

    Just like a libatard to duck personal responsibility.

  • Guestman.

    So you must like paying more taxes. I thought tea baggers were aginst the government and more tax.

  • guesty

    I don’t own a moped, have never owned one nor do I plan to ever own one. I already pay for license plates, inspections and insurance on all my vehicles. This is a tax for those that don’t pay anything to ride on the road. If one of those ‘scooters’ hits your vehicle you are the one out of luck because they don’t have insurance. You can file on your own insurance and get ready to bend over at next renewal time.

    The libatards want the rich to “pay their fair share” and let others not pay anything. Only in the mind of a libatard does that make sense.

  • Guestman.

    You are out of your mind. Let’s tax bicycles, too. They use the road also.

  • guesty

    I’m out of my mind because I expect mopeds to have insurance and tags? I thought you libatards were all about “fair and equal” yet you want to give a pass to these users of the road.

    Please explain how that makes me out of my mind, I can’t wait to hear it.


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