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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Wilmington Police have arrested the man they say robbed a Kat’s Taxi driver early Thursday morning. Records show the suspect was recently convicted for multiple crimes.

Tyree Alfonza Davis, 21, of Wilmington, is in jail under $75,000 bond charged with robbery with a dangerous weapon, possession of a firearm by a felon and resisting arrest, according to jail records.

The NC Department of Corrections website shows Davis was convicted May 1 for drug possession and May 5 for larceny and breaking & entering. All three crimes were felonies. Davis was sentenced to probation for each. He also received probation for a 2012 conviction for speeding to elude arrest.

The taxi driver told police he picked the suspect up at Russell’s Quick Stop on Wrightsville Avenue and then stopped in Creekwood to drop him off. That’s when Davis allegedly pulled out a gun and demanded the driver’s money and cell phone. He then ran away.

Wilmington Housing Officers arrested Davis last night in Creekwood.

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  • suzy straight

    A friend of a friend was released from New Hanover County Jail this morning, he has many, many felonies from the past and is also on probation. Most people are under the impression if someone is on probation and they receive new charges, don’t they go to prison for violating probation?

  • guest 1234

    Three felonies? Probation? Thanks. Law enforcement is doing their job – why don’t you. You’ve gotten lazy. You’re not doing the citizens of New Hanover Co and Wilmington any good. Who else have you let off lately? How long do we have to keep looking over our shoulders with you all around?

  • Guest2020

    District 5’s Dealing David has been at it again.

  • SurfCityTom

    he was arrested by WHA Officers. 3 times convicted of felony charges.

    Has WHA processed the paperwork to remove him from public housing? Have they put him on a list to prevent future housing @ the taxpayers’ expense?

  • Vog46

    Nothing indicating he lives in Creekwood but I would assume he does – or worse, has friends there which means we could kill two birds with one stone and evict the friends for harboring a felon. Sounds like a win win.


  • guesty

    …crime doesn’t pay? 3 felonies and only receives probation.

  • MG

    If he was just convicted of THREE crimes, why is he out on the street to participate in even more crime? Our so-called justice system is a joke.

  • Timekeeper

    Simple answer, rickc. Incarcerated criminals cost the taxpayer. Free ones are re-arrested, generate court costs, fines, attorney fees, rehab fees, driving school fees, etc……….get the picture? Just follow the dollar.

  • rickc

    Unbelievable! What is the point of even arresting criminals if we are just going to turn them loose again?

  • jj

    His bond is a joke. It should be 10 times that and cash only. He will find his way out of jail and the next news article about him will be where he has killed someone.

  • What am I missing here? I thought there was a law called “3 Strikes” and you were out and off to prison? Or does the “3 Strikes” law only apply to some individuals? But then what do I know being an old man I may have misinterpreted the law. But there will be no one out on the streets carrying on about injustices over this young man still walking our streets after three felonies will there?
    It is a wonder any law abiding citizen in Wilmington (NH County) go out on our streets especially after dark. Our law enforcement agencies have had their hands slapped so many times when doing their job that now they are reluctant to move forward on individuals such as this. Maybe when the merchants in our city realize how much revenue they are loosing by folks not wanting to be out and about any longer they will start hiring their own private law enforcing agencies that can look at the people that scream “injustices are being done” and won’t be afraid to do the job of making our area safe once again and they will get the criminal element out of our communities and make our area safe again like it use to be.
    But as long as we have the screamers saying “oh, my son, husband, Father,brother, grandson etc. would NEVER do what the law has said then we have to live with this type of element right beside us.

  • Tracie C

    WPD and the help of people who aren’t afraid to stand up for what is right are what caught this guy. The judge will be the deciding factor as to where he NEEDS to be.
    July 1 – as far as public record says – will be the court date. Let’s hope the NHC court system shows some backbone.


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