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DURHAM, NC (AP) — Two employees at the Durham VA Medical Center are on administrative leave for what officials call inappropriate scheduling practices.

The announcement from the Department of Veterans Affairs is the latest in an increasing number of scheduling incidents involving Veterans Affairs hospitals across the country. VA workers in Wyoming, Texas and Colorado are being investigated for allegedly manipulating scheduling systems to hide the fact that veterans actually waited months for appointments.

According to the department, a Durham VA employee indicated some workers may have falsified appointment records between 2009 and 2012. An audit team will review the allegations at the hospital this week.

A Senate hearing is scheduled for Thursday in Washington on the issue, and Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki is slated to appear.

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2 Comments on "Durham VA Medical Center workers placed on leave"

Jeffrey P. Cottle
2015 years 9 months ago

Every Hospital and every clinic should be investigated. It’s not 40 Vets that died on DEATH LIST. It is not just Nevada it is here in NC too. 6,8, months to see Doctor and then just for a few minutes. Take some test give you some pills and come back in 6 months. Don’t have more than one problem. That will have to wait till next visit.

It is not the Doctors, It’s not the staff or Nurses. IT IS VA POLICY!

Dead Vets are cheaper than living ones, it only cost a flag and tape recording of Taps.

This will keep on going as long as Veterans say nothing. 40 that’s nothing. I bet Wilmington has that many easily.

There is no reason for this to go on. If the staff can not handle the load of Patients it has there is a built in safe guard. Fee Base Health Care. That’s where a patient can not see a doctor for an extended time he can be sent to private Doctor like Medicaid or Medicare. IT’s call fee base. But VA Frowns on this practice.

One more thing, Congressman Mike McIntyre is a GREAT HELP AND HERO TO ANY AND ALL VETERANS THAT SEEK HIS HELP. So is so many other organizations who try to help. BUT IT TAKES TV INVESTAGATION AND US, EACH AND EVERYONE OF US TO STAND UP AND HELP EACH OTHER. We need to organize and seek the help of the VFW and Disabled Vets.

NO MORE DEATH LIST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No more research and experiments. Just plain common courtesy, and if we are counseled on the status and we feel like we can wait we will.

We each and everyone of us are Grateful for the hard work and dedication of the VA staff and workers do. That’s not the problem, it is higher and the lower ones have to make excuses and be blamed and yelled at and face people who are truly angry, look them in the eye and say that’s as soon as we can get to you. oh your pain try to be patient.

2015 years 9 months ago

Very nice seeing as how last week I called and was told I canceled my own appointment


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