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Submitted: Thu, 05/15/2014 - 2:04am
Updated: Thu, 05/15/2014 - 3:45am

SUNSET BEACH, NC (WWAY) — How do you make sure kids get an opportunity to see the Universe? You simply ‘planet’ that way! Sunset Beach in Brunswick County is the home of Ingram Planetarium. You see all kinds of stars there and a *Star* of those stars is our Extraordinary Person of the Week.

Have you ever look up at the sky and wonder what’s out there? Ed Ovsenik does it all the time he says, “I love learning about it. I love sharing it.”

Ed is the Ingram Planetarium Manager. He says, “We focus on tonight and tomorrow night because when they leave here, it’s still fresh on their mind so they can go home and use it.”

“We’re going to move in on Saturn and get a good close up look at Saturn,” he said as he showed us behind the scenes.

He used to work in Corporate America and one day decided to volunteer at the Museum of Coastal Carolina. Next thing you know he was hired as the Planetarium Manager and opening the minds of all ages. It’s a dream come true for a man who got a telescope for Christmas when he was just a boy. “On a very cold January night,” he told us, “out in the backyard, nice and dark, cool, crisp, I look up and saw the rings on Saturn through the telescope. That really stays with you. So I’ve always had an interest.”

Do you recognize the star powered voice in this movie(Dynamic Earth)? Ed described Dynamic Earth, “that’s really cool when you go to something like this and go…wow, that’s Liam Neeson, I know who that is!”

Ed loves the amazement kids of all ages have after the shows, saying “At the end, after the show, when they get up to leave, you see that little spark and that’s all I ask. I just want to see that spark that says ya know, they are really thinking about this and maybe tonight when they are walking on the beach, they’ll look up and go, oh, there’s that constellation I just learned about.”

Ed sparks curiosity that is out of this world….and that makes him……Extraordinary.

There are shows for all ages and all times of the day at Ingram Planetarium.
For a complete list….visit the Planetarium’s website at www.museumplanetarium.org

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