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RALEIGH, NC (AP) — Gov. Pat McCrory and his top budget writer are focusing on what’s not in his North Carolina government spending proposal for the coming year as compared to what’s in it.

McCrory unveiled Wednesday the adjustments he wants the General Assembly to consider when changing the second year of the two-year budget approved last summer. The governor keeps spending for the fiscal year starting July 1 at almost $21 billion.

Budget director Art Pope says the proposal would give pay raises to essentially all state employees and teachers without budget gimmicks or taking money from the rainy day reserve fund.

But it also finds savings by requiring the UNC system to trim 2 percent from its budget and keeping funds for teacher assistants at current levels.

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6 Comments on "McCrory unveils $21B NC budget for next year"

2015 years 9 months ago

the Governor has made proposed revisions to the fiscal year 2014-2015 budget approved during last year’s legislative session.

166 page document is available online for anyone to see.

Included previously released teacher and employee salary adjustments.

Included funds for use in community college and trade school training for the estimated 60,000 military members who will leave active duty and enter the civilian workforce.

Included additional funds for road repair.

No mention of any action to provide film industry tax incentives. They were not included in the budget prepared last year for the coming fiscal year. No need to make any comment vfor or against.

I guess we can see the effectiveness, and awareness of the budgetary process, of Wilmington Film Commission, Johnny, and the Film Family.

2015 years 9 months ago

SurfcityTom…might I ask why you troll every story about the film industry and typically go out of your way to personally insult Johnny Griffin? You love to imply that he can’t hack being in the private sector, and attempt to smear him in many ways while rambling about your disdain for all things film.

Yes, he is the Film Commissioner. It is his JOB to promote film and the film incentives. Prior to that he was a highly respected location manager working on the biggest shows in the area, movies like Die Hard and Ace Ventura 2. He is a great family man and an asset to the community. Did he fire you from a film job? You certainly come across as wacky and quite petty in your pointless character assassinations, based on some big old axe you want to grind. You should look in the mirror and ask yourself why you obsess about this man constantly on message boards.

2015 years 9 months ago

Hang on to your wallets! Pat “Stupid Hat” McCrory is about to raise taxes or inact yet another crazy “FEE”. It seems now that the rubber has hit the road the Republicrats have no problem TAXING & SPENDING. Boy were we dupped! – FUEL TAX, ENTERTAINMENT TAX, BOAT TAX, E-CIG TAX, VEHICLE MILEAGE TAX, what’s next taking a dump tax???

Enjoy your one term Stupid Hat :-(

Bill O'Brien
2015 years 9 months ago

I haven’t been able to read anything regarding what you are ranting about. Where did the governor say anything about raising ANY taxes? If anything, I have seen an effort to make cuts in certain areas so they could expand others without raising taxes. Are you just one of those trolls who can only sing one song? Anything attached to a republican is bad? If McCrory does such a horrible job then I will lead the charge to get him out of office but, he has hardly been able to make it halfway through his first term without liberals having seizures over everything he does. Take a deep breath…slide away from your computer…and just see where things are going. I know it will really wreck your day but, things might actually work out.

2015 years 9 months ago

Your great president has put us in more debt than any other president and history and you have the guts to complain about the governor..you are some special kind of stupid aren’t you??

2015 years 9 months ago

do his job? The city supplements the budget for the Commission so they can pay him in excess of $100K.

Yet, he does not lobby the legislature. He’s not included when state trips to Hollywood are made to promote the business.

Never met him. But in the private sector, he’d be gone. He’s pounding the drum on the coming doomsday if incentives are discontinued.

You say he knows so much. Name 1 production which came here, during his time in post, as a direct result of his personal contacts. Go ahead, name just 1.

By the way, there are many who view him as little more than a glorified clerk.

Let’s see how well he does now that incentives are ending.

And if he’s such an industry leader, he should have spent time promoting Wilmington and a lot less time crying about the incentives ending.


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