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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Police are searching for a man they say robbed a Wilmington cab driver at gunpoint early this morning, just as he pulled into the Creekwood community to drop the man off.

Wilmington Police say just before 1 a.m., dispatchers got the call reporting the crime in the 800 block of N. 30th Street. They told officers it all started when a Kat’s Taxi driver told them he picked a man up from Russell’s Quick Stop in the 2100 block of Wrightsville Avenue.

When the driver pulled into the Creekwood community, that’s when they say the man pulled out a black revolver, threatening him and demanding cash and his cell phone. The driver told officers the man then took off running.

There’s no word on what the man got away with, but police say the cab driver was not hurt during the robbery.

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  • guesty

    Are you still mad you couldn’t get hired as a taxi driver because you couldn’t read a map?

  • wilm city here

    good i hope they dont find him. they should rob every cab driver, if i saw a cab driver getting rob you think i tell no way, i tell the robber wented the other way,

  • patsy cline

    Are you sure you werent the one that held this cabbie up? Sounds like you are mighty guilty about something.

  • HumTeeDumbTee

    The reason’s pretty simple: You’re a loser.

    So now your angry at cab drivers because you don’t have a license or a car and are forced to use car service? That’s got to be someone else’s fault, right?

    Here’s some more people you can be angry at:
    – Your parents for not giving a crap about you education.
    – Your teachers for passing you on to the next grade when you can barely write a simple sentence
    – All of those people who won’t give you a high paying job because you’re not competent enough to handle it
    – Everybody who’s doing better than you (that’s a lot of people to be mad at).
    – Me in particular for calling you a loser. So what if you think it’s OK to rob some hard working cabbie. No one has the right call you out on that, do they? That’s just so unfair.

    Here’s the good news: Just keep staying mad at any and everyone else and you can avoid being mad at the one person who created the mess you’re living with. That person would be YOU of course.

  • grammarhammer

    Probably couldn’t understand the drivers examine either.

  • Disgusted

    IMAGINE THAT. The Creekwood community?! Next someone will say that Creekwood is a great place and Kat’s Taxi is racist. Racism is alive because people keep bringing it up. Let’s take a long hard look at this here. If you are a criminal, and you happen to be white/black/mexican/chinese/pirate/whatever, YOU ARE A CRIMINAL POINT BLANK and you deserve to be punished. My suggestion is taking a bomb to Creekwood. It’s supposed to help you get on your feet, not suck the lives and money out of hard working citizens and live for free. It’s disgusting.

  • Timekeeper

    First off, no one besides yourself has played any race card. I do agree somewhat with the concept of eliminating Crackwood completely. A fleet of bulldozers, drivers and dump trucks would be sufficient.

  • Taxitim Wilmnc

    First of let me start off by letting you know I manage a cab company here in Wilmington nc and myself and my drivers stay outta Creekwood. DUH!! And to take a flagdown from Russells Quick Stop.DUH! Glad your ok mister Kats driver really. But you gotta think out here in these streets. Its good for our health. :-)

  • guest01010

    That thug wannabe is lucky that wasn’t Turkey he tried to rob. If so there would be one less thug wannabe

  • 10101

    For cab drivers, food delivery drivers, etc., it’s starting to look like Creekwood’s become just too big a gamble to provide service to after dark; especially in the later hours.

    Some risks just aren’t worth taking.

  • atkinson

    You want to but it’s hard. They sort of force you to take those calls and go there. On the map, they include part of the bad area’s in with the good areas.If you refuse a call you have to miss the next 3 calls.
    Most don’t want to be there period because you don’t make money. The people in those areas just don’t tip (or get the concept of tipping. Cab drivers split the fare on the meter with the owner and then pay for the gas too.
    With no tip for driving you only average about 6 bucks an hour (after the gas) You may wait an hour, get a fare and make 6 in the next hour for an average of 3 bucks for 2 hours

  • Timekeeper

    Every fare a cabbie picks up should be required to show a photo ID and the information from the ID called in to the dispatcher before the fare is taken anywhere. This would not stop all robberies, but it would help. I once worked for a cab company, however not as a driver, but it seemed most times the driver was robbed en-route to a destination or when they arrived.

  • 10101

    Drove a cab in NYC back in the late 80’s while going to school. During that time, 7 drivers were murdered in one particularly bad year, so I certainly understand the danger factor.

    Too bad your company puts you in harm’s way. Not all of them do that. Perhaps you can explore the possibility of working with another company? In NYC you picked up your fares on the street so you had some discretion on passenger choice, even if it wasn’t entirely kosher to pick and choose. After a few bad choices I soon learned it was sometimes better to not be politically correct and err on the side of caution.

    You’re absolutely right about the tipping thing. Seems like the more entitlements some people have, the less inclined they are to pay it forward. Too bad.

    Stay as safe as you can out there.

  • guest01010

    Bomb it!

  • Guest2020

    “Disgusted” wasn’t calling anyone racist. He was wondering how long it would be before someone came out and called the taxi company racist. He said that someone should bomb Creekwood. I think that is far from playing any race card.


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